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The 15 Best Horror Movies on Tubi

We’ve picked 15 of our favorite scary flicks on the free streaming service, Tubi. We guarantee you’ll get your money’s worth.

If you’re looking for free horror movies to stream this Halloween season, Tubi is the haunted home of hundreds of good, bad, and horrifically bad scary movies. (Just think of the commercials as designated breaks to refill your popcorn, cereal, or mystery bowl.)

We’ve picked out 15 of the best horror movies on Tubi right now, including sicko slashers, spooky ghosts, mighty mutants, crafty witches, creepy stalkers, chainsaw-swinging cannibals, hangry werewolves, murderous robots, and, uh, C.H.U.D.s. (And, for those seeking lighter spookiness, we’ve summoned an alluringly goofy mistress of the dark.) And what will you pay for all of this? Nothin’.

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’80s slasher double feature! The Prowler (1981) and Intruder (1989)

A man in a flannel shirt frantically reaches for a meat cleaver as an unseen person drags him across the floor.

(Video screenshot from Tubi)

If you’ve got the guts, watch two of the ‘80s sickest slasher movies back-to-back. In Friday the 13th: The Final Chapter director Joseph Zito’s The Prowler, a man dressed as a WWII soldier graphically slaughters graduating high-schoolers with kills executed by special-effects god Tom Savini. Evil Dead II writer Scott Spiegel’s directorial debut Intruder follows graveyard-shift supermarket employees (including Spiegel’s Evil Dead pals Sam Raimi and Ted Raimi) as they check out—with Robert Kurtzman, Greg Nicotero, and Howard Berger in their debut as KNB EFX Group delivering the gross-eries. PSA: Keep a chuck-bucket handy. PSA 2: Bruce Campbell has a cameo. PSA 3: Evil Dead II is on Tubi, too.

A Bay of Blood (1971)

A close-up shot of a female psychic staring into the camera.

(Video screenshot from Tubi)

Giallo films blend beautiful imagery with ugly, often eroticized, violence. A Bay of Blood (you might know it as Twitch of the Death Nerve, Blood Bath, or Carnage) is giallo auteur Mario Bava’s bloodiest—and one of his best. If you enjoy fine cinematography as much as practical gore (Bay features special effects by Carlo Rambaldi, who went on to work on Dario Argento’s masterful 1975 giallo, Deep Red), you’ll love this highly influential shocker.

The Autopsy of Jane Doe (2016)

The corpse of a young woman, show in side profile from the shoulders up, lies on an exam table.

(Video screenshot from Tubi)

André Øvredal’s followup to the found-footage creature feature Trollhunter (2010) finds a Brian Cox and Emile Hirsch as a father-son team of medical examiners working overnight to determine what killed an unidentified woman. Cutting up an unidentified dead body in the wee hours is already a freaky proposition—and Øvredal’s film delivers more than the implied intangible chills, plus palpable yuckiness.

Ginger Snaps (2000)

An agitated young woman on a bed thumbs through a book.

(Video screenshot from Tubi)

Great werewolf movies are as elusive as real lycanthropes. Okay, maybe not that elusive. But sorting through the packs of mangy, corner-cutting, digital-’cause-it’s-cheap werewolf movies to find true standouts can be frustrating. How so? Well, most were-flick fans would settle for an intriguing, well-told story and competent, all-practical creature design and gore effects. Ginger Snaps far exceeds those low-ish expectations and, with two women protagonists (Katharine Isabelle and Emily Perkins), scores full marks on the Bechdel Test—a rarity in a horror subgenre dominated by alpha-males.

Dario Argento’s Three Mothers Trilogy: Suspiria (1977), Inferno (1980), and Mother of Tears (2007)

(Video screenshot from Tubi)

Three years after Dario Argento dropped the gorgeously witchy Suspiria, he released Inferno, the second film in what would become his Three Mothers trilogy. It took nearly three decades until we saw the third and final film. Mother of Tears doesn’t measure up to its scarier sisters, but it’s worth watching, and in doing so, you’ll have completed Argento’s trilogy—horror fandom achievement popped! (Argento’s directorial debut, The Bird with the Crystal Plumage, is also on Tubi if you wanna get started on his Animal Trilogy.)

The Toxic Avenger (1984)

A close-up shot of an angry mutant

(Video screenshot from Tubi)

We’re excited to see Macon Blair’s remake of Troma’s infamous flagship film, The Toxic Avenger, too. But, like with most remakes, ya gotta see the original first (if you haven’t already). The Toxic Avenger went places few movies dared to go 50 years ago. It’s a gleefully gross, totally ‘80s romp you won’t soon forget—and that perspective is important when evaluating Blair’s remake. Toxie is also the best introduction to Troma movies, which should be their own horror subgenre. Now if we could just get concrete info on The Toxic Avenger remake release date.

The Texas Chain Saw Massacre (1974)

An all-male family sits at the dinner table laughing and making faces. Over the table hangs a macabre lamp made from someone's face.

(Video screenshot from Tubi)

Famed slasher flick The Texas Chain Saw Massacre has it all: good-looking young victims, deranged cannibals, and chainsaw-swinging icon Leatherface. The Tobe Hooper film’s gore and audacity are still shocking today, and it’s obvious why it was banned in several countries in the ’70s.

C.H.U.D. (1984)

A monstrous hand grips the throat of a terrified man.

(Video screenshot from Tubi)

C.H.U.D. stands for “Cannibalistic Humanoid Underground Dwellers,” or radioactively mutated people-munchers living in the New York City sewer system—it’s even dumber than it sounds. Initially a bomb, C.H.U.D. has since become a cult favorite and pop-cultural reference point.

Chopping Mall (1986)

A man in a suit holds out a badge for a robot to scan.

(Video screenshot from Tubi)

Of all the ’80s horror films set in shopping malls—there were more than you’d think—Chopping Mall is the worst/best. When a group of teens lock themselves in a mall for an overnight party, clunky chrome security robots (the mall cops of the future!) roll in for the kill. No wonder we just shop at home now.

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Slumber Party Massacre II (1987)

A teenage girl talks on the phone while lying in bed.

(Video screenshot from Tubi)

Sure, 1982’s Slumber Party Massacre was a decent slasher flick—but the 1987 sequel Slumber Party Massacre II got weird with it. An all-girl rock band is sequestered in a weekend condo, only to be terrorized by the Driller Killer, a rockabilly maniac with an electric drill guitar (yes, really).

Elvira: Mistress of the Dark (1988)

The reflection of a woman's eyes as she stares into a rearview mirror outlined in barbed wire.

(Video screenshot from Tubi)

After years of hosting bad horror flicks on TV, Elvira (Cassandra Peterson) finally made her own in 1988—and it’s not actually bad at all. When Elvira travels to uptight Massachusetts to claim an inheritance, witchcraft and wackiness ensue. Mistress of the Dark is a lost horror-comedy gem.

P2 (2007)

A terrified woman in a car with a serious looking man.

(Video screenshot from Tubi)

A young Manhattan businesswoman (Rachel Nichols) working late on Christmas Eve is trapped in a parking garage by a psychopathic attendant (Wes Bentley) who’s obsessed with her—still want to go back to the office? P2 is a maybe-too-relatable take on survival terror that ups the tension with each scene, but it probably won’t replace Die Hard as your go-to holiday movie.

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