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DISH Outage

DISH customers, here’s what to do if you’re dealing with DISH outages.

Is DISH down or is it just me?

Bad weather or technical problems can occasionally throw a hitch into your DISH TV connection. If you’re experiencing a DISH network outage, check out our support guide before you give DISH customer service a call.

DISH outage map

If you’re experiencing a DISH TV outage, it’s likely not due to DISH’s current security issues—in its statement, DISH reported that DISH TV service is up and running following its cybersecurity attack. DISH doesn’t offer a way to see DISH network outages in your area, but check out Downdector’s map if you’re wondering whether your DISH outage is limited to just your household.

What to do during a DISH outage

Stuck staring at a blank TV during your DISH outage? Here’s what you can do in the meantime.

Contact DISH customer service

Although DISH’s normal customer service is down at the moment, you can still reach a live customer agent via DISH’s Twitter page.

Check your TV’s connection

If your TV’s still getting a picture signal, but it’s fuzzy or poor quality, you might just be having hardware issues instead of a full DISH outage. Check out our TV ports guide to ensure that your DISH box is providing the best-quality signal to your TV.

Final take

A DISH outage can be caused by problems ranging from storms to internal problems on DISH’s end. If you’re having problems with your DISH service, we’d recommend giving DISH customer service a call when they’re available or visiting the Dish Answers Twitter page for additional help.

DISH outage FAQ

Is DISH down in my area?

DISH may be down in your area due to issues like bad weather or connectivity problems. We’d recommend contacting DISH customer support or the DISH Answers Twitter page to confirm if there’s a wide DISH outage in your area.

Why is DISH TV not working?

Your DISH TV may not be working due to bad weather or hardware issues. If your picture is completely cut off, contact DISH customer support to see if there’s a DISH outage in your area. Otherwise, check your DISH box’s connection to ensure that it’s connected properly to your TV.

Why is my TV suddenly saying no signal?

If your DISH TV’s signal has dropped, it may be a sign that your satellite is experiencing connection problems. Contact DISH customer support or the DISH Answers Twitter page to confirm a DISH outage in your area. If your area is experiencing bad weather like storms, you also may need to wait out this weather to restore your TV signal.

Does DISH charge a late fee?

DISH may charge a $10 to $12 late fee if you miss your scheduled payment.

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