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Dream Job: Get Paid to Watch Your Favorite TV Series

Update: Winners announcement

After rooting through nearly 7,000 applications in our Watch Your Favorite TV Series dream job, we’ve finally found our five bright go-getters. Wanna know who won? Okay, we’ll tell you—just don’t envy-troll them on social media, K?

In no particular order, we present to you the temporary not-really-but-kinda interns of 2020: two nurses and three furloughed workers.

Abby Brindza

Series of choice: Breaking Bad
Hourly wage: $44.76
Instagram: @abrindz
Twitter: @abrindz

A born-and-raised Clevelander, Abby eats, sleeps, and breathes Cleveland sports, especially the Browns. In her spare time, Abby enjoys knitting, cooking and relaxing in front of the TV, most recently finishing The Sopranos. Disappointed by the abrupt series finale, Abby is eager to begin watching Breaking Bad for the Dream Job with high hopes for a satisfying conclusion to the series.

Helen Irene Muller

Series of choice: The West Wing
Hourly wage: $18.32
Instagram: @alaskabink

Hello! My name is Helen Irene Muller, and I am a freelance stage manager based in NYC. I am originally from Anchorage, Alaska, and I return home frequently to see my mother, father, Nana, and little corgi Lena!

Before the shutdown, I worked on theatrical productions around the city, and most recently on Broadway with A Soldier’s Play at Roundabout Theatre Company. Like many in my field, I am now killing time in my apartment since each show I had booked over the next six months has of course been cancelled.

During these uncertain times we have all become desperate to consume the arts, especially film and TV. In the absence of human contact, TV characters have the tendency to become valued friends. Amidst the increasingly concerning political scenario of this time, I want to return to the comfort of Josiah Bartlet’s presidency as profiled in The West Wing—because we have to stay confident that the system can work.

As President Bartlet said, “Joy cometh in the morning, scripture tells us. I hope so. I don’t know if life would be worth living if it didn’t.”

Katarina Gray

Series of choice: Upload
Hourly wage: $414.08
Twitter: @katarina__gray

Hi, everyone! My name is Katarina and I am currently living and working in New York as a registered nurse. My husband and I are also expecting our first child due this fall!

Obviously, these are very challenging times for everyone. I have witnessed firsthand how the COVID-19 crisis has affected my colleagues, community, and loved ones. It will take time, but I know our country will get through this together. I saw this dream job in the news and thought it would be the perfect way to break the routine I was finding myself caught up in during quarantine.

I am a reality TV connoisseur and a qualified couch potato, so I figured I might be a good fit! My family and I will be bingeing Amazon’s new series Upload. Follow along on Twitter. Thank you so much to the team for this opportunity!

Mike Winans

Series of choice: Game of Thrones
Hourly wage: $32.58
Instagram: @mwinans15
Twitter: @mwinans15

Hi, my name is Mike Winans, I am 30, and I live in Boston, MA. I am so thrilled to be a participant in the dream job! My wife (Alina Winans) is an emergency medicine resident doctor at Beth Israel Deaconess Hospital in Boston, and we spend a lot of our time together when she isn’t at the hospital, watching shows. We usually watch with our cat (Wally Winans) close by our side. Our favorite TV show is Game Of Thrones. I’ll be posting about our watch on Facebook!

Shana Bollinger 

Series of choice: Messiah
Hourly wage: $302.11
Instagram: @Caprica64
Twitter: @ShanaBollinger

Hello! My name is Shana. I am grateful to have found my passion for caring for others, which has led me to work as a registered nurse for 28 years.

Throughout my career I have experienced many challenges: COVID-19 has been the most recent challenge as it affects us all. As we all come together to meet this challenge, I believe we will find new ways to connect with each other and find innovative solutions to the difficulties we face. I know that we will succeed as a community, country, and globally.

I saw the dream job on the news and thought it would be a perfect way for me to relax after a stressful day at the hospital. I must admit that I tend to binge watch when I find a show I’m interested in. I tend to really enjoy science fiction, mystery/crime series, and documentaries. Follow along with me on Twitter or Instagram as my family watches Messiah on Netflix. Thank you team for this amazing opportunity. Bring on the popcorn!

Congratulations to all of our dream job winners! To everybody else: Stay safe, watch TV, and we’ll see you on the other side of the pandemic.

Original post

Hey. What are you up to lately? Staying home and watching TV?

So is everyone at—but it’s our job.

It could be your job too: we’re paying up to five people $2,000 each to watch every episode of every season of their favorite TV series.

Who we want to hire

The successful candidate for this dream job will have a bachelor’s degr— jaaaaaay-kaaaaaay. You can be a third-grade dropout and qualify—as long as you’re 18 years old, eligible to work in the US, and an active social media user.

Then, if you’re hired, all you gotta do is sit on your cheeks, watch TV, pig out, and post about it on Instagram or Twitter (remember to tag @CableTV).

What you’ll be watching

What’ll you watch? It’s up to you.

Ideally, you’d pick your favorite show because who doesn’t want to get paid to watch something they love? But smart business peeps could screen the lone season of Freaks and Geeks and be done with this temp gig in only 13.2 hours (hourly wage: $151.52). Labor-of-love types could view all 679 episodes of The Simpsons and not care that they’ll make only $8.02 an hour.

But the cool thing about this dream job is that it’s not real work. You make your own assignment, which determines your hourly wage. For example, here’s what you’d make by watching these popular shows:

  • The X-Files: $12.22/hr.
  • The Walking Dead: $20.24/hr.
  • Friends: $24.00/hr.
  • The Office: $27.02/hr.
  • Seinfeld: $28.98/hr.
  • Star Trek: The Original Series: $30.38/hr.
  • Game of Thrones: $32.58/hr.
    • The L Word (original): $34.28/hr.
    • The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air: $35.28/hr.
    • Trailer Park Boys: $38.10/hr.
    • Breaking Bad: $44.76/hr.
    • Community: $49.60/hr.
    • The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel: $104.26/hr.
    • Rick and Morty: $151.52/hr.

Awwww, yeah. Imagine how sweet it’d be to brag about making more per hour watching your favorite TV show than you do at your real job. On top of that, there’s no background check, no drug test, and no dress code. No pants? No problem.

When we say “dream job,” we mean it.

What you’ll get (a.k.a. “perks”)

In addition to the $2,000 paycheck, you five lucky homebodies will get a lovely welcome package containing things to make your working conditions positively posh:

      • One-year subscription to your preferred streaming service
      • Comfy blanket
      • $100 Grubhub gift card


      • Remote: Office Not Required by Jason Fried and David Heinemeier
      • Candy and treats
      • Popcorn


How to apply

UPDATE: The dream job post is now closed. Thank you for applying. We’re gonna spend the weekend going through 7,000 applications so we can announce winners on Monday, Apr. 27. What are your plans? (You know, besides watching TV and dreaming of getting paid for it.)


To be considered for this cushy temp job, please fill the application below and tell us in approximately 200 words why you are one of the five bright go-getters we seek.

Tell us why you’d be a good fit for the gig. Show us how your personality pops—and where on social media you pop it.

Good luck!

Terms and Conditions

      1. The promoter of the Watch Your Favorite TV Series Dream Job (“Dream Job”) is, a DBA of Clear Link Technologies, LLC (“”), whose principal office is located at 5202 W. Douglas Corrigan Way, Salt Lake City, Utah 84116.
      2. Employees of or their family members or anyone else connected in any way with the Dream Job or helping to set up the Dream Job shall not be permitted to enter.
      3. Persons must be at least 18 years old, or otherwise have reached the age of majority under the laws of the state where you reside, in order to participate.
      4. Only residents of the United States are eligible to participate.
      6. There is NO ENTRY FEE AND NO PURCHASE NECESSARY TO APPLY FOR THIS DREAM JOB. Any purchase or consideration otherwise given by entrants will not improve one’s chances of being selected for the Dream Job.
      7. Route to entry for the Dream Job and details on how to enter are available at Individuals may apply by filling out the application form on’s website.
      8. Closing date for entry will be April 20, 2020 at 11:59 PM. After this date, no further applications to the Dream Job will be permitted.
      9. shall select up to five (5) Recipients from the entire pool of eligible entries. Recipient(s) will be selected based on the quality of the application as judged by employees.
      10. The Recipient(s) will be notified by email and/or letter within 7 days at the closing date. If the Recipient(s) cannot be contacted, are not eligible, or do not claim the opportunity to participate in the Dream Job within 10 days of notification, reserves the right to withdraw the offer from the Recipient(s) and pick a replacement Recipient(s).
      11. Recipient(s) acknowledge that participation in the Dream Job will be as an independent contractor. No agency, partnership, joint venture, or employee-employer relationship is intended or created by acceptance of the  Dream Job. Recipient(s) have no authority to bind to contracts, make any agreement or representations on’s written consent. Recipient(s) shall not be eligible to participate in any vacation, group medical or life insurance, disability, profit sharing, or retirement benefits, or any other fringe benefits or benefit plans offered by to its employees. is not responsible for withholding or paying any income, payroll, Social Security, or other federal, state, or local taxes, making any insurance contributions, including unemployment or disability, or obtaining worker’s compensation insurance on Recipient(s) behalf. Recipient(s) acknowledge that stipend is subject to all applicable taxes. Recipient(s) are solely responsible for all such taxes or contributions, including penalties and interest.
      12. Dream Job consists of watching your favorite show from start to finish via whatever platform you prefer. Recipient(s) must already have access to a streaming service and/or cable to complete challenge requirements. will notify the Recipient(s) how to complete the Challenge requirements.
      13. Prior to the start of the Dream Job, the Recipient(s) will receive a welcome package either mailed or hand-delivered to the Recipient(s). Welcome package includes: one (1) copy of Remote: Office Not Required by Jason Fried and David Heinemeier, one (1) pack of popcorn, four (4) packs of candy, one (1) comfy blanket; one (1) $100 Grubhub gift card, and one (1) yearly subscription to your preferred streaming provider. The value of the movie-watching kit is approximately $300.00 USD.
      14. This Dream Job is conducted by and is in no way sponsored, endorsed, administered by, or associated with Grubhub Inc, or any  of the properties listed above or their affiliates.
      15. Upon completion of the Dream Job, Recipient(s) will receive a one time payment of $2000.00 USD. Upon completion of Dream Job, funds shall be distributed no earlier than 30 days following Recipient notification.
      16. No cash alternative to the tv show-watching kit will be offered. Opportunity to participate in the Dream Job is not transferable. reserves the right to substitute the subscription or movie-watching kit items with a subscription or items of equivalent value without giving notice.
      17. The Recipient(s) agrees to the use of his/her/their name and image in any publicity material. Any personal data relating to the Recipient(s) or any other entrants will be used solely in accordance with current federal and state data protection legislation. For more information see the Privacy Policy at
      18. Where legally required, the Recipient(s) name(s) will be available upon request 28 days after the closing date. To request the Recipient(s) names, please send the request in a stamped addressed envelope to the following address:
5202 W. Douglas Corrigan Way
Salt Lake City, Utah 84116

19. reserves the right to cancel or amend this Dream Job and these Terms and Conditions without notice.

20.’s decision in respect of all matters to do with the Dream Job will be final and no correspondence will be entered into.

21. The Dream Job and these Terms and Conditions will be governed by Utah law and any disputes will be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of Utah.

22. By submitting an application for this Dream Job, applicants agree to be bound by these Terms and Conditions.

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