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Spotify Premium for Students

Best for students

Spotify Premium

Best for music lovers

Sprint Unlimited

Best for on-the-go watching

Data effective 4/4/19. Offers and availability may vary by location and are subject to change.

You can snag Hulu for cheap

If you’re looking for Hulu specials, discounts, and deals, we’ve got what you need. Read on to find out how to get Hulu for free with another service or save on Hulu all by itself.

How much can you save on Hulu?

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ServiceService priceIncluded Hulu planHulu savings
Spotify Premium for Students$4.99/mo.Hulu$5.99/mo.
Spotify Premium $9.99/mo.Hulu$5.99/mo.
Sprint Unlimited$60/mo.+Hulu$5.99/mo.

*Data effective 4/4/19. Offers and availability may vary by location and are subject to change.

Spotify and Sprint both offer ways you can save on Hulu’s base package. You’ll still get ads, and you won’t have access to live TV, but these are great ways to save if you want to get two (or more) services for less.

How to save on Hulu

Spotify Premium for Students

Best for students

The Specs

  • Service price: $4.99/mo.
  • Included Hulu plan: Hulu
  • Hulu savings: $5.99/mo.

If you’re a college student looking to get tons of entertainment for cheap, this is the deal for you. You get Spotify Premium, Hulu, and SHOWTIME® for $4.99—that’s up to $21.98 in savings every month.

Applying is usually easy since Spotify uses SheerID to verify your student email is up to date.

But there are a few schools that Spotify hasn’t cleared for this perk, and occasionally SheerID needs more documentation to prove you’re a student.

This discount lasts for 12 months, but you can reapply each year for up to four years while you’re still a student.

College is hard work, so take a break with this cool deal when you can. You’ve earned it.

How to activate Hulu with Spotify Premium for Students

Once you’ve signed up for Spotify Premium for Students, go to your Spotify account overview to activate your Hulu and SHOWTIME plans. Click the Activate button for each service.

You can make new accounts for each service or link the ones you already have.

Spotify Premium

Best for music lovers

The Specs

  • Service price: $9.99/mo.
  • Included Hulu plan: Hulu
  • Hulu savings: $5.99/mo.

Spotify Premium is just like Spotify Premium for Students—except slightly more expensive and somewhat less cool.

There’s no SHOWTIME here, but you still get Spotify without ads and ad-supported Hulu included for just $9.99 per month.

We’re fans of Spotify Premium’s high-quality sound, personal playlist capabilities, and ad-free streaming. (This writer listened to Spotify for 59,196 minutes last year alone—it’s a godsend in an open-office floor plan.)

If you also love music and good TV, get both with Spotify Premium.

How to activate Hulu with Spotify Premium

Once you’ve got Spotify Premium, head to your Spotify account overview. You’ll find a handy Activate button to click. From there, link your existing Hulu account or set up a new one. Then you’ll be good to go for free Hulu.

Sprint Unlimited

Best for on-the-go watching

The Specs

  • Service price: $60+/mo.
  • Included Hulu plan: Hulu
  • Hulu savings: $5.99/mo.

Even if you’re not a music buff, you probably have a smartphone.

Sprint Unlimited plans come with unlimited data and an ad-supported Hulu subscription. Since streaming TV is one of the fastest ways to eat up data, this combo is a great way to avoid that.

How much data do you need?

Data plays a huge role in how much Hulu you can stream. While Sprint Unlimited plans come with unlimited data, only a certain amount of that is 4G LTE data. After that, Sprint slows you to 3G speeds, which can make streaming difficult.

Take a look at how many 30-minute episodes you can stream each month at 4G speeds with Sprint Unlimited plans:

In case you’re wondering, Sprint automatically adjusts the quality of your video streams. That means you’ll get a better picture with Unlimited Plus and Unlimited Premium than you would with Unlimited Basic, but HD video also uses more data than DVD-quality video.

Of course, while you’re streaming at home, you can save data by switching to your Wi-Fi. But if you watch a lot of Hulu while you’re out and about, we recommend Unlimited Premium for the best experience.

How to activate Hulu with Sprint Unlimited

Once you’ve signed up for a Sprint Unlimited plan, go to Click the Activate Now button.

Sprint will send you a text message with an activation link to sign up. Enter your email and create a new account, or log in if you already have one.

Save with discounted gift cards

The deals above are great but not for everyone. If you want to get Hulu (No Ads) or Hulu + Live TV, you’ll still have to pay full price—or will you?

This suggestion is unconventional, but stick with us: buy discounted gift cards.

Second-hand gift card sites like Raise help people sell their unwanted gift cards. You can either pay full price and get 9% cash back to spend at Raise or buy discounted cards at various rates.

It’s super easy to do.

  1. Head over to
  2. Choose between Cash Back Gift Cards and Discount Gift Cards.
  3. Select a $50 or $25 gift card.
  4. Click Buy Now or Add to Cart.
  5. Make a Raise account.
  6. Pay for the card.

Sure, it’s an extra step to pay for your subscription. But if you’re going for Hulu (No Ads) + Live TV, which costs $50.99 per month, those savings will add up fast.

Snag your Hulu deal

Hulu’s great streaming library doesn’t have to cost you an arm and a leg. These deals might not be perfect for everyone, but if you’re interested, we recommend you try them out.

Hulu deals FAQ

How do I redeem a Hulu gift card code?

Head over to Hulu’s gift page and enter your gift card’s redemption code— that’s it.

If you don’t have a Hulu account yet, you’ll be asked to make a new one. Once your gift card money runs out, your account will cancel on its own.

If you already have a Hulu subscription, you can redeem your Hulu gift card on your account page. After your gift card money is used up, your subscription will go back to using the card on file.

Can I get a free month of Hulu?

If you’ve never had a Hulu subscription, you can get a one-month trial of Hulu for free.

But keep in mind that Hulu still uses your internet plan’s data. If you stream so much TV that you go over your data cap, you may run into unexpected charges from your internet provider. Arm yourself with data cap info here.

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