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35.54% of Americans Thought These Fake Hallmark Movie Plots Were Real

Can you tell the difference between real and fake Hallmark movie plots? Take our quiz and find out how you stack up to America.

Illustration of three Christmas sweaters.

If you glance through the titles of Hallmark movies, you may wonder how some ever got the green light instead of a Rudolph-red rejection letter.

We decided to craft our own cheeky Hallmark movie ideas for some holiday fun and then asked survey respondents if they could spot which plots were fake and which were real Hallmark movies.

It turns out 35.54% of Americans can’t tell the difference between real and fake Hallmark plots. We can’t blame them. The Hallmark brand is rife with a few unbelievable premises (and that’s part of the Christmas miracle fun).

For example, which one of these Hallmark movie plots sounds more absurd to you?

Plot A Plot B
A magical pair of shoes transports a woman to Christmas past, present, and future to help her take new chances and discover the true spirit of Christmas. When a pair of shoes once owned by Mrs. Claus are stolen from her, a shoe lover pairs up with a cynical detective to locate them.

One of these is a real Hallmark movie featuring a familiar celebrity; the other is something we just made up—but it fooled a third of our respondents.

If you think you know the answer, you can challenge yourself in our Hallmark holiday movie quiz:

Hallmark movies deliver holiday cheer for most people

From our survey, we learned that most people (63.54%) like watching Hallmark movies. And for plenty of other folks, the shows work as good background noise during the holidays: almost 23% said they neither liked nor disliked watching Hallmark movies.

The majority of our respondents (85.76%) watch at least one Hallmark movie every year, and over half of respondents watch at least five. But we can’t stress enough that Hallmark has some serious diehard fans: 11.29% of respondents watch 15 or more Hallmark movies every holiday season.

We did have a few grumpy grinches in our mix, though. Almost 10% of respondents said they don’t like watching Hallmark movies, and nearly 4% didn’t know what these movies were.

Hallmark movies are known by brand, but not by name

It’s easy to turn to the Hallmark Channel around the holidays and start watching whatever fluffy movies are on during its seemingly endless marathons. But out of all the Hallmark movies we asked about, only a few people have seen any of these real titles.

We can’t say exactly whether folks never watched these flicks, or they just can’t remember them out of the slew of holiday movies. It seems that Hallmark movies, like beautiful unique snowflakes, they all start to blend together after you clump them up.

Real Hallmark movies people have never seen

Hallmark movie Title Percentage of respondents who have seen it
Christmas CEO 11.84%
Cranberry Christmas 10.76%
Never Kiss a Man in a Christmas Sweater 8.78%
A Shoe Addict's Christmas 8.57%
Crown for Christmas 8.40%
Catch a Christmas Star 8.35%
Broadcasting Christmas 8.09%
Widow Wonderland 7.82%
The Christmas Ornament 7.81%
Pete's Christmas 7.68%
None of the above 11.89%

Christmas CEO and Cranberry Christmas managed to stick out in the most people’s memories, but just as many folks don’t remember seeing any of these real Hallmark movies.

After reading through some of these Hallmark titles and plots, it’s easy to see how some people think even the real movies might be a joke. (Never Kiss a Man in a Christmas Sweater, really? It sounds like weird dating advice, but okay.)

Whether you’re watching a few festive flicks or binge-watching holiday Hallmark movies to manifest your own miracles this year, we hope you have a happy holiday season!


We asked 500 survey participants to choose the correct Hallmark movie plot from two choices. After gathering the results, we calculated the average percentage of people who chose the fake movie plot over the real one to determine the percentage of Americans who couldn’t correctly tell the difference between the real or fake Hallmark movie plot.

This survey was conducted on November 16, 2021. This survey has a margin of error of +/-4% at a confidence level of 95%.


This content was produced by and is in no way sponsored, endorsed or administered by, or associated with Hallmark.

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