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How to Watch the WNBA 2022

by | May 19, 2022 | Entertainment

We spent over 20 hours researching and examining the top TV providers to determine the best ways to watch the 2022 WNBA season.

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Collage of athletes playing various sports

How to Watch Live Sports 2022

by | | Industry News, TV FAQs

No matter what time of the year it is, live sports are constantly taking place. We’ve outlined the best sports channels, streaming services, and more, so you can see what’s currently in action and when your favorite leagues will return.

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Big Sky (ABC)

Canceled and Renewed TV Shows 2022

by | | Entertainment

What does May mean to you? Warmer weather and outdoor adventure? That immortal ‘NSync meme? For us in the TV biz, it’s when we learn which of your and our favorite shows have been renewed for another season (yay!) or canceled forever (boo!).

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MLB logo with MLB team logos in the background

How to Watch MLB Games in 2022

by | | Entertainment

America’s pastime is back, and we spent 50 hours researching and ranking the best TV services for watching Major League Baseball games in 2022.

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Riverdale's Jughead Jones, dressed in his traditional comics outfit, sits in Pop's diner with a milkshake, looking sad as he realizes he's dead.

Why Did the CW Cancel Riverdale? 5 Reasons People Love (or Hate) the Show

by | | Entertainment

In the Battle Royale of low-budget teen dramas, the Archieverse remains. Here’s five moments that could have gotten the show canceled, but didn’t.

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How to Watch the NBA Draft 2022

by | | Entertainment

The NBA Draft is back this June, and you can watch it live on ESPN and ABC.

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Quest for the Stanley Cup title card

Quest for the Stanley Cup Comes to ESPN+

by | May 18, 2022 | Entertainment

ESPN+ is expanding its NHL programming with a new season of Quest for the Stanley Cup premiering on Friday, May 27.

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The 5 Best Adam Ruins Everything Episodes

by | | Entertainment

If you’ve ever seen comedian/actor/writer Adam Conover’s 2015–2019 truTV series Adam Ruins Everything, he’s probably ruined something for you. In the show, he deconstructed and debunked general misconceptions about American culture.

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MLB.TV logo with MLB photographs in the background.

MLB.TV Review 2022

by | | Entertainment, Reviews

After spending over 100 hours researching and testing MLB.TV, we can safely say this streaming service is perfect for baseball aficionados looking for out-of-market MLB access.

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Best Internet Providers 2022: Plans, Prices, Deals, and More

by | | Best Of

In a perfect world, every internet service provider (ISP) would offer fast speeds at a great price. Unfortunately, a lot of providers have slow internet plans that cost a lot—or they’ll limit how much you can use your internet service. To help you skip the heartache of troublesome internet providers, we have five recommendations for the best internet providers.

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