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Full Moon Features Review

We’ve spent dozens of hours testing the Full Moon Features streaming service—it’s an excellent value for schlock-horror fans.

Full Moon Features

Price: $6.99/mo. or $59.99/yr.
Streams: 3*
Resolution: Up to 1080p
Deal: Annual subs get a free box set

Data as of post date.
* Based on our tests. Stream amount not advertised.

Is Full Moon Features good?

Full Moon Features (FMF) is an on-demand streaming TV service that carries mainly horror films and series, but also action, comedy, Eurocult, sci-fi, and softcore erotica films—all with extra cheese. Most of the titles are produced under the Full Moon umbrella, but Full Moon also licenses movies from Blue Underground, Severin Films, and Something Weird Video.

Fans of schlock cinema will love what Full Moon Features offers—but the monthly price is a bit steep for its middling library size. However, the discounted annual subscription drops the monthly price by $2 monthly and includes your choice of three different box sets—a much better value.

Full Moon Features pros and cons


  • Great value with annual subscription + free box set
  • Downloads for offline viewing


  • High monthly price
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A vampire peers out from a cage. Text on the image says "Full Moon Features Review."

Anders Hove as the vampire Radu Vladislas in 1991’s Subspecies. (Video screenshot)

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Full Moon Features deals and promotions

Aside from a free seven-day trial, Full Moon Features has a discounted annual subscription rate that saves you $2 monthly. Also, new and returning annual subscribers can choose one of three different box sets  as a free gift:

  • Signed Diana Prince Sexy Six-Pack DVD box set
  • The Evil Bong “Eebee Stash Box” set
  • The Puppet Master Collection 12-disc box set

To collect on the offer, sign up for the annual subscription and Full Moon Features will email you a promo code for the box set. You also get free shipping within the U.S.

A cloaked puppet threatens a woman with a knife in Puppet Master.

Blade recommends you choose the Puppet Master Collection. (Video screenshot)

Full Moon Features plans and pricing

Plan Price Streams Resolution (up to) Details
Full Moon Features $6.99/mo. or $59.99/yr. 3* 1080p View Plan

Data as of post date.
* Based on our tests. Stream amount not advertised.

Full Moon Features costs $6.99/mo. or $59.99/yr.. The monthly price is high, considering its middling library size. The annual subscription drops the price by $2.00 to $4.99 a month—with the free box set, it’s one of the best streaming TV deals out there.

Full Moon Features vs. the competition

Service Monthly price Library size Streams Resolution (up to) Details
Best for schlock
Full Moon Features
$6.99/mo. or $59.99/yr. 440+ 3* 1080p View Plan
Our pick
$6.99/mo. or $71.88/yr. 625+ 1 720p View Plan
Best for cult
Arrow Player
$6.99/mo. or $69.99/yr. 600+ 3 4K (2160p) View Plan
Best for nostalgia
Night Flight Plus
$5.99/mo. or $49.99/yr. 666+ Unlimited 1080p View Plan
Best for low budgets
$6.99/mo. or $59.99/yr. 410+ 3 1080p View Plan

Data as of post date.
* Based on our tests. Stream amount not advertised.

We recommend Shudder to serious horror fans who want the best blend of classic and new horror movies—and only horror movies. Shudder is also more affordable (by $1.00–$1.25 a month) than Full Moon Features, and has almost 200 more movies and shows.

Arrow has an exceptionally well-curated library of cult action, comedy, documentary, exploitation, horror, martial arts, and science fiction films for the same price per month as Full Moon Features. Arrow’s annual sub deal isn’t quite as good at $5.83 monthly, but it’s certainly a solid value.

If you’re on a budget, Screambox has almost as many movies and shows—with an emphasis on horror—as Full Moon Features—and a one-year subscription is only $27, or $2.25 monthly. Wow. Screambox also has a six-month sub for $15 ($2.50 monthly). Both options save you 50–55% on the regular price ($4.99 a month). If horror is your genre of choice, Screambox is also a more affordable alternative to Shudder, albeit with fewer new films.

Night Flight Plus is almost as good a deal, with 999+ titles—covering all genres, but particularly notable for its huge library of music titles and classic Night Flight episodes—for $5.99/mo. or $49.99/yr.. The annual sub breaks down to $3.33 monthly.

Now let’s dig into the uniquely entertaining Full Moon Features catalog.

Custom horror streaming bundle

If you can’t get enough streaming horror, subscribing to Shudder, Screambox, Arrow, and Full Moon Features gets you 2,000+ movies and shows for $25 monthly. The value gets even better with annual subs: $18 monthly. That’s a fantastic deal, but the $204 upfront cost is pretty steep. You’ll also have to subscribe to each service separately.

The Full Moon Features home page shows a large image of Mario Bava's film Baron Blood with a "Continue Watching" carousel menu below.

The Full Moon Features app home page viewed in the Chrome browser on a Windows 10 laptop.

Full Moon Features movies and shows

The Full Moon Features library draws primarily from the Full Moon Entertainment catalog, which encompasses Full Moon Studios, Full Moon Pictures, Full Moon Productions, Moonbeam Entertainment, Surrender Cinema, and Wizard Video. Genre-wise, it covers action, softcore adult, comedy, documentary, family, horror, and science fiction.

Full Moon Features also licenses action, erotica, Eurocult, exploitation, horror, and more from studios like Blue Underground, Severin Films, and Something Weird Video.

Click the expandable menus below to see some of the movies and shows on Full Moon Features.

In a 1980s-era arcade, a male nerd and a female punk rocker try to break into a pinball machine.

Calvin (Andras Jones) offers to help Spider (Linnea Quiqley) break into a pinball machine in 1988’s Sorority Babes in the Slimeball Bowl-O-Rama. (Video screenshot)

Movies on Full Moon Features (partial list)

  • 1990: The Bronx Warriors
  • A Smell of Honey, A Swallow of Brine
  • The Adult Version of Jekyll & Hyde
  • Alice’s Trip
  • Angel of Death
  • Arcade
  • Assault of the Killer Bimbos
  • Attack of the Blind Dead
  • Bada$$ Motha F**ckas!
  • Bad Channels
  • Bummer!
  • Cannibal Women in the Avocado Jungle of Death
  • Carnival of Blood
  • Castle Freak
  • The Castle of Fu Manchu
  • City of the Living Dead
  • Crash!
  • Creepozoids
  • The Creeps
  • Dead & Buried
  • The Dead Want Women
  • Death Bed: The Bed That Eats
  • Deep Red
  • Demonic Toys franchise
  • Dollman
  • Evil Bong franchise
  • Fairy Tales
  • Fists of Fury
  • The Ghastly Ones
  • The Gingerdead Man franchise
  • The Godfather of Gore
  • Hobgoblins 1 and 2
  • The Horrible Doctor Bones
  • Hideous!
  • Intruder
  • Jess Franco’s Angel of Death
  • Killjoy franchise
  • Lady Street Fighter
  • Laserblast
  • Maniac
  • Mandroid
  • Mansion of the Living Dead
  • Meridian
  • Murderbot
  • Mutant Hunt
  • The New Barbarians
  • Oblivion franchise
  • Ooga Booga
  • Parasite Lady
  • Pet Shop
  • Prehysteria! 1 and 2
  • Puppet Master franchise
  • Riot in a Women’s Prison
  • Robot Wars
  • Shadowzone
  • Shock
  • Shrunken Heads
  • Sorority Babes in the Slimeball Bowl-O-Rama (parts 1 and 2)
  • Spellcaster
  • Subspecies franchise
  • Thor the Conqueror
  • Tourist Trap
  • Trancers franchise
  • Two Thousand Maniacs
  • Unlucky Charms
  • Vice Academy franchise
  • Weedjies: Halloweed Night
  • Werewolf Woman
  • Zombie Flesh Eaters (aka Zombie)

Data as of post date.

Shows on Full Moon Features (partial list)

  • Baby Oopsie
  • Carnage Collection
  • Charles Band’s Deadly Ten
  • Charles Band’s Full Moon Freakshow
  • Don’t Let Her In
  • Elvira’s 10 Nights of Halloween
  • Full Moon Universe
  • Full Moon’s Roadshow Revisited
  • The Gingerweed Man
  • Haunted Hollywood
  • Ravenwolf Towers
  • The Resonator: Miskatonic U
  • The Vault
  • Trailer-Rama
  • Trailers from Hell
  • Trophy Heads
  • VideoZone
  • William Shatner’s Fright Night

Data as of post date.

Full Moon Features add-ons

Full Moon Features has no add-ons, but it is an add-on. As discussed earlier, you can add FMF on Amazon Prime Video via Prime Channels. It’s the same price ($6.99 a month or $59.99 a year), but remember there are pros and cons to subscribing to Full Moon Features through Prime Channels.

Stream all things spooky all the time with #Bloodstream

Full Moon Features app, specs, and features

Enough about the library—how’s the overall Full Moon Features experience? Does the app run smoothly? How many people can use the service at a time? Can you download movies and shows to watch offline? And the picture—is it crystal clear or like trying to watch scrambled Cinemax in the ’80s and ’90s. We have answers.


Service Streams
Full Moon Features 3*
Shudder 1
Arrow Player 3
Night Flight Plus Unlimited
Screambox 3

Data as of post date.
* Based on our tests. Stream amount not advertised.

Full Moon Features doesn’t say how many simultaneous streams it has, but we were able to watch it on two smartphones (using the Full Moon Features mobile app) and an Xbox One (using the FMF app for Xbox One). So Full Moon Features has at least three streams, which is average for streaming TV services.

It’s worth mentioning, though, that among Full Moon Features’ competitors, that Shudder has only one stream (whyyyyyy?) and Night Flight Plus has unlimited streams.

Offline viewing

On-demand streaming services don’t offer cloud DVR, but Full Moon Features has the next best thing: downloads for offline viewing. This is extra handy when you’re traveling. Be sure to download on your home Wi-Fi network to avoid using up your mobile data.

Note that offline viewing works only with the Full Moon Features mobile app (Android, iOS), so you won’t be able to download movies to your hard drive.

Pro tip: If you log out of the Full Moon Features app, all of your downloaded content (excluding rented and purchased titles) will disappear and you’ll have to download them again.

Supported devices

Device Full Moon Features support
Amazon Fire Cube, Stick, TV
Android phones, tablets
Android TV
Apple TV (4th gen.)
Apple TV 4K
Chromecast, Chromebook
Chromecast with Google TV Limited support
Echo Show
iPhone, iPad
Nintendo Switch
NVIDIA Shield Pro TV
PC, Mac web browsers
PlayStation 3, 4, 5
Roku devices
Samsung TVs (select models, via internet browser)
TiVo Stream
Xbox One
Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S

Data as of post date.

The Full Moon Features app supports a variety of devices, so you’ll likely have more than one way to watch. Smart TV users might be out of luck, though.

Night of the Full Moon Features vs. the Smart TVs

Full Moon Features doesn’t officially support smart TVs, but you might be able to access the service through your smart TV’s browser.

We tried this on two smart TVs: a 2015 LG 5UH615A and a 2021 Samsung QN90A. It worked like a charm on the new Samsung, but not on the old LG (we could sign in and browse, but not play content).

Full Moon Features video and audio quality

Full Moon Features streams in 1080p, or full high-definition (HD). Resolution automatically adjusts according to your connection speed.

If you can’t access Wi-Fi, you can save data by adjusting the stream quality (you can choose high, medium, or low) in the app settings.

Two aliens watch a screen on the control deck of a spaceship.

A scene from Laserblast, with controls visible, viewed on in the Chrome browser on a Windows 10 laptop.

Full Moon Features app testing

Test TV Streaming device/app platform Internet connection Streams
Test #1 LG 55" smart TV (2015) Xbox One Xfinity 300 Mbps Consistent 720p SD–1080p HD*
Test #2 LG 55" smart TV (2015) NVIDIA SHIELD TV Pro Google Fiber 1 Gbps Consistent 720p SD–1080p HD*
Test #3 Samsung QN90A smart TV (2021 model) Roku Ultra Google Fiber 1 Gbps Consistent 720p SD–1080p HD*
Test #4 Samsung Galaxy Z Flip3 smartphone Android smartphone Google Fiber 1 Gbps Consistent 720p SD–1080p HD*
Test #5 Samsung Galaxy Z Flip3 smartphone Android smartphone T-Mobile 5G mobile data Mostly 1080p, some noticeable dips†
Test #6 Lenovo ThinkBook laptop (Windows 10) Google Chrome browser (Windows 10) Google Fiber 1 Gbps Consistent 720p SD–1080p HD*

We tested Full Moon Features on two TVs, one smartphone, one laptop, one gaming console, and four internet connections. We watched over a dozen movies and shows both online and off.

In all but one test, we enjoyed full HD resolution. The odd test out was the smartphone using mobile data. We noticed the video quality dipping while we were on the go, which isn’t unusual. The watchlist and resume-watching features sync nicely across devices—except for on the Xbox One.

As for the interface, Full Moon Features has simple, intuitive navigation via carousel menus. Playback controls include play/pause, 10-second jumps (rewind and fast-forward), skip-to-next, add-to-list, share, and download buttons. It’s simple, but effective.

The Full Moon Features mobile app is intuitive, looks good, works well, and is available for Android (4.1 stars) and iOS (4.6 stars).

Final take: Is Full Moon Features worth it?

Full Moon Features ($6.99/mo. or $59.99/yr.) is totally worth it—if you get the annual subscription with the free box set. If you go month-to-month, but you adore Full Moon’s brand of schlock cinema, you’ll probably still be happy.

Bloodstream - from

Full Moon Features FAQ

Are Full Moon Features free?

Full Moon Features is not free. It costs $6.99/mo. or $59.99/yr. There is a free seven-day trial, though.

Are Full Moon Features edited?

Nope! You’ll see all the guts, butts, and other stuff in every title on Full Moon Features.

How much does Full Moon Features cost?

Full Moon Features is $6.99/mo. or $59.99/yr.

What is Full Moon subscription?

It sounds like you’re asking about Full Moon Features, which is a subscription-based streaming TV service specializing in horror and cult films—especially, but not limited to, ones made by Full Moon Studios, like the Puppet Master series. A subscription to Full Moon Features costs $6.99/mo. or $59.99/yr.


Our TV and horror/midnight movie experts have logged hundreds of hours testing Full Moon Features and other niche streaming TV services. For this article, we compared Full Moon Features with Shudder, Arrow Player, Night Flight Plus, Screambox, and Monsters and Nightmares based on pricing, features, content, and more. We then analyzed the data in order to make accurate, helpful recommendations to our readers. To learn more about our process, check out the “How We Rank” page.

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