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Only Murders in the Building Season 3, Episode 3 Recap

Whodunit on Only Murders in the Building season 3? breaks down the odds.

On this week’s episode of Only Murders in the Building, Oliver works through some rehearsal stumbles for Death Rattle Dazzle! A Death Rattle Musical! Meanwhile, Charles and Mabel have to ingratiate themselves with new suspects: the musical’s cast and Ben’s videographer, the ridiculously named Tobert (Jesse Williams).

For this week’s episode, let’s go to the Only Murders in the Building Suspicion Power Rankings. As always, we’re ranking characters from most to least suspicious using two metrics:

  1. Who killed Ben Glenroy on Only Murders in the Building?
  2. Did they have something to do with the murder?

Only Murders in the Building
“Grab Your Hankies”

Only Murders In the Building (Hulu)

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Who killed Ben Glenroy on Only Murders in the Building?

#1: Kimber

The episode’s closing shot, which has Kimber (Ashley Park) giving a death stare to Loretta, puts a bow on the mountain of evidence presented against her this week.

We know that Kimber and Ben (Paul Rudd) had a relationship, and she’s missing her opening night handkerchief when Charles asks for it, although we don’t know if she was on the other side of the argument in Ben’s dressing room. We’ve still got a lot of time left this season, but we’ll safely pin Kimber onto the suspect board.

Only Murders in the Building -- “The Beat Goes On” - Episode 302 -- Mabel, Oliver & Charles attend Ben’s lavish memorial full of fans and those with more dubious motives. As the actor’s sudden death is mourned, Oliver works to revive his shaky Broadway show. Bobo (Don Darryl Rivera), Kimber (Ashley Park) and Ty (Gerald Caesar), shown. (Photo by: Patrick Harbron/Hulu)
Image courtesy Hulu.

#2: Dickie

We don’t know a lot about Dickie (Jeremy Shamos) yet beyond the broad strokes: he’s Ben’s brother/manager, and he offered to become Loretta’s manager. But his angry reaction in Ben’s apartment—he breaks a lamp and says that he’s “sorry” to Ben—piques Mabel’s interest.

Am image of Dickie and Loretta from this season of Only Murders in the Building.
Image courtesy Hulu

#3: Loretta

We’re here for all the Loretta beats this episode: she and Oliver continue to work through their sweet romantic relationship, and Meryl Streep gets to bust out her sporadically-used singing chops on “Look For The Light,” the episode’s closing ballad.

Her decision to turn down the TV show gig and stay with Death Rattle doesn’t scream “murderer trying not to get caught”, but we still want to see how her feud with Ben played out before pulling her off the suspect board.

Only Murders in the Building -- “The Show Must…” - Episode 301 -- Curtain up on Season 3! And Leading Man down! After Ben Glenroy’s collapse on stage, Charles, Oliver & Mabel piece together the show’s first days with a suspicious cast & crew to determine if foul play was involved. Spoiler alert… Loretta (Meryl Streep), shown. (Photo by: Patrick Harbron/Hulu)
Image courtesy Hulu.

Others receiving suspicious votes

  • K.T. (the beleaguered production assistant)

Off the board

  • Cliff (the producer’s son)
  • Jonathan (we’ll eat a shoe if he’s involved)

Playbill notes

  • We got our first glimpse of Ben’s penthouse, which borrows more than a few details from Paul Rudd’s real life. The wall collage has some Anchorman-era images of a mustached Paul Rudd, and Ben’s framed Kansas City Chiefs jersey suggests he’s also a fan of the team. (Does this mean that Ben was also celebrating at the Super Bowl in the OMITB-verse? Is he on the same celebrity Chiefs fan text thread as Heidi Gardner and Eric Stonestreet? The mind reels at the possibilities.)
  • This week’s opening credits easter egg: a lighthouse on top of the Arconia.
  • We got our first original song of the season with Pasek and Paul’s “Look For The Light,” which was also co-written by Sara Bareilles. Bareilles has a fruitful second act with Broadway shows like Waitress, and she’s no stranger to writing great ballads for music-heavy TV shows:

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