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How to Change or Cancel DISH

We’ve researched how you can renegotiate—or simply end—your relationship with DISH.

Mar. 28, 2023: DISH Network was experiencing a systemwide outage, but as of today, new customers can sign up for DISH, and existing customers can access MyDish for billing and customer service issues.

Something’s different. Your DISH remote doesn’t fit in your hand like it used to. Your Hopper 3 DVR isn’t working. It’s time for a change—or to end things altogether. We’re here to help you through this life event with tips we’ve researched on how to move, pause, transfer, change, troubleshoot, or cancel DISH TV service.

Don’t be sad. Every new beginning comes from some other beginning’s end.

Moving DISH service

What, this excuse? You’re moving? We’ve heard that one before—oh, it’s real? And you wanna take DISH with you? Okay, then. We’ve dug up the details you need.

Just call 1-800-333-DISH (3474) and say where you’re moving and when you want DISH installed. Then take your DISH gear with you and have it unpacked and ready for the tech on installation day.

There is no fee unless you move more than once in a rolling 12-month period. In that case, it costs $100.

See if DISH is available where you’re moving

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Pausing DISH service

Oh, yeah. We’re taking a break. Reevaluating things. Why not just rip off the Band-Aid and make a clean br—we’re sorry; we did it again. If you need a break from DISH, whether it’s about money or something else, you can place your account on hold by calling 1-888-876-7918.

Transferring DISH service

If you want to pawn DISH off on someone else, go ahead. There’s a “fee,” which is just paying the first month of service under the new name, plus any activation fees (these are based on the new customer’s credit check). To get started, visit the DISH “Move for Free” page or call 1-877-249-8221.

Changing DISH service

Maybe you just need to renegotiate your relationship with DISH. The number to call for this one is 1-800-333-DISH (3474).

If you downgrade from, say, America’s Top 200 ($107.99 a month) to America’s Top 120 ($92.99 a month), you’d get a credit of $15 per month for each month left on your contract. The credit is pro-rated for the current month. So, if you made the change mid-month, you’d get a $7.50 credit for that month, then $15 credits going forward.

Yes, that is confusing. It’d be so much easier to charge you only $92.99 instead of $107.99 plus a $15 credit.

Anyway, if you were to upgrade from America’s Top 120 ($92.99 a month) to America’s Top 200 ($107.99 a month), you’d pay a pro-rated fee for the remainder of the current month.

If you’re looking to lower your DISH bill, keep reading.

Lowering your DISH bill

So you like DISH—but you’d like it better if it were cheaper. No problem. Just call 1-866-986-8959, and DISH will go over a variety of options that should better fit your budget.

Troubleshooting DISH service

We encourage you to talk about your problems. DISH has live, 24/7 technical support at 1-855-402-3233.

And if you’d rather chat online, the DISH customer support chat is available 8 a.m.—midnight (EST).

Or if you’re into the whole self-help thing, visit the DISH Online Support Center for a comprehensive list of support articles.

Canceling DISH service

To cancel DISH, call 1-866-218-2297. If you cancel DISH before your contract expires, there’s an early termination fee of $20 per month remaining on your contract. So if you have five months left, it’s gonna cost you $100. But if you cancel at the end of your term, there’s no fee.

And, in both cases, DISH charges a $15 fee per shipping box required to return your equipment. It’s hard to know how many you’ll need—but if you have a Hopper 3 DVR and six Joeys, expect to pay for multiple boxes.

Now go, and (sob!) be happy.

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