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Hallmark Movies Now Review 2021

Are feel-good, family-friendly movies your thing? We have done in-depth testing of the Hallmark streaming app, and we’ll give you the rundown.

Price: $4.99/mo. For annual billing of $59.99 or $5.99/mo.
Free trial: 7 days
On-demand library: Approximately 1,000 hours of commercial-free content

Are happy endings and movies that don’t give you nightmares your thing? If so, Hallmark movies are there for you. Romance, heartwarming holiday fare, and people finding their way through challenging situations are some of the common themes Hallmark offers on its channels.

If you’d like to watch Hallmark movies on your streaming TV service, desktop, or mobile devices, Hallmark Movies Now is Hallmark’s inexpensive, subscription-based app that provides you with a thousand hours of movie content. For $4.99 a month—billed annually at $59.99 or $5.99 per month, you get access to this vast library.

We’ve got all the details you need to get started with Hallmark Movies Now.

What is Hallmark Movies Now?

Hallmark Movies Now is the family-friendly Hallmark Channel’s streaming service—a subscription-based service that delivers on-demand, heartfelt Hallmark programming 24 hours a day.

You can pay $4.99 for an annual billing of $59.99 or pay $5.99 each month.

What is included in Hallmark Movies Now?

Hallmark Movies Now is fully loaded with exclusive originals and series, along with content from Hallmark Channel, Hallmark Movies & Mysteries, and Hallmark Hall of Fame.

If you subscribe to Hallmark Movies Now, you’re opening the door to a library of approximately 1,000 hours of commercial-free Hallmark content. If that isn’t enough to make you cry-laugh or ugly-cry, it also includes some Hollywood hits meant to turn on the waterworks.

A few popular Hallmark titles:

  • Perfect Match—Two event planners with opposite personalities are forced to work together.
  • The Christmas Train—A journalist learns about himself on a seasonal, cross-country train ride.
  • Love Struck Cafe—An architect finds herself back in her hometown, helping out at the family cafe.
  • Prescription for Love—A nurse tries her hand at love with a new doctor while working under a mean boss.

How to watch Hallmark Movies Now

If you have a broadband internet connection, you are halfway there. Download the Hallmark Movies Now app on a compatible device, get yourself a subscription—or start with the free 7-day trial—and feel your heart start to heat up as you watch the sweet and sad scenarios play out.

Hallmark Movies Now supported devices

You can watch Hallmark Movies Now on your phone, tablet, computer, or TV using a compatible streaming device or service. We’ve put together a full list of devices you can use to start watching right away.

Amazon Fire TV
Web browsers
iOS 13.0+
iOS 13.0+
OS v5.0+ phones and tablets
Fire TV Stick, Fire TV Cube, Kindle Fire
Google Nexus, NVIDIA Shield, LGE TV, Razer Forge TV, Sony TV, Freebox TV
3, 4, Streaming Stick, and Roku TV Express, Premiere, and Ultra
Up-to-date versions of Safari, Chrome, Microsoft Edge, and Firefox—for desktop and smartphone use
4th generation
Select models from 2018+
Select models from 2015-2020
7, 8.1, 10
10.9.5+ for desktop, and latest versions of iOS and Android on your mobile device

Final take

Hallmark Movies Now is a great deal for fans who like to watch movies and shows with syrupy, uplifting messages. It puts a giant movie library at their fingertips.

Whether you’re at the desktop, on-the-go, or weeping under a pile of blankets with your mobile device, Hallmark Movies Now will keep you company with its 1,000+ movies and shows that give you all the feels.


Is Hallmark Movies Now a good deal?

Hallmark Movies Now is a great deal. Let’s size it up: Hundreds of Hallmark movies and TV series? Check. Sappy Hollywood fare? Check. Content from Hallmark Channel, Hallmark Movies & Mysteries, and Hallmark Hall of Fame? Check. All for just $4.99–$5.99 a month? Yes, you guessed it—check.

Is Hallmark Movies Now included with Amazon Prime?

Hallmark Movies Now is not a part of your Amazon Prime subscription, but that doesn’t mean Prime users can’t dig into its deep well of charm-filled content. Just download the Hallmark Movies Now app and sign up for the Hallmark Movies Now subscription and you can be watching titles like Love You Like Christmas, Magic Stocking, and Her Last Breath—a Ruby Herring Mystery in no time.

What movie genres does Hallmark Movies Now show?

Hallmark Movies Now is known for family-centric content, but that’s just one slice of its programming pie. It’s also known for holiday movies and content that offers genres focused on family, drama, romance, comedy, mystery, and hearth & home.

See—Hallmark doesn’t just want you to cry. It’ll let you laugh and experience some suspenseful tension, too.

How do I manage my Hallmark Movies Now subscription?

Wherever you sign up for Hallmark Movies Now will determine where you go to manage your account, cancel your subscription, and who bills you each month.

For instance, if you signed up for a membership via Amazon Prime, you’ll go to your Prime Video account to manage your Hallmark Movies Now subscription. The same goes for if you signed up on Hallmark Movies Now’s website or Apple TV, etc.

Cancellation fees are determined by the provider you signed up for Hallmark Movies Now with, so you should check out each provider’s cancellation policy in case you decide you want to end your subscription.

The Hallmark Movies Now subscription is not included in those providers’ packages—it is its own separate charge.

How often does Hallmark Movies Now add content?

Hallmark Movies Now adds content weekly, usually adding the new titles on Sunday. The website category Recently Added lets you stay up to date on the new additions.

Does Hallmark Movies Now have a customer service department?

If you signed up on the HMN site, Hallmark Movies Now has a Customer Care Team you can email at If you prefer to call, the number is 1-844-446-5669, and takes calls every day of the week from 9 a.m.–5 p.m PST.


Our experts employed hours of hands-on testing to examine the Hallmark Movies Now app in order to determine its value, reliability, features, and customer satisfaction. We explored other streaming apps to understand their strengths and weaknesses against similar products. For more information on our methodology, check out our How We Rank page.