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Why Cable TV

Here are a few of the reasons people choose Cable TV in Freeport, IL. Cable subscribers enjoy all-digital service, including HD channels, movies and On Demand titles. Cable TV service often comes with free HD DVRs for new customers. And cable service delivers a consistent, all-digital signal, so your TV doesn't drop out in bad weather. Cable high-speed Internet is faster than DSL; you can easily bundle it, and only pay one low monthly bill. Speaking of bills, people who bundle cable TV and Internet in Freeport can save up to $400 off their bills every year. Plus cable is:

  • Watchable

    Cable TV offers more HD choices.

  • Reliable

    Snow may mess up satellite, but it doesn't faze cable.

  • Accessible

    Cable can be installed virtually anywhere.

TV Trends in Freeport, IL

Do you know how many people still watch TV as it is broadcast? And how many wait and watch shows on their DVRs? You can learn so much about cable TV in Freeport, IL by looking at larger trends. Nearly everyone in America watches TV shows as they are broadcast, while almost half the population also streams TV content online. And 7% of all TV viewing off of DVR recordings. And, 72% of the population bundles TV and Internet, while 33% of homes have four or more televisions.

With a population of 24,396 that means in Freeport there are::

  • 23,664 people who watch broadcast TV
  • 11,710 people who stream TV online
  • 1,708 people who regularly use DVRs
  • 17,565 people with bundled services
  • 8,051 people with a plethora of plasma-screens

About Freeport Cable Internet

How many people have high-speed Internet in Freeport, IL? Why do 17,565 people bundle it with cable TV? If you've been asking yourself these questions, let try to answer. Cable Internet surpasses the national average broadband speed, which is 3 Mbps, and bundling this service with cable TV saves subscribers up to $400 per year. This helps explain why the total broadband penetration in Freeport grew 6%, from 15,369 households to 16,833, between 2009 and 2010 and how cable Internet users represent 7,807 out of 24,396 Freeport residents.

Which Actors Are From Freeport, IL

DVRs and bundles are important parts of cable TV service, but so are TV actors. has the scoop on actors born here. Like Ravi Patel, who originally hails from Freeport. Ravi Patel was born here in 1978 before debuting in television and landing a role on "Past Life." And no matter the city they lived in after making it big, Freeport will always be Ravi's hometown.

Find Your Cable Provider

All this information should tell you that we know television like The Golden Girls know track suits. That's why we can match you with the right cable provider, which isn't as bigheaded as it sounds. Local governments license the ability to provide cable service in a region, only allowing one provider per region. Most cable companies don't overlap geographical locations. Call us at the number above to find out who your Freeport cable provider is.