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The 11 Nastiest Movies on Tubi

A guide to 11 of the bloodiest, goriest, nastiest, most disturbing movies on Tubi—and their interesting ad pairings.

Hey, gorehounds: Tubi has some gnarly, nasty, disturbing movies—and you can stream them for free. But there’s an extra layer of weirdness to watching disturbing movies on Tubi since it’s an ad-supported (FAST) streaming service.

Here are 11 of the nastiest movies on Tubi and their interesting ad pairings. Watching the films is entirely your decision, so don’t send us your therapy bills if you do.

P.s. SPOILERS A-HEAD (tee-hee!)

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The 11 Nastiest Movies on Tubi (in no particular order)

1. Terrifier 2 (2022)

2. Premutos: The Fallen Angel (1997)

3. American Guinea Pig: Sacrifice (2017)

4. Inside (2007)

5. The Necro Files (1997)

6. Terrifier (2016)

7. Martyrs (2008)

8. Beyond the Darkness (1979)

9. I Spit on Your Grave (1978)

10. The New York Ripper (1982)

11. No Reason (2010)

1. Terrifier 2 (2022)

The back of Art the Clown's bloody head as he meets The Pale Little Girl—also a black-and-white clown.

In Art the Clown’s world, this is what passes for a meet-cute scene. (Video screenshot)

Plot: Art the Clown (David Howard Thornton) returns with his sick bag of tricks for a sadistic 2.5-hour sick-a-thon that picks up where the first one left off and runs amok. And this time, Art has an imaginary daughter/accomplice, The Little Pale Girl (Amelie McClain).

Nastiness: Tommy gun massacre, eyeball removal-slash-accessorization, cereal box razor blades, beheadings, scalpings, bone-breaking, flaying, wound-salting, human-head candy dish, acid splashing, bludgeoning, possum mutilation, and a maggot-infested still-beating heart in a gift box.

Interesting ads:

  • Experian—Scared of killer clowns? What about identity theft?!
  • Airheads—Well, there was a cotton candy flavor . . .
  • State Farm—Got killer clown coverage?
  • Instacart—because Terrifier 2 really DELIVERS THE GROSS-ERIES! Heeeeeeee-HAAAAWWWWW!

Watch or not: If you’re a gore fan, you kinda totally have to see Damien Leone’s Terrifier 2—especially if you like ‘80s slasher movies. But first, ask yourself exactly how much you enjoy blood ‘n’ guts ‘cause these kills are wild.

2. American Guinea Pig: Sacrifice (2017)

A man, shown close up in low light, contemplates using a drill with a Phillips-head screwdriver bit.

Stand back, or I’m gonna use this! (Video screenshot)

Plot: A disturbed man hopes to summon a demon through self-mutilation—using unintentionally comical torture implements.

Nastiness: Breathless (all-voiceover) overacting, pretentious writing, and ridiculous torture tools contribute as much to Sacrifice’s cringeworthiness as the gore scenes. We see oral stimulation performed on a butter-knife wound, a Phillips-head bit supposedly penetrating skull, toenail removal, tongue-chewing, gut-kneading, and two prolonged scenes showing the graphic mutilation of what we’ll call a “hog.”

Interesting ads:

    • BetterHelp online therapy—The Tubi ad server is worried about you.
    • Blue Bunny Ice Cream—To feel better after giving yourself boo-boos?

Watch or not: Nobody really watches these films for the story—but Poison Rouge’s Sacrifice is so far up its own kiester that an hour feels like a lifetime. Skip it.

Don’t leave your child unattended on Tubi

The entire Tubi library is uncensored. We love that—but parents will need to be extra vigilant. All you need to use Tubi is a free account and an honor-system age check, so your children can sign up on the down-low and access every axe murder and sex scene. Fortunately, Tubi has parental controls in the Settings menu.

3. Premutos: The Fallen Angel (1997)

A skeletal zombie covered in blood.

Zombies break down the door, then the fourth wall. (Video screenshot)

Plot: In another barely coherent (even with subtitles) extreme horror-comedy from German goremeister Olaf Ittenbach, a demon more senior to Lucifer awakens—along with a zombie army—and chaotic carnage ensues.

Nastiness: Heads fly, roll, splat, split, and ‘splode throughout the film. Aside from that, we see three extra-gross monster transformations, vertical and horizontal torso splitting, face-chewing, more hog abuse, and a splatter-ific 30-minute chainsaw finale.

Interesting ads:

  • FOX’s Housebroken—Animated TV-14 palate cleanser, anyone?
  • Paula’s Choice Skin System—Did we mistake the monsters and victims for people with blemishes?
  •—You seem like a dirtbag. You want a payday loan?

Watch or not: Olaf Ittenbach makes gore-no flicks—all gore, no story—and Premutos: The Fallen Angel seems like an imitation of Peter Jackson’s incredibly funny and freaky Braindead (a/k/a Dead Alive). Watch that if you want to see a good movie. Otherwise, Premutos is worth a casual watch as one of the goriest movies on Tubi.

4. Inside (2007)

A nurse, smoking in the waiting room, reacts to a pregnant woman's insult.r

Our pregnant protagonist insults a creepy nurse. (Video screenshot)

Plot: A depressed, recently widowed expectant mother must defend herself against a devious intruder who wants the baby for herself.

Nastiness: The accidental brutal killing of a loved one, male pelvic-perineal mutilation by scissors, ocular impalement, scissors-to-the-forehead, shotgun-to-the-head (close-up), facial charring by hairspray flamethrower, and a non-emergent home C-section—also by scissors.

Interesting ads:

  • Frank’s Red Hot—If there’s one thing Inside doesn’t need, it’s extra sauce.
  • Allstate—For your next tragic accident.
  • Gain, Tide, and Downy Fabric Softener—Keep those onesies smelling fresh and feeling soft.

Watch or not: Alexandre Bustillo and Julien Maury’s masterpiece of New French Extremity is one of the most disturbing movies on Tubi. It’s also a taut thriller, and the visceral graphic violence fits the story. Watch it.

5. The Necro Files (1997)

A pale, dirty baby doll digs its way out of a grave.

When there is no more room in Hell, the dead baby dolls will rise. (Video screenshot)

Plot: Thanks to a Satanic cult, an undead (and ridiculously endowed) serial killer rampages through town, chased by two doofus detectives and a flying demon baby.

Nastiness: Post-mortem C-section (the “C” stands for cannibalism), infant (read: obvious doll) sacrifice, a manual Bobbitting, zombie gut-play using real animal innards, a zombie-on-inflatable doll love scene, and sexual assault with aforementioned knob-a-saurus.

Interesting ads:

  • Charmin Ultra Soft—Because this movie is utter (but entertaining) crap.
  • Arby’s—They have the meats.
  • Asana—Content management systems . . . for organized rampages?

Watch or not: A classic of ‘90s shot-on-video horror, Matt Jaissle’s The Necro Files is a feast for gorehounds with an appetite for so-bad-it’s-goodness.

6. Terrifier (2016)

Art the Clown, dressed in black and white, sits at a pizza parlor booth glaring at someone offscreen.

Add withering, judgmental stinkeye to Art the Clown’s scary bag o’ tricks. (Video screenshot)

Plot: A mute killer clown uses creativity and cruelty to terrorize a town.

Nastiness: A human-head jack-o’-lantern, a blown-up bathroom, graphic mutilation, multiple gunshots to a single face, and a vertical hemicorporectomy performed with a rusty hacksaw on an upside-down woman.

Interesting ads:

  • Missing trailer—Sure, Terrifier fans will love your PG-13 thriller.
  • Squarespace—Because Art the Clown needs an online store?
  • Proactiv—Does clown makeup cause skin irritation?

Watch or not: Damien Leone’s first feature-length Art the Clown movie is sadistic and scary—and for advanced horror fans only.

7. Martyrs (2008)

A close-up shot of a wild-eyed, fleeing young woman.

How disturbing is Martyrs? It’s written all over Lucie’s face in this very early scene. (Video screenshot)

Plot: A young French woman and her friend plot revenge on the cultists who imprisoned and tortured one of them.

Nastiness: Child abuse, a skinned body, removal of a bolted-on mask, a legitimately nightmarish “creature,” and shotgun vs. family.

Interesting ads:

  • 5-Hour Energy—You won’t need it to stay awake for Martyrs.
  • White Claw Hard Seltzer—You can use it to numb the pain.
  • French’s Mustard—French film, “French” condiment.

Watch or not: Watch. Pascal Laugier’s Martyrs is emotionally draining but gripping from start to finish. It’s worth the trauma.

8. Beyond the Darkness (1979)

A woman, eats at a table while a man prepares to vomit in the foreground.

Your name wouldn’t happen to be . . . Ralph? (Video screenshot)

Plot: A grieving taxidermist exhumes his girlfriend’s body and, with help from his horny housekeeper, stuffs and preserves the corpse—while committing more murders to cover up the crime.

Nastiness: Graphic disembowelment, heart-eating, fingernail pulling, eyeball gouging, graphic body disposal, and a housekeeper eating beef stew with her mouth open.

Interesting ads:

  • Glade Plug-Ins—What’s that smell coming from the basement?
  • Expedia—GTFO on the cheap.
  • Instagram Tools—Parental controls (LMAO).

Watch or not: Watch. There’s just enough story to make Joe D’Amato’s Beyond the Darkness worth watching—but keep a barf bucket ready.

Pro tip: Do you love free streaming TV services? Check out Freebie the Love Bundle in our 9 Streaming Bundles to Replace Cable guide. You’ll be shocked at how much TV you can get for nothing.

9. I Spit on Your Grave (1978)

A woman holding an axe speeds toward an unseen victim in a motorboat.

Sweet revenge, comin’ in hot! (Video screenshot)

Plot: Meir Zarchi’s rape revenge flick follows a writer (Camille Keaton) who rents a country home to work on a book, only to become prey for hillbilly rapists and a mentally challenged grocery delivery boy.

Nastiness: Watching 30 straight minutes of vicious, repeated, dehumanizing sexual assault is beyond difficult. The other half is sweet, sweet revenge: mid-coital hanging, outboard motor evisceration, hatchet burial, and pre-coital castration.

Interesting ads:

  • Instacart—We see you’re interested in grocery delivery . . .
  • Myfembree—Menstrual medication?!
  • Applebee’s—Also makes you sick.

Watch or not: Up to you. The revenge is sweet (hence, the film’s original title: Day of the Woman)—but to see it, you’ll have to endure the brutal, heartbreaking, and prolonged sexual assault scenes.

10. The New York Ripper (1982)

A man, in bed, answers a late-night call.

I’m sorry, did I wake you? I just called to say . . . QUACK! (Video screenshot)

Plot: In Lucio Fulci’s notorious giallo, a serial killer who talks like Donald Duck brutally murders women in NYC while taunting the police on the phone.

Nastiness: Broken-bottle evisceration, sliced eyeballs, sexual violence, graphic and prolonged stabbings.

Interesting ads:

  • Whooping cough vaccination PSA—So you don’t sound like a murderous Donald Duck?
  • Entresto—Heart medication (well, you might need it).
  • Kay Jewelers—Awwwww, every kiss begins with Kay!

Watch or not: Nothing says “must see” like a quacking killer. But it’s hard to laugh at one of the meanest Giallo movies ever—until the ridiculous ending.

11. No Reason (2010)

A man wearing a tentacled Cthulu mask glares at a woman, asking (in subtitles), "What did you learn from reading Chapter One?"

And you thought your teachers were weird. (Video screenshot)

Plot: A woman searching for redemption goes through Hell—which resembles a butcher shop in a bondage club—to find it.

Nastiness: Buckets of blood, heaps of ragged flesh, piles of detailed severed heads and limbs, disembowelment, sexual violence, pornographic scenes, and the “plot.”

Interesting ads:

  • CSL Plasma donation centers—‘Nuff said?
  • Eckrich Smoked Sausages—Who’s hungry? Not us.

Watch or not: Olaf Ittenbach’s No Reason is confusing and pretentious, but the copious, shocking gore effects—the priority in German underground horror—will make your chunks blow chunks. Gore geeks only.

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