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10 Must-See “Game of Thrones” Websites

People just can’t get enough of the battle for the Iron Throne. “Game of Thrones” fans were even deemed the most devoted fan base by Vulture. But, between the books, the TV show, and the countless GoT dedicated websites, keeping up with all the GoT material starts to make you to feel the way Jon Snow must have felt while climbing The Wall. Fear not GoT devotees, we ventured into the wilderness of the web on a quest to find the sites most worthy of ruling over your attention. We emerged victorious and now present to you the spoils of our conquest.

Follow Character Journeys

Game of Thrones MapOne of the coolest “Game of Thrones” maps on the web, A Song of Ice and Fire Speculative World Map has high resolution graphics, lots of detail, and notations for locations of important plot points. The speculative map is extremely well drawn in both scope and scale. The map’s awesome interactive feature lets you follow the paths of characters through the story. Follow one character at a time or all of them together. Not only does this map let you relive the drama, but also helps to clarify some of the story lines by tracking the way characters interacted with the geography. If you are not fully caught up with the story, beware of the map’s spoilers.

Get Actor Interviews and Show News

Go to the “Game of Thrones” section on HBO watch. You’ll find programming dates and times, articles about viewing parties, and drinking games to play while watching the show. Keep up on all the show’s gossip with unique, behind the scenes access. Read up on the latest “Game of Thrones” gossip and news at You’ll find a little bit of everything, from news and interviews to fan reaction. The independent nature of gives you a different take on show news than you get with HBO affiliated sites. Make this the first stop for your GoT binge.

Study the Lore

Dive into “Game of Thrones” lore at You’ll find a graphical timeline of the events leading up to the beginning of the story.  You can also view the character interaction graphic. More than a family tree, this graphic also highlights who’s alive, who’s dead, who killed whom, and the nature of the relationships of the show’s major characters. Both the timeline and the character web are clearly drawn and easy to follow. Another good place for analyzing the complex character interactions from GoT, A Web of Thrones, uses stills from the actual show, making it perfect for people who recognize characters by face, rather than name. This character web includes more characters than the hauteslides diagram, however, the large scope of the graphic makes it intimidating at first glance and a little hard to read.

Enjoy Beautiful Fan Art

By far the coolest thing we found on our journey, the episode fan art at is extremely well done. Each work evokes the emotional echoes of its corresponding episode, while still bursting with unique, artistic merits.

Interact with Other Fans

Read other “Game of Thrones” fans’ opinions on the “Game of Thrones” board at fan forum. Real GoT fans actively post to the forum, keeping the feed full of interesting reads and good insights. Get more good GoT user content from the “Game of Thrones” pages on wikia. The fan summaries on this GoT wiki bring interesting perspectives. Reading other people’s interpretations of the events brings new life to the storylines. For even more fan interaction, check out A Reddit of Ice and Fire. Find tons of cool GoT fan created content with this giant resource. Make sure you’re caught up on the series or watch out for spoilers.

Watch the Show

The best “Game of Thrones” content is obviously the show itself. It airs Sunday nights on HBO. Find the cable provider in your area below and give us a call to make sure your cable package includes HBO at the best price.
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