Improve Your Spanish by Watching TV

Looking to brush up on your Spanish skills? Get fully immersed in these streaming shows.

When learning a new language, like Spanish, instructors recommend full–immersion practice among native speakers. Unfortunately, that’s not always possible. But you can get close to the same experience by watching TV.

Binge-watching Spanish-language TV series (subtitles on, of course) can improve your accent, vocabulary, and listening skills. And you don’t have to worry about having to ask Spanish speakers to repeat themselves so many times, because you can rewind.

Here are some of our favorite Spanish “classes” to stream. Just remember to practice what you learn with real people, because that’s kind of the point, güey.

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Mexican Spanish TV shows

Since it’s Cinco de Mayo—a Mexican holiday commemorating victory at the Battle of Puebla—we’re giving Mexican shows the spotlight. Pero no preocupes: A section on shows in other Spanish dialects follows this one.

Club de Cuervos | Netflix

A riotous comedy about two siblings trying to run their father’s soccer—sorry, fútbol—team is a must-watch. It has four seasons, and it’s hilarious, so you’ll get fully immersed. And, for bonus practice, check out the spinoffs La Balada de Hugo Sánchez and I, Potro, which follow two popular Cuervos characters.

The War Next Door (Guerra de Vecinos) | Netflix

This Netflix original series is a hit, frequently appearing in the streaming service’s Top 10 shows. Credit the casting, writing, and relatable premise, where a lower middle class family wins a home in a posh neighborhood and clashes with their wealthy next-door neighbors. You’ll pick up some sick Mexican burns from this series.

Búnker | HBO Max

In this crime comedy, a man spends all of his time in his Cold War–era bunker—then it’s raided by bumbling kidnappers. It’s slow-moving so far, but we like the quirky, trippy Scott Pilgrim meets Acción Mutante vibe enough to give it a few more episodes. In the meantime, enjoy the master class in Mexican profanity.

More Mexican shows to study

Series Stream on
Diablero Netflix
Diablo Guardián Prime Video
Fantasmagorias HBO Max
La Balada de Hugo Sánchez Netflix
Mi Tío Prime Video
Narcos: Mexico Netflix
Un Extraño Enemigo Prime Video

Pro tip: We recommend TV series because they simulate full immersion into a community of native speakers. Films work, too, but they’re more like spending a week at a resort.

Central, South American, and European Spanish

There are nearly two dozen Spanish dialects—and they all have different accents, pronunciations, words, definitions, and speech tempos. So here are some shows to help you practice those.

Porn and Ice Cream (Porno y Helado) | Prime Video

In Buenos Aires, two dorks lie about having a band—and are forced to prove it onstage at a popular music festival. That’s already funny, but creator/writer/costar Martin Piroyanksy injects it with plenty of heart, not to mention tons of musical references and some excellent original tunes.

So be sure to check out the Porno y Helado soundtrack on Spotify, because songs are another way to practice listening in Spanish.

Sky Rojo | Netflix

In this action-dramedy reminiscent of a Robert Rodriguez film, a trio of prostitutes beat up their pimp and are forced to flee. It’s funny, stylish, thrilling, violent, and rife with lessons in Castilian/Peninsular Spanish cursing. If all Spanish classes were like this, everyone would habla Español.

More Central American, South American, and European Spanish shows to study

Series Dialect Stream on
A Thousand Fangs (Mil Colmillos) Colombian HBO Max
The Barrier European Netflix
Cable Girls European Netflix
El Presidente Chilean Prime Video
The Kingdom Argentinian Netflix
Money Heist European Netflix
Narcos Colombian Netflix
Niña Furia Nicaraguan, Costa Rican HBO Max
Okupas European Netflix
Oldsters Chilean Netflix
One Way or Another European HBO Max
Paradise (Paraíso) European HBO Max
Rap Battlefield Argentinian HBO Max
The Unremarkable Juanquini Colombian Netflix
Wild District Colombian Netflix

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