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Maps for Available TV & Internet Providers wants to make your search for cable and internet services as simple as possible. We offer tools to help you make the best decision when buying TV and Internet services. Our provider availability maps help you identify which cities and zip codes each cable company services with a map of nationwide availability in the United States.

Local governments typically only allow one cable company and one telecommunication company to provide services at any given address. As a result, only a handful are likely to be available in your area, even though there are hundreds of cable TV and Internet providers nationwide.

If you are looking for actual TV and Internet providers and packages in your area, enter your zip code and we will show you a list of specific cable and satellite companies that service your address. We recommend entering your zip code rather than trying to find your place on an availability maps, but if you want to see individual cable provider maps, follow the links below.

All cable provider maps

All of our availability maps are for fixed-line service (cable, fiber, etc.) only.

If you do search for cable providers in your zip code, you will also see Dish and DirectTV, both of which are satellite providers. We do not show availability maps for them because they cover the entire United States, and coverage is available in 100% of the territory. If hardwire service is limited in your zipcode, one of these satellite providers may be your best option.