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The 5 Best Kids in the Hall Sketches

The Kids in the Hall are back on Prime Video, and we’ve rounded up five classic sketches from the ’80s and ’90s.

It’s all about Canadian sketch-comedy pioneers The Kids in the Hall at Amazon Prime Video this month. Not only is the new (and head-crushingly funny) 2022 revival season now streaming on Prime Video, but also the original five KITH seasons that aired between 1988 and 1995. What more could a Gen-Xer ask for?

How about a Kids in the Hall documentary? On May 20, Prime Video dropped The Kids in the Hall: Comedy Punks, a 94-minute doc loaded with classic archival video, previously unseen footage, and new interviews with the Kids and the comedians they inspired.

In honor of KITH Month, we’ve assembled five of our favorite Kids in the Hall sketches from its original 101-episode run—which was not easy.

Prime (Video) Kids

The Kids in the Hall are back and streaming—check out our Amazon Prime Video review, as well as our guide to other shows and movies to watch on the service.

“Hard Day” | S2 E1

What’s a few obliterated planets on a routine surveillance gig? Apparently, 12 is too many for Space HR. Stay tuned for the twist ending that will shock you to your core . . . or not.

“The Chicken Lady” | S2 E5

Her mom was a hen, her dad was a farmer, and the Chicken Lady (played by Mark McKinney) is one of KITH’s most gloriously dumb recurring characters. Just don’t call her a “bird brain.”

“Gazebo” | S5 E16

Hooligan metalheads are always up to no good in the ‘hood, like stealing gazebos from little old ladies. They may not be “captains of industry,” but these rockers know how to party.

“Haggle” | S3 E10

A stereo shop price negotiation goes hilariously stupid in seconds, and Murray is no help whatsoever. It’s the best shopkeeper vs. customer sketch since Monty Python’s “Dead Parrot.”

“Head Crusher” | S1 E1

The Kids in the Hall’s best-known recurring sketch is also its simplest: Mr. Tyzik positions his fingers from a distance to “crush” the heads of those he dislikes (which is everybody). He even showed up in the 2022 revival season, with a terrifying new twist.

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