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Chucky Season Three Chopped in Two

Now that the writer’s strike is over, Chucky returns Wednesday, October 4 with a split season of spilt blood.

The writer’s strike is over—but not before it cleaved season three of SYFYs Chucky in two.

The first four episodes of the horror comedy series’ split third season started airing live on SYFY and the USA Network on Wednesday, October 4, with eps hitting the Peacock streaming service the next day. Alas, we’ll have to wait for the last four eps, which will come sometime in 2024.

Hear the news straight from the doll’s mouth:

It’s a bummer to wait—remember Breaking Bad’s split fifth season? The torture! Also, Chucky S3’s sixth episode would’ve hit Peacock on November 9, the 25th anniversary of the first Chucky movie, 1988’s Child’s Play. Waiting for something is better than nothing, though.

Celebrate the 25th Chucky-versary

You don’t need a Chucky episode to celebrate the Chucky-versary on November 9. Use our guide How to Watch the Chucky Movies in Order to stream a Chucky-movie marathon.

As for what to expect from Chucky this season, get this: The ginger terrorist worms his way into the White House under the arm of the President’s (Devon Sawa in his fourth Chucky role) youngest son. Let the President Chucky jokes flow:

“Vote for me, I’m a Good Guy! I’ll show you tax cuts! I’m gonna drain the swamp—10 pints at a time! Corruption? With me, there’ll be a Chucky in every plot!”

Yeah, that’s just what we need: Another populist president-slash-billionaires’ puppet.

It’s gonna be pretty hard for Jake, Devon, and Lexy to stop Chucky this time with the Secret Service watching his back. Maybe the Chucky S3 promo materials are correct, and “The country is CHUCKED.”

Will Chucky get a fourth season?

TV series don’t have term limits—except at Netflix—and Chucky is a hit, so we’d expect the series to get renewed. That said, the SAG-AFTRA strike could impede production on Chucky season four, so we’ll have to wait and see how that shakes out. We wish we had more concrete information, but don’t worry; slashers—especially Chucky—tend to return.

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