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Hulu Deal: $1 a Month for 3 Months

Through May 27, new and eligible returning Hulu subscribers can snag a deep discount on Hulu’s basic, ad-supported plan.

It’s not just Netflix that’s shedding subscribers. Hulu reported a massive 86% drop in subscribers in 2022. So last Friday (which was National Streaming Day), the Disney-owned streaming service started a promo where new and eligible returning customers can get basic, ad-supported Hulu for only $1.00 a month for three months.

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Interestingly, the Hulu deal represents an 86% discount over the regular price ($6.99 a month). We see what you’ve done there, Hulu. And, for the record, we like it better than the hamfisted product placement we’ve spotted in some Hulu Original shows. Not that we begrudge you finding revenue streams—just do it with finesse, would ya?

Anyway, if you’re interested in the Hulu deal, these are the gory details:

  • The deal is good only for basic Hulu.
  • If you switch to another Hulu plan before the end of the promotional period, you’ll void the deal.
  • “Returning eligible customers” are those who haven’t been a Hulu subscriber in the last month.
  • Nope, you can’t combine this deal with a free trial, the Disney bundle or any other Hulu promotions.
  • You cannot redeem the deal with a gift card.

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