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How to Watch the Evil Dead Movies in Order

Here’s how stream, rent, or buy the Evil Dead movies—including Evil Dead Rise, director Lee Cronin’s groovy take on Sam Raimi's cult-favorite horror franchise.

Who’s up for an Evil Dead marathon? We’ve compiled this guide on how to watch the Evil Dead movies in order. Ready?

Step #1: Repeat after me: Klaatu verata nikto . . .

Just kidding. Bad things happen if you say that out loud, LOL. Instead, just scroll down to see which streaming services have the Evil Dead movies available to stream, rent, or buy.

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A possessed woman leans over the edge of a bathtub in Evil Dead Rise.

“Mommy’s with the maggots now.” (Photo: Warner Bros.)

Pro tip: Watching every Evil Dead movie in order will take 7 hours and 26 minutes.

What are the Evil Dead movies?

Sam Raimi’s The Evil Dead (1981) is an utterly terrifying, extra-gory supernatural horror film about five people who awaken evil spirits by reading from the Necronomicon (The Book of the Dead). The film launched the career of actor Bruce Campbell and birthed a rabid cult following. The franchise now encompasses four other films, a TV series (Ash vs. Evil Dead), a musical, video games, comic books, and merchandise.

Six years later, in 1987, Raimi essentially remade The Evil Dead with a bigger budget. Evil Dead II (a.k.a. Evil Dead II: Dead by Dawn) again scared the bejesus out of audiences but also made them laugh. ED2 also landed Campbell’s character Ash Williams in medieval times, setting up the 1992 film Army of Darkness, which made us laugh more than tremble.

A Deadite tries to break out of a cabin basement in Sam Raimi's The Evil Dead.


In 2013, Uruguayan filmmaker Fede Álvarez (Don’t Breathe) rebooted/reimagined The Evil Dead with Evil Dead (2013), which some fans love and others hate. The film is ultimately best known for using 70,000 gallons of fake blood.

Now, 44 years after shooting the original film, comes another reboot, Lee Cronin’s Evil Dead Rise. With an entirely new cast and story, Evil Dead Rise uses what worked in the original The Evil Dead—fast action, clever camera work, a sense of isolation, ace sound design, buckets of gore—to crowd-pleasingly freaky effect. The film also ratchets up the terror by adding character depth and mostly eschewing the series’ trademark black comedy.

How to watch the Evil Dead movies in order

The easiest way to watch the Evil Dead movies in order is to use the JustWatch links below, which will tell you which streaming services have the films. available to stream, rent, or buy.

List of Evil Dead movies in order

Where to watch Evil Dead (1981)

Where to watch Evil Dead 2 (1987)

Where to watch Army of Darkness (1992)

Where to watch Evil Dead (2013)

Where to watch Evil Dead Rise (2023)

Where to watch Hail to the Deadites (2020)

If you’re a massive Evil Dead fan, consider adding Hail to the Deadites to your marathon.

How to rent or buy the Evil Dead movies on demand

Wanna rent or buy the Evil Dead movies digitally? In the links above, choose a leading video-on-demand retailer like Amazon Prime Video, Apple TV+, Google Play Movies, VUDU, and more.

Pro tip: Some VOD retailers offer films in SD, HD, and 4K. If you don’t have a 4K TV, buy the films in HD. You’ll save a few bucks, and when you do buy a new 4K TV, it should be able to upscale your HD file to near-4K quality.

How to watch Ash vs. Evil Dead

And, finally, these are your options to stream, rent, or buy the Ash vs. Evil Dead TV series.

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