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Why Cable TV

The team here at loves cable TV service in Phoenix. Here are some reasons why we think you will too. Cable is reliable in bad weather. With hundreds of HD channels, movies and On Demand titles, there is always something entertaining to watch. You'll get a better value with cable TV because the equipment is easier to install than satellite competitors require. Several providers offer specials like free equipment and convenient bundles with high-speed Internet and digital cable for a smaller fee each month. Plus cable is:

  • Watchable

    Cable TV offers more HD choices.

  • Reliable

    Snow may mess up satellite, but it doesn't faze cable.

  • Accessible

    Cable can be installed virtually anywhere.

Watching Cable TV in Phoenix

You've come to the right place to find information about cable TV in Phoenix, AZ. One-third of Americans have at least four televisions in their home. Did you know that even though roughly half of Americans stream video online, 97% of us still watch broadcast television? And 72% of Americans bundle their cable subscriptions with high-speed Internet. With a population of 1,544,574 in Phoenix, that boils down to 509,709 Phoenix residents with a multitude of televisions, 741,396 who stream video, 1,498,237 with a cable-ready TV, and 1,112,093 people with bundled cable contracts.

Cable High-Speed Internet in Phoenix

If you're interested in why Phoenix residents are combining their cable TV and Internet, you're not alone. The team at asked the same questions. Here's what we found. After growing 7% between 2009 and 2010, total broadband penetration in Phoenix is around 74%, and cable users represent 494,264 out of 1,544,574 residents. Delivering 5-10 Mbps downstream, cable Internet is 2-7 Mbps faster than the national average. Saving cash is another reason. Subscribers who bundle save about $400 each year.

Phoenix Born Actors

Do you know the Phoenix natives who went on to be TV actors? Would you like to know? "Hawkeye" actor Lynda Carter is a good lead off for our list of local A-listers, followed by Mare Winningham from "The Young Pioneers," and Matt Dallas from "Kyle Xy." And there are more. Greg Proops, who starred in "Drew Carey's Green Screen Show," is also a local, alongside Sally Brophy and Shannon Marie Woodward. Let help you order cable in Phoenix, AZ and you can support these locals-turned-actors every week.

Find Your Cable Provider

We hope by now that you figured out that we know television like Mr. Burns knows nuclear power. We aren't just tooting our own horn when we say we're the place to match you with a cable provider. Local governments license out the opportunity to provide cable service in a region, and these regions typically only allow one provider, so cable companies generally don't overlap in the same area. Call up the number above to find your Phoenix cable provider.