5 Paranormal Shows with Little (or No) Paranormal Activity

Love ’em or hate ’em, result-less paranormal reality shows are here to stay. Here are five of our favorites . . . Shhh! Did you hear that?

You’ve watched at least a couple of them, admit it: paranormal reality shows searching for cryptids, ghosts, or aliens for weeks (if not years) on end, only to come up empty-handed every episode. But hey, there’s always next season, right?

That’s the unspoken mission of these shows, to keep the bit going. If they actually did find something, the series is ostensibly over: “Turn in your night vision goggles and send the crew home—we found the alien, and he’s getting his own talk show on E!”

But we still can’t get enough of paranormal shows. They’re as addictive as The Bachelor or The Voice, which also produce zero tangible results. So here are five of our favorite spooky timewasters.

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The Secret of Skinwalker Ranch | 3 seasons | HISTORY, Discovery+, Hulu

Complaining about the lack of actual history on the HISTORY channel is like griping about there being no music on MTV—get over it. The Secret of Skinwalker Ranch (Season 3 premieres Tuesday, May 3 on HISTORY) has so far spent 18 episodes following a hapless “science” crew searching for UFO activity on a southeastern Utah property. What do they have to show for it? Hours of grainy footage and one ranch hand who gets mysterious headaches. Perfection!

Expedition Bigfoot | 3 seasons | Travel Channel, Discovery+

Of all the Bigfoot-hunting reality shows, Expedition Bigfoot is easily the latest. It also claims to be the most scientific, utilizing an “elite team of researchers” to study advanced algorithm data for tracking the famed cryptid in central Oregon. Imagine all that expertise being applied to something useful, like assembling listicles about TV shows. Anyway: Expedition Bigfoot has yet to find Mr. Sasquatch, but we have no doubt it’ll run for at least five more seasons.

Portals to Hell | 3 seasons | Travel Channel, Discovery+

Jack Osbourne (son of Ozzy and Sharon) and Katrina Weidman (a paranormal investigator previously featured on A&E’s Paranormal State series) visit supposedly haunted locales that might possibly contain—you guessed it—portals to hell. Osbourne and Weidman have investigated over 30 hotels, homes, and (of course) mental asylums across the US since 2019, making Portals to Hell oddly on-brand for the Travel Channel. No portals yet, though.

Mountain Monsters | 8 seasons | Discovery+

Mountain Monsters has been a series on Destination America, Travel Channel, and now Discovery+ since 2013—ever heard of it? Didn’t think so. The beardy hillbilly team of West Virginia’s Appalachian Investigators of Mysterious Sightings (A.I.M.S.) don’t limit themselves to Bigfoot—they’re also looking for the Mothman, the Lizard Man, and Hogzilla, among many others. Finding Bigfoot’s Twitter account once called Mountain Monsters a “fake hoax.” The audacity!

Ghost Hunters | 13 seasons | Discovery+

The OG paranormal reality show Ghost Hunters has had a long, strange trip from Syfy to A&E to Discovery+ over 18 years. Season 14 (which will premiere on Discovery+ on Halloween 2022, appropriately) promises more of the GH staples: fuzzy night vision video, questionable “scientific” device usage, and at least one “Shhh! Did you hear that?” per episode. Ghost Hunters has been parodied everywhere from South Park to Supernatural—who needs actual ghosts to become TV legend?

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