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6 Brutal Knockouts from The Ultimate Fighter

The quest for fame and glory on MMA’s biggest stage features no shortage of moments that’ll make you squeamish.

Over the last 18 years, The Ultimate Fighter (TUF) has seen some spectacular MMA knockouts. But it’s the most brutal fight-ending moments that continue to live rent-free in our minds.

After all, we don’t watch TUF for heart-to-heart scenarios between arch-rivals. That’s what Survivor or Big Brother is all about.

Instead, we keep our eyes peeled for the devastating rock ‘em sock ‘em finishes like those listed here. But a word of caution: these knockouts are not for the faint of heart. Sports logo featuring animated athlete with raised hands.

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#6: Gray Maynard vs. Rob Emerson

By definition, all knockouts are brutal. But a self-inflicted knockout can add a degree of embarrassment to any fight. Just don’t ask Gray Maynard, since he denies knocking himself out during his TUF Season 5 takedown of Rob Emerson.

#5: Scott Smith vs. Pete Sell

The Octagon isn’t the most buddy-buddy setting, but Scott Smith and Pete Sell developed a friendship on TUF. The two fighters put that mutual respect to the test in the Season 4 finale, which saw Smith take a mighty blow to the chest before immediately striking Sell in the face for the knockout.

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#4: Josh Burkman vs. Sam Morgan

Nothing does a UFC knockout more justice than a slow-motion replay. The perfect example is Josh Burkman slamming Sam Morgan to the mat in TUF Season 2. Seeing the slam in slow motion is one thing, but Burkman’s subsequent elbow strikes turn Morgan into a complete ragdoll.

#3: Diego Brandão vs. Jesse Newell

Diego Brandão was a man on a mission in his TUF entry fight against Jesse Newell. Sometimes, you can tell a matchup will end ugly just from seeing who’s going head-to-head, and Brandão didn’t disappoint. His pure, violent energy even took him all the way to becoming the featherweight winner of TUF 14.

#2: Matthew Riddle vs. Dan Simmler

Matthew Riddle’s snappy knockout of Dan Simmler is difficult to watch. We’ll let the video speak for itself. But things take a scary turn, and Simmler’s moans of agony might just haunt our dreams forever.

#1: Uriah Hall vs. Adam Cella

Typically regarded as one of the most brutal TUF knockouts of all time, Uriah Hall’s spinning hook kick leveled Adam Cella and silenced the room. Medical staff quickly attended to Cella as Hall looked on with concern. Fortunately, Cella was okay in the end, as we’re reminded of how frightening combat sports can be.

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