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Why Cable TV

If you are considering cable TV in Santa Ana, check out a few of the reasons the team enjoys it. Cable offers hundreds of HD channels that won't break up in bad weather and are available whenever you want. It provides On Demand entertainment as well as movies, TV shows, and local programming. It's easier to install, because there is less equipment than with satellite. Most providers offer a free HD DVR, and you can bundle digital cable with high-speed internet--which is faster than DSL--and only pay one bill every month. Plus cable is:

  • Watchable

    Cable TV offers more HD choices.

  • Reliable

    Snow may mess up satellite, but it doesn't faze cable.

  • Accessible

    Cable can be installed virtually anywhere.

Watching Cable TV in Santa Ana

If you're interested in cable TV in Santa Ana, CA here are a few interesting facts. Did you know that a third of Americans own at least four TVs? That makes 114,084 people in your city with as many TVs as there are major networks. DVRs are also becoming more popular. Time shifted DVR content accounts for 7% of the total of TV viewing in America. However, 286,938 people in Santa Ana still plan their nights around the broadcast television schedule. Something else you may not know is that approximately 248,910 homes in your city have a TV and Internet bundle.

Cable High-Speed Internet in Santa Ana

Do you know why so many people are bundling cable Internet and TV? knows. Cable offers high-speed Internet connections with 5-10 Mbps downstream. This is on average 4.5 Mbps above the median national speed and faster than most DSL services. Not only can you get a faster connection, but bundling services can save you $400 each year. Those numbers are at least a partial explanation for why overall broadband penetration in Santa Ana grew 5%, from 235,081 locals to 252,367, between 2009 and 2010 and how cable Internet subscribers make up 32%, or 110,627 of the Santa Ana population. Loves Santa Ana Actors

Stats are cool, but they're just the icing on our cake of knowledge. Did you know that Santa Ana has been churning out TV talent for years? Not only was Camille Mana, best known for a role on the hit show "One On One," born in Santa Ana, but a number of other stars called this city home too. Here's a look at Santa Ana's A- (or at least B-) list:

  • Coby Bell
  • Connor Gibbs
  • Drake Bell
  • Emily Mae Young
  • Enver Gjokaj
  • Greyson Fletcher
  • Michael B. Jordan
  • Nathan Lawrence
  • Noah Munck
  • Mikey Day

Find Your Cable Provider

Hopefully all this has helped you realize that we know cable like E.T. knows bike rides. That's why we can connect you with the right cable service, which isn't as arrogant as it sounds. Local governments restrict cable companies licensing so they usually don't overlap. These regions usually only allow one provider, so enter your zip code above to find the nearest cable provider in Santa Ana.