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Why Cable TV

If you are looking for affordable entertainment in Fontana, CA, choose cable TV. Cable offers programming for every taste; it's an affordable way to get the programming you want. It offers hundreds of all-digital channels, HD programs, movies and On Demand titles, for hours of entertainment. Cable bundles are a great way to get TV and Internet in Fontana, CA. Cable Internet is faster than DSL, and cable TV is easier to install than satellite. Plus cable is:

  • Watchable

    Cable TV offers more HD choices.

  • Reliable

    Snow may mess up satellite, but it doesn't faze cable.

  • Accessible

    Cable can be installed virtually anywhere.

TV Trends in Fontana, CA

American television trends can reveal a lot about cable TV in Fontana, CA. In America, 33% of homes have four or more TVs, and even though about half the population streams some TV content, 97% of U.S. residents still primarily watch broadcast TV. More than 72% of Americans combine their cable TV service with a broadband Internet connection into a bundle. To help you put that in context, because we're just that nice, of the 174,404 people in Fontana, that's:

  • 57,553 owners of at least 4 TV's
  • 83,714 who take the term 'television' show lightly (and stream instead)
  • 169,172 keeping to traditional TV for their favorite shows
  • 125,571 users with bundled cable subscriptions
  • 144,755 lucky enough to have free evenings to watch live television.

Cable Internet in Fontana, CA

Why do 125,571 Fontana residents bundle their cable TV with Internet, and how many use cable high-speed Internet? One important point is that bundling services together saves cable TV subscribers nearly $400 per year. In addition to saving money, cable Internet is fast; with downstream speeds from 5-10 Mbps it's 25%-100% faster than the national average. These two factors help explain why cable Internet users represent 55,809 out of 174,404 Fontana residents as well as how the total broadband penetration in Fontana grew 5%, from 118,595 to 127,315 households, in one year.

Fontana Born Actors

Stats are great, but they're just the beginning of what we here at know about cable and TV in Fontana. For example, did you know that Bill Fagerbakke, best known for a role in "Coach" was born in Fontana in 1957? Fagerbakke moved on from here after making a debut in 1984, but Fontana will always be a home for Bill.

Find Your Cable Provider

Hopefully by now you realize that we know cable like Ross knows Rachel. We can even help you discover which cable provider is right for you. Cable companies typically don't overlap in the same geographical area because local governments license the ability to provide cable service in the surrounding region. Simply enter your zip code in the box to find out who the cable provider is in Fontana.