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Why Cable TV

If cable TV in Oklahoma City, OK is something you are considering, here are our favorite reasons for it. For starters, cable keeps you entertained with hundreds of all-digital HD channels, that don't depend on the weather being nice. It offers everything from movies and TV shows, to On Demand entertainment. And with most providers you get all your local channels for free. It's easier to install, because there is less equipment than with satellite. Bundling it with high-speed internet could save you up to $400 a year. Plus cable is:

  • Watchable

    Cable TV offers more HD choices.

  • Reliable

    Snow may mess up satellite, but it doesn't faze cable.

  • Accessible

    Cable can be installed virtually anywhere.

TV Trends in Oklahoma City, OK

Do you know how many people stream television programs online? How about the number of people who bundle TV and Internet? You can learn so much about cable TV in Oklahoma City, OK by looking at larger trends. In America, 97% of people watch television as it is broadcast, 48% stream at least one show online and 7% use their DVRs to watch TV whenever they want. Plus, 72% of Americans bundle their cable subscription with high-speed Internet and approximately one-third of Americans have four or more televisions in their homes.

With a population of 556,704 that means in Oklahoma City there are::

  • 540,003 people who watch broadcast TV
  • 267,218 people who stream TV online
  • 38,969 people who regularly use DVRs
  • 400,827 people with bundled services
  • 183,712 people with a plethora of plasma-screens

Cable Internet in Oklahoma City

Why do 400,827 Oklahoma City residents bundle their cable TV with Internet, and how many use cable high-speed Internet? One important point is that bundling services together saves cable TV subscribers nearly $400 per year. In addition to saving money, cable Internet is fast; with downstream speeds from 5-10 Mbps it's 25%-100% faster than the national average. Out of 556,704 Oklahoma City residents, 178,145 of them are cable Internet users. And broadband usage grew from 311,754 to 345,156 from 2009 to 2010.'s Favorite Oklahoma City, OK Actors

What's the common trait between Oklahoma City cable TV subscribers and television actors? Many were born right here. Lauren Lane, from "The Nanny Reunion A Nosh To Remember," may be one of the most well-known, along with Lou Antonio from "Makin' It," and Don Chastain from "The Debbie Reynolds Show." Our list doesn't end with them either. Ronnie Claire Edwards, who starred in "Boone," is also a local, alongside Ted Shackelford and Olivia Munn. Let help you order cable in Oklahoma City, OK and you can support these locals-turned-actors every week.

Find Your Cable Provider

As you can see, we know cable TV like Lady Gaga knows eccentric outfits. So rely on us to help you find a cable provider. There is usually only one cable provider per region, thanks to government licensing restrictions. Because of this, cable companies generally don't overlap in the same geographical location. Call us at the number above to find out who your Oklahoma City cable provider is.