The 11 Best Horror Movies on Hulu

Looking for Halloween scares on Hulu? Check out our frightful horror flicks list—it goes to 11.

Did you know that Hulu is an acronym for “Horror: Unnerving, Loathsome, and Unrelenting”?

Got you—that was the trick. Now here’s the treat: We’ve scoured the depths of Hulu’s horror vault and collected our 11 favorite scary movies on the service, just in time for Halloween. Some are genuinely chilling, others lean comical, and one is an underrated ‘80s slasher classic.

Let’s jump into Huluween! (Our version, that is.)

Willy’s Wonderland (2021)

In Willy’s Wonderland, Nicolas Cage stars as a scruffy drifter trapped overnight in an abandoned family fun center, battling demon-possessed animatronic mascots—cue the “Take my money!” meme. Cage’s nameless character has no backstory or dialogue, just 88 solid minutes of furry ass-kicking and grim smirks. It’s best to not think too hard and just enjoy the Willy’s Wonderland ride.

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Crawlers (2020)

Part of Hulu’s Into the Dark horror anthology series, Crawlers might be the only St. Patrick’s Day alien-invasion flick ever made (the Leprechaun franchise doesn’t quite count). When aliens begin taking over the bodies of drunken college bros in a pub crawl, it’s up to a trio of coeds (including a snarky vlogger capturing it all) to save them. The green beer is optional.

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It (2017)

Stephen King’s It novel is a classic, but the 1990 miniseries was camp cheese—2017’s It upstages them both in sheer psychological terror. Pennywise the Clown creeps on a group of small-town kids known as the Losers Club, exploiting their fears and feeding on their souls before he re-enters hibernation for another 27 years. Maybe skip the sequel, the disappointing It Chapter Two.

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Lights Out (2016)

Afraid of the dark? The opening scenes of Lights Out might send you into a frantic Amazon search for eternal night lights. A young woman learns that her mentally unstable mother’s imaginary friend is a real, murderous monster stalking her family—and its only weakness is light. It’s the perfect movie for late-night sleepovers.

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Suburban Gothic (2014)

On the lighter horror side, Matthew Gray Gubler (Criminal Minds) and Kat Dennings (Dollface) star in this comic tale of evil spirits and familial discord. Recent MBA grad Ray (Gubler) is forced to move back in with his parents in suburbia, just in time for local construction to unearth a soul-harvesting demon. Suburban Gothic is funny stuff, and the hilarious Dennings steals the show as usual.

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The Apparition (2012)

Supernatural thriller The Apparition claims a Rotten Tomatoes rating of just 3%—so why include it here? Sometimes a bad flick cleanses the palate; you get it, MST3K fans. After a parapsychological experiment goes horribly wrong, three college students (Ashley Greene, Tom Felton, and a pre–Winter Soldier Sebastian Stan) are terrorized by . . . something? Yep, 3%.

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The Tall Man (2012)

Jessica Biel stars in this dark, twist-filled story about a small mining town’s rural myth of the Tall Man, a mysterious figure who abducts young children. Or so it seems until the plot spins off into unpredictable directions that transform a simple horror tale into a more complex thriller than expected. Biel’s performance in The Tall Man has been hailed as one of her career bests.

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Fright Night (2011)

A rare remake that’s as good as the original, 2011’s Fright Night has a star-studded cast as an advantage over the 1985 cult and critical favorite: Colin Ferrell, David Tennant, Anton Yelchin, and Toni Collette to name a few celebs. When Charley (Yelchin) suspects his new suburban neighbor (Ferrell) is a vampire, the mother of all cul-de-sac conflicts erupts. Fright Night is as funny as it is scary.

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Let the Right One In (2008)

Swedish movie Let the Right One In was remade in the U.S. as Let Me In in 2010, but the 2008 original is still the one to see (and read, because subtitles). Bullied Stockholm 12-year-old Oskar befriends a strange young girl, Eli, and his bullies soon start going missing. Yes, Eli’s a vampire who’s discovered a new blood source. If you like some cute romance with your scares, let this one in.

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The Ring (2002)

Investigative journalist Rachel (Naomi Watts) looks into the mysterious deaths of her niece and her friends, all of whom died exactly seven days after viewing a “cursed” videotape (see kids, before Blu-rays and streaming, there was VHS). Supernatural visions begin to haunt Rachel, including The Ring’s iconic creepy, black-haired wraith girl. Don’t bother with the sequels.

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My Bloody Valentine (1981)

Canadian production My Bloody Valentine was an early part of the ’80s slasher-flick craze and faced heavy criticism for its extensive gore and violence. Since then, it’s become a cult obsession that’s won over critics and influenced filmmakers (like Quentin Tarantino, who calls MVB his favorite slasher movie). The story: a maniac miner kills pretty townies with a pickaxe on Valentine’s Day. It has minimal plot but maximum horror.

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