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Mohu Leaf 50 Antenna Review 2021

Bottom line: Is the Mohu Leaf 50 indoor antenna good?

The Mohu Leaf 50 is a solid antenna that gives you easy entry into the cost-saving world of over-the-air (OTA) TV. Once you’ve made the initial purchase, you can pick up all your local TV channels for free in sweet, crisp HD.

And fortunately, because the Mohu Leaf 50 has a 60-mile range, being far from the city doesn’t disqualify you from PBS historical dramas or ION’s delectable detective shows. That makes it easily the best indoor TV antenna for rural areas.

In fact, we tested the Mohu Leaf antenna at our own house, which is about 30 miles from the nearest network. But we managed to pick up channels from networks further away than expected, for a total of 20 more channels than we got with our last RCN antenna.

We also live by busy train tracks, and if you didn’t know, active trains disrupt wireless over-the-air signals. You kind of need those if you want to watch TV with an antenna, so we were pleasantly surprised by how infrequently the Mohu 50’s reliable signal was interrupted once we mounted it in the right spot. Then, we could enjoy the beautiful HD in all its 1080p glory.

Of course, there are still downsides to the Mohu TV antenna. After setting it up in the living room, we found that it’s not as aesthetically pleasing as the product description makes it sound, for one. And for two, it’s still just an antenna, so it’s live TV or nothing—no rewinding, no channel guide, no pausing to take a bathroom break—unless you get a separate DVR. Plus, the Mohu Leaf is a bit expensive, though that’s at least offset by the long-term savings of a one-time purchase versus a monthly cable TV subscription.

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  • Large, 60-mile radius
  • Beautiful HD picture
  • One-time purchase price


  • Only local channels
  • Low aesthetic appeal
  • Higher price

Mohu Leaf 50 deals and promotions

Mohu TV antennas don’t typically have any special deals and promotions, but if you have Amazon Prime, you can get free shipping with purchase.
Better than nothing, eh?

Mohu Leaf 50 price and features

  • Price: $59.95
  • Size: 1.75 x 12.5 x 11.5 in
  • Video: 1080p
  • Range: 60 miles

If $60 seems a little steep for an antenna to you, we get it. Just keep in mind that you have to pay that price only once, and then you get free channels forever after.

Data effective as of 1/20/2020. utilizes paid Amazon links. Read full disclaimer.

Mohu Leaf 50

What is the Mohu Leaf 50?

The Mohu Leaf 50 antenna isn’t like the rabbit ears you remember from your grandparent’s house.

Like most indoor antennas made recently, it has a thin, square build that helps it look at home in a modern house and a stronger signal than older models you might’ve grown up with. It even has two special holes on its top two corners for easy mounting.

But, as we mentioned above, this antenna isn’t quite as visually appealing as it sounds on paper.

Its 16-foot cable is thick and sturdy. Those two things, admittedly, make it good at collecting channels 60 miles away, but they also push the bottom of the antenna away from the wall so it casts a shadow despite the thin body. As we experienced, not even its paintable surface can help it blend into the background at that angle.

But as long as you’re okay with noticing your antenna, you should be fine. It’s a small price to pay for getting 30–100 channels in a rural area where you might otherwise have none.

Mohu leaf vs. the competition

Price Mile range Resolution Warranty
$59.95 60 miles 1080p HD; 4K-ready 1-yr. full warranty View on Amazon
$23.99 100–120 miles 1080p HD 12-mo. replacement warranty View on Amazon

Data effective as of 1/20/2020. utilizes paid Amazon links. Read full disclaimer.

The first thing you’ll probably notice is the price difference; Mohu Leaf is more than twice as expensive as other antennas in its mileage range.

We’ve tested and researched, and we have two guesses that could explain the Mohu Leaf 50’s higher cost:

  1. The Mohu Leaf 50 is made in the USA, while competitor antennas seem to be made in other countries, and manufacturing costs are typically higher in the US.
  2. Mohu Leaf is a brand name in the industry, so this model, like a pair of jeans at Hollister, could cost more moola just because of the company’s good reputation.

Whether these reasons are worth the higher price to you, we can’t say. We just know that after 10+ hours of testing, we found that the Mohu Leaf 50 is a solid product that got more channels and better reception than our last $15 antenna. And we live by train tracks, so when the freight train rattles by, it disturbs our picture quality, if you remember.

So even if the Mohu Leaf 50 may cost more than we like, at least it provides a quality experience to match.

Mohu Leaf setup

To be honest, most antennas aren’t difficult to set up. As long as you have a TV with a digital tuner inside (most TVs do, nowadays), hooking up a Mohu Leaf 50 should be painless and easy.

But we’ll still walk you through it, just in case.

Included equipment

  • Antenna
  • Coaxial cable
  • Amplifier and power cord
  • Pins and tabs for mounting
  • Instruction booklet

1. Attach the coaxial cable

Attach one end of the included coaxial cable to the antenna (both ends are the same, so it doesn’t matter which you pick). Then, you can choose your own adventure and either effortlessly attach the free end to your TV via the antenna-in option (skip to step 3 in that case)—or plug it in to the amplifier.

2. Hook up the amplifier

The amplifier is the triangular-shaped piece of equipment included in your package. It’ll give your antenna the largest range possible. You might not necessarily need it if you live closer to the city, but it’s perfect for you rural folks.

To use the amplifier, simply fasten the coaxial cable to the input on the top of the amplifier. There should be two more cables on the bottom—one plugs in the amplifier to main power, and the other attaches it to the TV.

Fortunately, the wires are labeled, so you’ll know exactly where each one goes.

Labels so you're never lost

Mohu makes it pretty easy to tell what goes where.

3. Mount and test

Once all the cables are where they should be, mount your antenna using the included pins, and you’re ready to turn on your TV.

If you can’t see any local channels once you’re on the TV’s ANT/Cable-in setting, never fear. Open up your TV’s menu and run a channel scan. This will gather all your local channel options. Think of it like syncing your iPhone to your computer for the first time.

4. Enjoy

With those steps completed, you should be ready to go.

But if worse comes to worst, you can either refer to the instruction booklet that comes in your package or try calling Mohu Leaf customer support at 1-855-446-6648.

Everything you could possibly need to set up your Mohu antenna is included in the package. Seriously, it even includes the pins you need to mount it on the wall. And there are optional tabs to keep it from knocking against the paint too.

Mohu Leaf DVR suggestions

Are you excited for the Mohu leaf’s free channels but sad to lose the channel guide, ability to record your favorite shows, and power to rewind that cable once gave you?

Fortunately, OTA DVRs are here to make sure you don’t have to suffer.

A third-party DVR can help pull your entire TV-watching setup together so you’ll never be tempted by cable or satellite TV offers again. Our OTA DVR favorites are the TiVo Bolt VOX (for the heavy users) and the Tablo Dual LITE for its light (get it?) expense.

The TiVo Bolt has 1 TB of storage so you can store all eight seasons of House and still have room for about three other full series. Plus, with the ability to record six shows at once, you’ll never have to pick one over the other. And the set-top box doubles as a streaming device, so if you ever want to pick up Netflix or Disney+, you don’t have to go buy another piece of equipment.

But all those possibilities come at a fairly steep cost—about $300 on Amazon for the DVR itself, not even counting the monthly subscription fee to get access to the channel guide.

TiVo: An expensive but powerful antenna companion

TiVo User Experience

View on Amazon

The Tablo Dual LITE, on the other hand, has a much more reasonable price of about $100. You get only two tuners, but the set-top box also acts as a streaming device like the TiVo Bolt, and it has automatic commercial-skipping.

So if you have a smaller family (or perhaps a more patient one), the two tuners should satisfy and the other perks please.

Tablo: a cheap and satisfying advantage to the antenna experience

View on Amazon

Mohu Leaf remote

Antennas don’t have remotes, so you’ll use your TV’s to control your channel-flipping—unless you choose to pair it with a DVR like TiVo or Tablo.

If that’s the way you go, you might want to check out our TiVo Bolt Vox review and read about its awesome voice-control remote.

Mohu Leaf antenna models

As we mentioned earlier, the Mohu Leaf 50 HD isn’t the only model available from Mohu Leaf. Check out a sampling of our other favorites below.

Price Unique perk Mileage range Resolution
$37.24 Made from recycled materials 30 miles 1080p View on Amazon
$17.89 Designed with black and white reversible sides 25 miles 1080p View on Amazon
$32.00 Designed with black and white reversible sides 40 miles 1080p View on Amazon
$59.95 Crafted for table-top instead of wall-mounting 50 miles 1080p View on Amazon

Data effective as of 1/20/2020. utilizes paid Amazon links. Read full disclaimer.

To be clear, we wouldn’t recommend these other antenna models if you’re living really far from a big city. The Mohu Leaf 50 is still the best indoor TV antenna for rural areas because of its 60-mile range.

If you’re already something of an antenna aficionado, you might notice we left out the Mohu Ultimate, which has a 60-mile range comparable to the Mohu Leaf 50 and Mohu Curve 50. We decided not to include it because Mohu isn’t selling it actively anymore. But you can get it used from a few third-party sellers.

Compatible devices

The Mohu Leaf works with all TVs that have an ANT/Cable-in setting or USB plugin (that should be every TV made in the last 10–15 years).

If you want to get fancy, you’ll find the Mohu Leaf is compatible with third-party DVR equipment like the TiVo and Tablo, too, as mentioned above.

Final take: Is the Mohu Leaf 50 worth it?

To be quick, the Mohu Leaf 50 is absolutely worth your cash money if you’re into quality and live far enough from a metropolis that pizza places refuse to deliver to you (been there, pal)—but within at least 60 miles of a TV broadcast station.

But if Uber Eats is available at your ZIP code, you can save even more on cost by going with a cheaper model from Mohu Leaf that offers a smaller mileage range.

Get Mohu Leaf

Data effective as of 1/20/2020. utilizes paid Amazon links. Read full disclaimer.

Mohu Leaf FAQ

Which Mohu antenna is best?

What Mohu antenna is best depends entirely on you and your circumstances.

If you’re living in a small apartment in the city, the Mohu Leaf Metro’s modern design, cheap price, and 25-mile range is great.

If you live so far from town that the mailman has a hard time finding you, don’t settle for anything less than the Mohu Leaf 50’s 60-mile range. Read through our Mohu Leaf review above for more details.

How many channels does Mohu leaf get?

Like with most antennas, how many channels you get with a Mohu Leaf depends on where you live and the mileage range of the model you’ve purchased.

Check out the FCC’s reception map to see what local channels should be available to you.

Can I put Mohu leaf behind my TV?

You could certainly put the Mohu leaf behind your TV—and we’d recommend it, actually, to get its thick cable out of sight.

But make sure to test your antenna placement in a few areas around your living room to get the best channel number and strength of signal. Most people find that an antenna gets a more reliable signal near the ceiling or up by a window.

Can a TV antenna pick up cable channels?

We love the way your cost-cutting mind works, but we’ll be the first to tell you—no. You can’t pick up cable channels with a TV antenna.

This is because an OTA antenna works by catching free signals carried through the air from your local TV station. Cable and satellite channels, on the other hand, are encrypted, so you’d need to subscribe to a pay-TV service to gain access to them.

How does Mohu Leaf connect to TV?

The Mohu Leaf connects to your TV through a coaxial cable, which should be included in its package. Read the setup section of our Mohu Leaf review above for more detailed info.

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