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Why Cable TV

Here are some of our favorite reasons for anyone interested in cable TV in South Carolina. It offers hour after hour of entertainment, with HD channels, movies, On Demand and local programming all at your fingertips. Cable service is more reliable, never going out in bad weather; it's also more affordable, with less equipment required. When you bundle it with high-speed Internet, you get one convenient bill, and could save as much as $400 a year. Plus cable is:




Cable TV offersmore HD choices

Snow may mess up satellite, but itdoesn't faze cable

Cable can beinstalled virtually anywhere

Cable TV in South Carolina

If you're as interested in cable TV in South Carolina as Sgt. Joe Friday is interested in "just the facts, ma'am," we're glad you're here. Here at, we love talking TV. Here's a juicy stat: 3/4 of all cable TV subscribers get their TV bundles with either phone or Internet. And according to Nielsen, while half of all TV viewers stream video online, almost 97% of people watch regularly broadcast television. The use of DVRs is on the rise with 7% of the nation using it to view their favorite television shows. But 85% of Americans still plan their evenings around their favorite network's schedule.

So what does all this mean for The Palmetto State?

  • 4,050,833 South Carolinians have a subscription to TV broadcasting.
  • There are 3,240,667 people in South Carolina with a bundled subscription to high-speed Internet and TV.
  • 4,365,898 South Carolinians still watch traditional television.
  • 2,160,444 living in South Carolina are watching TV on Hulu, Netflix, and similar services.
  • 3,735,769 South Carolinians still watch TV live.

Cable Internet in South Carolina

Cable Internet, and high-speed Internet in general, is growing in South Carolina. In its latest report, ranked The Palmetto State number 37 in the nation in broadband adoption. Here's some more quick facts:

  • 32% have cable Internet
  • 56% have speeds below 4 Mbps
  • 1% have speeds above 25 Mbps

Phone It's easy to get cable, Call 1-866-921-5828

TV Actors From South Carolina

That's not all there is to know about South Carolina cable TV. The crew also loves actors. Which is great if you live in South Carolina. Did you know all of these actors were born here?:

  • Allison Munn from "What I Like About You" was born in Columbia
  • Andy Dick from "The Ben Stiller Show" was born in Charleston
  • Anna Camp from "True Blood" was born in Aiken
  • Aziz Ansari from "Parks And Recreation" was born in Columbia
  • Barton MacLane from "Outlaws" was born in Columbia
  • Bettye Ackerman from "Ben Casey" was born in Cottageville
  • Bobbie Phillips from "The Watcher" was born in Charleston
  • Celia Weston from "Alice" was born in Spartanburg

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