6 Reality TV Shows We’d Like to See

Lil Jon Wants to Do What? debuts this May on HGTV—it has us wanting to pitch our own wacky reality TV shows.

HGTV’s Lil Jon Wants to Do What? (debuting May 2 on HGTV) aims a firehose of drip at homeowners’ spaces. It’s shows like this that make us think you can make a reality show out of anything. (And if you doubt that, look at the other reality TV shows on Discovery+.) So we came up with these wild reality TV show pitches.

Anita Mecadon and Lil Jon on the set of Lil Jon Wants to do What?

Anita Mecadon and Lil Jon on the set of HGTV’s Lil Jon Wants to Do What? (Photo: HGTV)

Where Are My Keys?!

A gritty, hard-hitting, short-form true crime series for the short-attention-span generation. Where Are My Keys?! pairs decorated investigators and eccentric psychics with people who are desperate to find their keys and get on with their days. Hosted by Post Malone.

Proposed network: Investigation Discovery, of course.

Bigfoot Loves El Chupacabra

Host Ken Jeong gasses up a team of monster hunters, telling them that a cross-species cryptozoological romance is brewing between once-lonely urban legends Bigfoot and El Chupacabra outside of Tijuana. The team, loaded for bear, attempts to cross the border, locate the cryptid couple, and bring them back to ‘Murrica for a nice church wedding and some light exploitation.

Proposed network: TLC, available on YouTube TV and other live TV streaming services.

Eat the Rich

Hosted by 50 Cent—or some other broke rapper—Eat the Rich drops five billionaires on a deserted island without assistants, personal GPS trackers, or security teams. What they do have are personal yurts, clothing, medical supplies, and enough food to feed the entire island 10 times over. But will these wealthy one-percenters share with the 7 hungry “castaways”—all trained chefs—who arrived on the island a week earlier and just ran out of food? And what happens if they don’t? (Psssst—the problematic host is on the menu either way.)

Proposed network: The Cooking Channel or Food Network, both of which are available from DISH Network.

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The Deadliest Catch: Ganges River

Captain Dean Ween leads a motley crew of YouTube and TikTok daredevils including Shoenice, Larry Enticer, @lastoneofmykind (the rancid meat guy), L.A. Beast, and other performative risk-takers as they drag the world’s most polluted river and dare each other to eat the catch of the day. Narrated by David Attenborough.

Proposed network: A Planet Earth collab with Food Network, carried by fine TV providers everywhere.

Expedition: 7-Eleven

Josh Gates (Expedition: Unknown, Stranded, and Destination Truth) takes us to far-flung 7-Eleven locations and buys us anything we want. Then we get to eat all the stuff while Gates interviews cashiers and loiterers about interesting local gossip, points of interest, and urban legends that we can all go investigate as soon as the cashier’s shift ends.

Proposed network: The Travel Channel should be all over this one.

Let’s Hunt Zak Bagans’ Ghost

A medical team stops Zak Bagans’ heart temporarily while the dude from the “Can you hear me now?” commercials uses Bagans’ own methods and gear to contact his ghost. When the inevitable—nothing—happens, they awaken Bagans and tell him he’s full of it. He suffers a heart attack, dies for real, and the team tries again. And this time, they make contact (cue overlong, overdramatic reality TV pause) . . . or do they? Hello, Season Two!

Proposed network: The Science Channel, duh, carried by most TV providers.

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