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The Top 10 FOX Cartoons

FOX is the king of animation, but which ’toons rise to the top? We’ve ranked 10 of our favorites.

The Simpsons. Family Guy. Bob’s Burgers. Name another broadcast network that’s as synonymous with animation as FOX—or one that even dabbles in cartoons. FOX’s Sunday schedule hasn’t been called “Animation Domination” forever for nothing.

Since 1989, FOX has launched nearly 30 animated series, though some were quickly and rightfully forgotten (looking at you, Allen Gregory and Napoleon Dynamite). We’ve ranked our top 10 favorite animated FOX series, and, while we think you can guess No. 1, you’ll also find a few surprises.

FOX ’toons on Hulu

With a few exceptions, all of the animated FOX series listed here are available to stream on-demand through Hulu. Give our Hulu review the once-over, why don’t you?

10. High School USA! (2013)

A raunchy, alternate-universe take on Archie Comics, High School USA! got weird with it years before Riverdale came along. Its 12-episode run (first on FOX, then FXX) featured the voice talents of Vincent Kartheiser, Zosia Mamet, Mandy Moore, T.J. Miller, and dozens more.

9. Bordertown (2016)

In the small town of Mexifornia, border patrol agent Bud (voiced by Hank Azaria) and his Mexican immigrant neighbor Ernesto (Nicholas Gonzalez) coexist happily and peacefully—well, at least Ernesto does. Bordertown only lasted one season, but it’s still as topical as ever.

8. Golan the Insatiable (2013–2015)

When he’s accidentally summoned to Earth from the Gkruool dimension by goth girl Dylan, warlord Golan the Insatiable finds himself stuck in the Minnesota suburbs; hilarity and random violence ensue. Under the ridiculous hilarity is, yep, a sweet friendship between Dylan and Golan.

7. Axe Cop (2013–2015)

His catchphrase is “I’ll chop your head off!” and Axe Cop (voiced by Nick Offerman) isn’t playing. Axe Cop is based on the imagination of creator Ethan Nicolle’s 5-year-old brother Malachi, which is apparent in every lushly illustrated frame. Sample villain: Hell Chicken.

American Dad! (2005–present)

It now resides on TBS, but Family Guy cousin American Dad! spent nine years on FOX before jumping to cable. Conservative CIA agent Stan (voiced by Seth MacFarlane), Roger the Alien (also MacFarlane), and the rest of the Smith clan are almost as iconic as the Griffins of Family Guy.

5. Family Guy (1999–present)

Thanks to Adult Swim reruns and DVD sales, Family Guy was resurrected by FOX after being unceremoniously canceled in 2002. Since then, the never-not-offensive series has become part of global culture: the unholy trinity of The Simpsons, South Park, and Family Guy.

4. King of the Hill (1997–2010)

Beavis & Butt-head creator Mike Judge fashioned a true American icon in Hank Hill, an unapologetic redneck with an unshakeable work ethic and a propane-warmed heart of gold. Hank and the quirky residents of Arlen, Texas, are as meme-able now as they ever were.

3. The Simpsons (1989–present)

The OG FOX cartoon has aired 728 episodes over 33 seasons—eat The Simpsons’ shorts, Law & Order: SVU. Homer, Marge, Lisa, Bart, and Maggie (and pets Santa’s Little Helper and Snowball) are the world’s family, and they beat the box-office odds in 2007 with The Simpsons Movie.

2. Futurama (1999–present)

Matt Groening started a TV ’toon revolution with The Simpsons, but he took it to the next level with Futurama, a sci-fi comedy set in the 31st century. Sharp and biting (especially of Bender’s metal ass), Futurama is also unkillable: it’s aired on FOX, Comedy Central, and now Hulu.

1. Bob’s Burgers (2011–present)

You guessed it: Bob’s Burgers is the ultimate FOX animated series. It’s funny as hell, loaded with instant-classic characters and familial warmth, and topped with endless clever songs (So. Many. Songs.). Bob’s Burgers is also expected to smash The Simpsons’ big-screen record with The Bob’s Burgers Movie, opening Memorial Day weekend. As Linda would say, “Awright, Bobby!”

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