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What To Expect When Paramount+ Becomes Paramount+ with SHOWTIME

On June 27, 2023, Paramount+ and SHOWTIME will merge into Paramount+ with SHOWTIME. Here’s what it means for subscribers.

On June 27, 2023, Paramount+ will become the streaming home to all things SHOWTIME. The standalone SHOWTIME streaming app will eventually be phased out, or “sunsetted,” as we say in the biz. However, classic SHOWTIME will still be available as an add-on channel package on cable, satellite, and live-streaming TV services.

Confused? Let’s dig into what the new Paramount+ with SHOWTIME service will mean for current Paramount+ and SHOWTIME (and even CBS All Access) streaming subscriber plans.

Fights on SHOWTIME

Besides movies and TV shows, SHOWTIME also carries live boxing and MMA events. Read more in our How to Watch Boxing on SHOWTIME and How to Watch Bellator MMA on SHOWTIME guides, fight fans.

What to expect if you subscribe to …

Paramount+ Essential

The only change to the basic, ad-supported Paramount+ plan will be the price, with a $1 monthly increase to $5.99 (or $59.99 annually, a $10 yearly increase). You won’t get SHOWTIME with this plan, but at least the price hike won’t kick in until your next billing cycle (annual subscribers FTW).

Paramount+ Premium

As Oprah would say, “You get SHOWTIME! And you get SHOWTIME! And you get SHOWTIME!” Your ad-free Paramount+ Premium plan will automatically become Paramount+ with SHOWTIME, with a monthly price increase to $11.99, or $119.99 annually. The next-billing-cycle rule also applies here.

Paramount+ Essential with SHOWTIME

Paramount+ Essential with SHOWTIME won’t change in price or functionality. But, if you want to switch plans—like upgrading to the same-priced $11.99 per month/$119.99 per year Paramount+ with SHOWTIME tier—you can’t go back to Paramount+ Essential with SHOWTIME because it won’t exist after June 27.

Paramount+ Premium with SHOWTIME

Just lose the Premium from the name and you’ll have Paramount+ with SHOWTIME—no changes in cost or content. With all of these plans, Paramount+ insists that you won’t have to download a new app after the transition to Paramount+ with SHOWTIME, but we’ve heard that one before, right, Max?


Your access to the standalone SHOWTIME streaming app won’t be affected immediately, but expect it to phase out by the end of 2023, if not earlier. If you want to keep watching SHOWTIME, you might as well switch to the same-priced Paramount+ with SHOWTIME sooner than later.

Legacy Limited Commercials

Legacy Limited Commercials is a modified name for the old CBS All Access ad-supported plan—it’s basically the same as the current Paramount+ Essential tier. No changes here, but if you switch to another Paramount+ plan, you won’t be able to go back to Legacy Limited Commercials.

Legacy Limited Commercials with SHOWTIME

Former CBS All Access subscribers who added SHOWTIME to their plans will automatically transition into Paramount+ with SHOWTIME. The monthly price will rise to $11.99, or $119.99 annually, for ad-free access to local CBS stations, offline downloads, and SHOWTIME (still).

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