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Why Cable TV in Bridgeport, CT

Consider cable TV in Bridgeport, CT if you are looking for hours of entertainment, easy-to-use DVR technology, or want to save money with a bundle. With cable TV hundreds of HD channels, On Demand titles, and movies are right at your fingertips. And local channels are included for free. Cable is all-digital; it delivers a consistent signal, no matter the weather, so you're never left without something to watch. Cable service is easily bundled with high-speed Internet. Cable Internet is faster than DSL, and a cable bundle can save you up to $400 every year. Plus cable is:




Cable TV offersmore HD choices

Snow may mess up satellite, but itdoesn't faze cable

Cable can beinstalled virtually anywhere

How People Watch TV in Bridgeport, CT

At we love TV. Here are a few tidbits we know about it and Bridgeport, CT. One-third of Americans have at least four televisions in their home. While 97% of us continue to watch traditional television, nearly half of us also stream television content online. And 72% of us also bundle high-speed Internet with our cable subscriptions. Bridgeport's population is 136,071, so that makes 44,903 Bridgeport residents with at least four TVs, 65,314 who stream video, 131,989 who have a cable-ready TV, and 97,971 who have a bundled contract.

Cable High-Speed Internet in Bridgeport

If you're wondering why Bridgeport residents bundle their cable and Internet services and how many use cable high-speed Internet, you're in the right place. The team at can tell you. Bundling cable service and high-speed Internet can save you $400 per year, not to mention that cable Internet is 25% - 100% faster than the national average. Broadband usage increased by 4% in Connecticut from 2009 to 2010 and today 43,543 people in Bridgeport are cable customers.

Phone It's easy to get cable, Call 1-866-921-5828

Bridgeport, CT Born Actors

Do you know the Bridgeport natives who went on to be TV actors? Would you like to know? Tony Musante, best known from "Toma," is a good lead off for our list of local A-listers, followed by John Ratzenberger from "Cheers," and Alex Breckenridge from "The Ex List." Our list doesn't end with them either. Bill Smitrovich is also a local, alongside Brian Dennehy and Deborah Walley. Let help you order cable in Bridgeport, CT and you can support these locals-turned-actors every week.

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What it comes down to is that we know television like Lisa Simpson knows the saxophone. That's why we can connect you with the right cable service, which isn't as arrogant as it sounds. Cable companies typically don't overlap in the same geographical area because local governments license the ability to provide cable service in the surrounding region. Simply enter your zip code in the box to find out who the cable provider is in Bridgeport.

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