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Author: Jae Curtis

Four Ways to Lower Your Cable TV Bill

According to Nielsen, 90 percent of Americans shell out for TV service each month. But let’s face it: times are tough, so before you go completely cold turkey from cable, try lowering your cable TV bill instead. You might be surprised at how affordable your service can be with the right tactics.

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“Ironside” and Other Fall TV Show Flops

Hey, they can’t all be winners – that’s never more evident as when dealing with new TV shows. It’s notoriously difficult to gain a following and have fans rabid for each week of TV, which is why it’s sink or swim for the new 2013 fall schedule. And while we’re only a month into the new season, there have already been some clear winners – and some clear fall TV show flops. See which shows have already gone the way of the dinosaur. Alas, Ironside and Lucky 7, we hardly knew ye. Ironside: In “not terribly surprising” news, Blair Underwood wasn’t able to catch a break with his latest dud, Ironside. Patterned after the much-easier-to-believe comic, Ironside is a wheelchair-bound cop with a dirty past. After just three episodes of seeing Underwood wheel after criminals and spot evidence on the floor, viewers weren’t into the idea and NBC was forced to put the show out of its misery, according to Deadline. It’s back to guest starring roles for you, Underwood! Lucky 7: Sometimes, producers take a show popular in Great Britain, reformat with Americans and it’s a huge success. See also: The Office. Unfortunately, a lot of times it’s a big mistake. See also: Coupling. Unfortunately, the tale of seven winners of a lottery falls into the latter category. American viewers simply didn’t gel with the storyline and the...

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Why Would James Franco Want To Be Roasted – Seth Rogen Named Roadmaster

In one of the biggest modern roastings of all time, James Franco is set to hit the Friars Club to be skewered by a panel of his peers on September 2. While he’s bound to take a beating, Franco has seemed good-natured about the dubious honor, even announcing on Instagram that he’s “waited his whole life” to be roasted at the iconic club. While a night being made fun of by Seth Rogen sounds like torture to us, here are some of the reasons why celebs don’t mind being in the hot seat. It’s a Tradition It was Dean Martin who started the original celebrity roast and it was all in good fun. The roasts were produced by and aired on NBC, which meant that the content had to be clean. In fact, the first roasts were more like tributes to the celebs with a few funny lines thrown in. Nowadays, the roasts are aired on Comedy Central, which has a decidedly lower bar to clear when it comes to the censors. Still, roasting is a tradition, so some celebs see it as an honor to be featured. It’s Publicity They say that any publicity is good publicity, even if that publicity comes out of the fire-tongued mouth of Joan Rivers. To be honest, Franco is surprisingly A-list to be subjecting himself to a roasting. Past roastees have included...

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Man of Steel: Better on The Small Screen?

With the release of Man of Steel—it hit theaters on June 14—viewers are wondering if director Zack Snyder can give Clark Kent the kind of revival that Bruce Wayne and Tony Stark have gotten via the silver screen in past years. And while Henry Cavill’s Superman promises to be as memorable as other movie versions of the superhero, it’s important to remember that the big screen doesn’t hold a monopoly on the last son of Krypton. Check out some of the best and the worst versions of Superman to hit the small screen through the years. Adventures of Superman...

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How To Get The Best Cable TV Deals

Shopping for cable TV should be a lot like shopping for any other big-ticket item. It’s unlikely that you’d head into the car dealership and nab the first model you laid eyes on, right? Well, the same goes for subscribing to a cable provider. The best cable TV deals are there for those willing to work for them. Comparison shopping and some smooth negotiations can result in your paying thousands less over the course of your cable contract. By doing your homework, you can get the best deals and still get the best service, channels, and entertainment piped straight to your home. Shop Around Cable companies are always looking for new contracts, so there’s a good chance you get ads and circulars in your mailbox from time to time. Use those as a catalyst for comparison shopping your way through your options. Which cable providers can provide access to your home? Which have the best deals for new customers and which ones have the shortest promo periods? Do your homework so when it comes time to contact the providers, you’re already educated on what’s available — and what their competition has in store as well. Try Different Contacts Try this brilliant tip, uncovered by The Consumerist: try contacting a cable provider in a few different ways. The prices shown on the company’s website might be different than those offered...

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