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Why Cable TV

If cable TV in Columbus, OH is something you are considering, here are our favorite reasons for it. For starters, cable keeps you entertained with hundreds of all-digital HD channels, that don't depend on the weather being nice. It offers everything from movies and TV shows, to On Demand entertainment. And with most providers you get all your local channels for free. Because it requires less equipment than satellite, Cable TV is easier to install and better value. Most providers offer a free HD DVR, and you can bundle digital cable with high-speed internet--which is faster than DSL--and only pay one bill every month. Plus cable is:

  • Watchable

    Cable TV offers more HD choices.

  • Reliable

    Snow may mess up satellite, but it doesn't faze cable.

  • Accessible

    Cable can be installed virtually anywhere.

How People Watch TV in Columbus, OH

American television trends can reveal a lot about cable TV in Columbus, OH. Half of the population watches some of their favorite shows online. Even though streamed content is on the rise, 97% of Americans still watch television the old fashioned way, on their TV, and 33% of people have four or more televisions in their home for watching these shows. More than 72% of Americans combine their cable TV service with a broadband Internet connection into a bundle. So what, right? Well, of your fellow 746,592 Columbus residents, there's:

  • 246,375 owners of at least 4 TV's
  • 358,364 using the Internet to watch TV shows
  • 724,194 keeping to traditional TV for their favorite shows
  • 537,546 smart folks, a.k.a the cable bundlers
  • 619,671 lucky enough to have free evenings to watch live television.

About Columbus Cable Internet

Are you wondering how many Columbus residents use cable Internet and why so many bundle it with cable TV? The team at asked the same questions. Here's what we found. Columbus has more high-speed Internet than it used to. From 2009 to 2010 it grew 3% to represent roughly 477,819 people. With speeds around 5-10 Mbps, cable TV is 2-7 Mbps faster than the median national download speed. And by bundling cable services together, subscribers save $400 per year.

Columbus, OH Born Actors

We're all about stats, but there's way more to cable TV in Columbus than a bunch of numbers. Were you aware that a number of great TV stars got their start here? Most notably, if we can name drop for a second, is Alana de la Garza, star of "The Mountain." But wait. There's more:

  • Andrea Bowen
  • Dina Spybey
  • Dody Goodman
  • Eileen Heckart
  • Gigi Rice
  • Hal Williams
  • Jack Plotnick
  • Gene Sheldon
  • Philip Michael Thomas
  • Kellie Waymire

Find Your Cable Provider

What it comes down to is that we know television like Spiderman knows how to keep a failed series alive. That's why we can connect you with the right cable service, which isn't as arrogant as it sounds. Cable companies typically don't overlap in the same geographical area because local governments license the ability to provide cable service in the surrounding region. We will tell you the cable provider for your area - just enter your zip code above.