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What 9,000 TV Channel Logos Looks Like

There are thousands upon thousands of TV channels available to watch worldwide. Unfortunately, it’s nearly impossible to fully grasp the absolutely massive number of television channels out there today because we only ever see them on our TV guides or randomly around the internet.

For each channel, there’s a logo design that is easily recognizable and often memorable. Here, for your viewing pleasure, are more than 9,000 TV channel logos.

Of course, because some channels use identical logos across different stations and countries, some duplication has occurred (so we’re just going to round down to 9,000 even). You can even see a high resolution version of these logos starting here, but be warned: the large versions will take some time to load.

9,000 TV logos

9.000 TV logos9.000 TV logos9.000 TV logos9.000 TV logos9.000 TV logos So, what do you think?

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