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Paramount+ with SHOWTIME vs. SHOWTIME Anytime: Which Is Best for You?

We spent thousands of hours watching and researching to help you learn the best ways to stream SHOWTIME with or without cable.

Best overall

Paramount+ with SHOWTIME price: $11.99/mo.

Free trial: 7 days (or 30 with code NEWHOME)

Paramount+ with SHOWTIME price: $11.99/mo.

Free trial: 7 days (or 30 with code NEWHOME)

Best for current TV subscribers

App price: Free with SHOWTIME subscription

SHOWTIME add-on price: $10.99/mo.

Free trial: Up to 30 days, depending on service and plan

App price: Free with SHOWTIME subscription

SHOWTIME add-on price: $10.99/mo.

Free trial: Up to 30 days, depending on service and plan

What’s SHOWTIME Anytime?

SHOWTIME Anytime is just the app that cable or live TV streaming customers can download to get SHOWTIME on the side. Of course, our favorite way to watch SHOWTIME bypasses this entirely: the best value option is the Paramount+ with SHOWTIME plan for $11.99 a month.

If you have TV and internet service through , though, you could save a lot of money by adding SHOWTIME to your bundle.

Interested in adding SHOWTIME to an affordable cable package?

See which top cable providers are available in your neighborhood by entering your zip code below.

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What’s the difference between SHOWTIME (streaming service) and SHOWTIME Anytime?

The SHOWTIME streaming service no longer exists as a standalone, but you can subscribe to SHOWTIME through Paramount+ and access all of its content (including live channels) through the Paramount+ app. SHOWTIME Anytime, on the other hand, is an app that cable, satellite, and live TV streaming subscribers can use to stream SHOWTIME for free at home or on the go.

There are no programming differences between the two options; the difference is in price and user interface.

Both Paramount+ and SHOWTIME Anytime feature a large selection of popular SHOWTIME original series, making them the only places on the web that have most of the SHOWTIME library on demand. (Netflix has some SHOWTIME shows like Dexter and Shameless, but not every one of them.)

You can also stream SHOWTIME West and SHOWTIME East live on the Paramount+ app or the SHOWTIME Anytime app.

Just remember that you need a compatible streaming device to use SHOWTIME Anytime or Paramount+. You can find a full list of compatible devices on our SHOWTIME review.

Pro tip: Not sure which streaming device is right for you? Check out our guide, Best Streaming Devices, to get our expert recommendations.

SHOWTIME without cable

There are two main ways to get SHOWTIME service. Our favorite is Paramount+ with SHOWTIME, an ad-free bundle that only costs $11.99 per month (which in 2023, is actually pretty good.) This gets you access to every SHOWTIME show, movie, and live channel, including SHOWTIME Boxing.

If you want to avoid bundling with Paramount+, you can also add SHOWTIME as an add-on to most existing live TV streaming subscriptions. You’ll get all the same SHOWTIME content as the above (minus Paramount+, of course) for just $10.99 per month. The catch is, of course, that you’ll have to also pay for live TV.

Best streaming services for SHOWTIME

  • Paramount+ with SHOWTIME ($11.99/mo. total)—Best value
  • Hulu ($10.99/mo. add-on, $7.99–$17.99/mo. base price)—Best free trial
  • Sling TV ($10.00/mo. add-on, $40.00–$55.00/mo. base price)—Most SHOWTIME channels

Is SHOWTIME free with Amazon Prime?

No, SHOWTIME isn’t free with Amazon Prime Video, but you can sign up for Paramount+ with SHOWTIME for $11.99 per month or purchase lots of SHOWTIME Originals through Amazon Prime Video.

SHOWTIME with cable

The thing about getting SHOWTIME with cable TV is that you usually have to sign a contract. Contract? Ew, you may say. 

Okay, okay, hear us out. A cable package with SHOWTIME can be more convenient and save you money if you bundle it with home internet.

Best cable providers for SHOWTIME

  • ($7.95/mo.; 20+ live channels)—Cheapest SHOWTIME add-on 
  • DIRECTV(Free for 3 mos., $11.99/mo. thereafter; 185+ live channels total)—Best SHOWTIME deal

Let’s get this started with a truly tantalizing possibility. Remember how we said getting SHOWTIME through a cable provider could save you money? Well, is that cable provider.

If you live in Chicago in an Astound Broadband service area, you could pay as little as $56.64 per month for 70+ TV channels, 20+ SHOWTIME channels with the add-on, and high-speed internet. That’s a real steal.

That said, cable deals on SHOWTIME are highly contingent on your location. You could also get three months of free SHOWTIME through DIRECTV—not bad.

Just watch out for the price hike during the second year of your contract. DIRECTV loves doing that.

What about SHOWTIME on satellite TV?

Because DIRECTV is owned by AT&T, you can get free SHOWTIME for the first three months with select DIRECTV packages. Again, just watch out for that price hike during the second year of service.

DISH Network also offers SHOWTIME as an add-on for $10 per month, which includes seven SHOWTIME channels and three other movie channels.

Want SHOWTIME through a TV provider?

Enter your zip code to see what cable and satellite TV providers are in your area.

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Do you pay for SHOWTIME Anytime?

No, the SHOWTIME Anytime app is free. But you’ll need a TV provider login to use it, which costs money (obvi).

Can you watch shows live on SHOWTIME Anytime?

Yes, you can watch live TV shows and movies on SHOWTIME West and SHOWTIME East with the SHOWTIME Anytime app.

Why is SHOWTIME Anytime not working?

Most likely, SHOWTIME Anytime isn’t working because your streaming device, internet browser, or internet connection is having problems.

While there are myriad solutions to these problems, usually the simplest solution is to restart your streaming device, internet browser, or internet connection (unplug and replug in your modem/router).

This allows your equipment to reset and remove any bugs that might be messing with their performance.

What’s the cheapest way to get SHOWTIME?

The cheapest way to get SHOWTIME is through the cable provider Astound Broadband, which offers SHOWTIME plus some other premium channels for $7.95 per month.

If you don’t want cable, the cheapest way to get SHOWTIME is by bundling it with Paramount+ for $11.99 a month. Subscribing directly to SHOWTIME as a live TV streaming add-on is also cheap at $10.99 a month.

Is SHOWTIME on demand free on DIRECTV?

If you subscribe to SHOWTIME through DIRECTV, SHOWTIME on demand is free through the SHOWTIME Anytime app.

What are the best movies on SHOWTIME?

Movies on SHOWTIME rotate frequently. We recommend visiting to see the best movies on SHOWTIME that are currently playing.

How do I cancel my SHOWTIME subscription?

If your SHOWTIME subscription came from your cable TV provider, you’ll have to call your provider’s customer service to cancel SHOWTIME. If you want to cancel a Paramount+ with SHOWTIME streaming subscription, follow these steps:

  1. Go to Paramount+’s website and access your account settings.
  2. Click Cancel Subscription.

How do I get SHOWTIME for free?

Cable providers sometimes provide free SHOWTIME subscriptions to new customers. You can also watch free episodes of SHOWTIME shows on the channel’s website.


Our experts spent thousands of hours watching and testing SHOWTIME, evaluating everything from ease of use to pricing to add-ons and bundles.

Check out our How We Rank page for more info on how we evaluate streaming services.

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