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Why Cable TV

The team here at loves cable TV service in Akron. Here are some reasons why. Cable is reliable in bad weather. And the hundreds of HD channels are available whenever it's convenient for you thanks to On Demand. You'll get a better value with cable TV because the equipment is easier to install than satellite competitors require. And when you bundle it with high-speed internet, you get a fast internet connection, one low monthly bill, and can save up to $400 every year. Plus cable is:

  • Watchable

    Cable TV offers more HD choices.

  • Reliable

    Snow may mess up satellite, but it doesn't faze cable.

  • Accessible

    Cable can be installed virtually anywhere.

TV Use in Akron, OH

Looking at national trends helps us get a picture of cable TV in Akron, OH. Half of the population watches some of their favorite shows online. Even though streamed content is on the rise, 97% of Americans still watch television the old fashioned way, on their TV, and 33% of people have four or more televisions in their home for watching these shows. Because so many people use both television and Internet, it is no surprise that 72% of Americans bundle their cable and Internet subscriptions. So what, right? Well, of your fellow 206,484 Akron residents, there's:

  • 68,140 with a TV for every finger on their right hand (thumbs don't count)
  • 99,112 who take the term 'television' show lightly (and stream instead)
  • 200,289 who do just fine with a traditional TV, thank you
  • 148,668 smart folks, a.k.a the cable bundlers
  • 171,382 Akron residents confined to network air dates and times.

Cable Internet in Akron

Here are two reasons why you should get cable Internet and bundle it with TV. Combining cable TV and Internet can save you up to $400 per year. And then there are the faster speeds that come with cable Internet - around 4.5 Mbps above the median national broadband speed. Those are two reasons why there are 66,075 cable Internet users in Akron and why total broadband penetration increased to 132,150 households from 125,955 in 2009. Loves Akron, OH Actors

We have more in the knowledge bank than statistics. If you want to know about TV celebrities who were born here, then keep reading. Angie Everhart, from "The Ex-wives Club," who you probably know, is a Akron native along with Marian Mercer from "It's A Living," and Ray Wise from "Reaper." Our list doesn't end with them either. William Boyett is also a local, alongside Lola Albright and Melina Kanakaredes. Let help you order cable in Akron, OH and you can support these locals-turned-actors every week.

Find Your Cable Provider

All that should show that we know television like Tobias knows blue body paint. And not to make ourselves sound bigheaded, but we even know which cable provider is right for you. Most local government licenses only let one cable provider per area, so you're likely to just have one option in your city. All you have to do to find out who your Akron provider is to call us at the number above.