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How to Give Netflix, Hulu, and Other Streaming Services as Gifts

Physical cards or digital presents, we have 12 streaming TV services you can gift right now for Christmas.

Looking to give the gift of streaming TV to your favorite people this holiday season? Aw, you shouldn’t have—really, we’re good on subscriptions at

If you’re thinking of a special somebody else, we’ve gathered up 12 streaming service subscriptions you can gift away right now. Christmas is almost here, get on it!

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Netflix gift cards

Netflix gift cards are available in physical stores like Target, Kroger, and Walmart, as well as online through Amazon and Best Buy. Purchase a dollar amount for the card and that balance can be applied to current or new Netflix subscriptions, which run $6.99–$19.99 a month.

See how to purchase Netflix and other streaming gift cards

Netflix gift cards are widely available for sale from big-box stores like Best Buy.

Hulu gift cards

Like Netflix, Hulu gift cards can be purchased through Target, Best Buy, Amazon, and most IRL and online retailers. Current customers can apply the gifted dollar amount to their account, but not if they’re subscribed through third parties like Spotify, iTunes, or Verizon.

Amazon Prime Video gift subscriptions

While you can subscribe to Prime Video directly without an Amazon Prime membership, you can only gift some an Amazon Prime membership—which comes with Prime Video service, so it works out. You can give the gift of Prime for $44.97 (three months) or $139.00 (one year).

Disney+ gift subscriptions

You can gift someone a one-year Disney+ subscription ($109.99) directly, but only if they’re new customers or returning to the service. Current subscribers aren’t able to receive a dollar amount gift to apply to their balance. They can upgrade to the Disney+/Hulu/ESPN+ bundle after signing up if they like.

Max gift subscriptions

There’s no official Max (formerly HBO Max) “gift card” in either physical or digital form, so if you want to give someone a month of the service ($9.99 with ads or $15.99 ad-free), you can either set up an account under their name or (the easier route) just slip them some cash or credit.

What’s in the (streaming) box?

Before you gift your bestie a streaming service subscription, better make sure they have something decent to watch it on. Check out our Best Streaming Devices review.

Peacock gift cards

Do these companies not want your holiday bucks? Like Max, Peacock doesn’t offer specific gift cards, so your best bet is to slide your giftee a dollar amount to cover a month or two of service ($4.99 per month with ads or $9.99 per month without ads).

Paramount+ gift cards

This is more like it: Paramount+ gift cards come in $25, $50, or $100 dollar amounts that can be applied toward a new or current subscription. Unfortunately, gift credit can’t be applied to subscriptions through third parties like Amazon Prime Video. Oh, and those old CBS All Access gift cards also still work.

SHOWTIME gift cards

SHOWTIME keeps it old-school with physical gift cards that can be purchased at Best Buy, Walmart, Walgreens, CVS, RC Willey, and probably your neighborhood car wash. The cards come in $10, $25, and $50 increments and can be applied to new and current subscriptions.

Apple TV+ gift subscriptions

Apple gift cards are everywhere in the retail wild, and all you need to do to give someone a month or two of an Apple TV+ gift subscription is grab one at a store or online. You could also gift them an Apple product, which includes three months of Apple TV+ service free.

YouTube TV gift subscriptions

There’s no YouTube TV gift card, but there is the all-encompassing and widely available Google Play gift card, which means you could easily give someone the present of’s favorite live TV streaming service. A $200 card or code could cover three months of YTTV.

Sling TV gift cards

Sling TV gift cards are everywhere in stores and online, ranging in credit amounts from $35 to $120—like its live TV service, Sling TV makes it simple. Gift credit is good for new and current subscribers, the latter of which could splurge on some of Sling TV’s multiple add-ons.

Acorn TV gift subscriptions

An Acorn TV gift subscription of $69.99 could give the Anglophile in your life a full year of access to acclaimed British dramas, mysteries, and comedies, all commercial-free.

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