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9 Non-Traditional Movies to Stream This 4th of July (That Aren’t Independence Day)

This 4th of July, you can re-watch your favorite war movies—or see these non-traditional films that remind you there’s more to America than meaningless jingoism.

This 4th of July feels different, doesn’t it? Americans hate Americans more than ever. The concept of our great country is obscured while our rights are being trampled upon and even revoked. The normal celebrations don’t seem to fit. So maybe instead of parades and fireworks, we can stay inside and watch nine films that remind us what it really means to be American.

A collage of Blu-ray cover art for Uncle Sam, Citizen Ruth, A League of Their Own, Idiocracy, American History X, Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter, Roots, and Milk.

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Uncle Sam | Tubi

Uncle Sam, America’s first spokesmodel, has always looked like someone you don’t wanna mess with. In William Lustig’s (Maniac) slasher film, Uncle Sam is a troubled, violent soldier who dies from friendly fire but returns on Independence Day to bring gross, gooey death to draft dodgers, tax cheaters, flag burners, lying politicians, and more.

Stream Uncle Sam on Tubi.

Citizen Ruth | Amazon Prime Video (VOD)

Can’t get enough of the Roe v. Wade debacle? Alexander Payne’s (Election) film points out abortion-issue absurdity as it follows Ruth Stoops (Laura Dern), a pregnant woman who is used equally by both sides (shades of the real Roe). The film doesn’t take a pro-life or pro-choice stance because fanaticism is the real theme.

Stream Citizen Ruth on Amazon Prime Video.

A League of Their Own | Amazon Prime Video

Besides being a great film, A League of Their Own shows women kicking butt at baseball, America’s pastime. ‘Nuff said.

Stream A League of Their Own on Amazon Prime Video.

Pro tip: Don’t forget to watch the A League of Their Own series, premiering August 12 on Amazon Prime Video.

Idiocracy | STARZ

This disturbingly prescient Mike Judge (Beavis and Butt-head) film came out in 2006. Now, 16 years later, the country’s in the dumper, and Idiocracy looks more and more like cinéma vérité—or IRL for any idiocrats out there. Watch it again and be afraid. Be very afraid.

Stream Idiocracy on STARZ.

American History X | Tubi

Can we all just agree that Nazis are evil? Great.

Stream American History X free on Tubi.

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Pussy Riot: A Punk Prayer | Freevee, Tubi

Maybe the radical feminist left-wing punk rock band from Russia can teach us Americans a thing or two about standing up for our rights.

Stream Pussy Riot: A Punk Prayer free on Freevee or Tubi.

Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter | Tubi

It’s America’s best president—the man who freed the slaves—whuppin’ vampire butt. Keep your fireworks ‘cause we’re all set.

Stream Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter free on Tubi.

Roots (2016) | Roku Channel, Prime Video (VOD)

Slavery happened. It’s a blight on American history, but it happened. And it’s essential for us as a country to never forget it and never repeat it.

Stream Roots (2016) free on the Roku Channel or rent it on Amazon Prime Video.

Pro tip: If you want to watch the original Roots miniseries from 1977, it’s on HBO Max.

Milk | Peacock

About 45 years ago, San Francisco gay rights activist and politician Harvey Milk was gunned down for fighting for gay rights. We’re still fighting for those rights today. In America.

Stream Milk on Peacock.

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