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The Walking Dead: Zombiefied

Our Interactive Behind the Scenes Look at a Day in the Life of the Undead is Resurrected

walkingdead_gif Spoiler Alert: Haven’t watched The Walking Dead Season 6 yet? Turn back while you still can. If you haven’t been consumed by all things walkers this week, you’re missing out on one of the most watched cable TV shows in America. Season seven of AMC’s The Walking Dead premiers on October 23rd, and we’re officially lurking the internet, hungry for updates. Season six ended in the cliffhanger to end all cliffhangers, and while there’s lots of speculation, there’s no certainty about who will become the next bloody causality. The creators promise the premiere of season seven will drop us right back where we left off, covered in gore and wondering who is going to bite it on the other end of Negan’s infamous bat, Lucille.  

Enter The Walking Dead: Zombiefied

While we can’t quench your thirst for spoilers, does have something that’ll satisfy your obsession with the undead. Our interactive comic book, Walking Dead: Zombiefied, is a tour of what it takes to conjure a cast of the undead and the collaboration between costume, make-up, and actors that creates the Emmy and Golden Globe nominated show. In the age of HD, crafting realistic zombies takes a real commitment to detail and the patience to watch your creations be destroyed in seconds on screen by The Walking Dead’s notorious obsession with body count. Come roam the virtual landscape and find out why The Walking Dead boasts the biggest weekly audience on television. This series has promised that despite its comic book roots, it will continue to evolve beyond the book and surprise fans. And while some might be obsessed with the weekly count of gruesome deaths, the show’s creators have insisted that at its cannibalistic heart, The Walking Dead is really about the power of relationships and the ability they have to help us survival the unthinkable. Find out who survived season six and “The Last Day on Earth,” when The Walking Dead premiers on AMC on Sunday, October 23rd 9/8 Central. Don’t get AMC? We can help with that! Enter your zip code to find a cable TV provider near you.