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How to Watch Bob’s Burgers Thanksgiving Episodes

Spend Thanksgiving with the Belchers and stream these classic Bob’s Burgers Turkey Day episodes.

The Belcher family has been trying to cook up the perfect Thanksgiving for 11 of 13 seasons of Bob’s Burgers—they’ve even succeeded a couple of times. Watching Bob transform from a mild-mannered burger flipper into a maniacal turkey chef has become a seasonal TV tradition.

We don’t yet have any information on 2023’s Thanksgiving episode, but we know that Bob’s Burgers Season 14 will have a shorted episode count due to the WGA strike. Will the Thanksgiving episode make the cut? While we wait for more info, let’s look back on the previous Bob’s Burgers Thanksgiving episodes (all of which are available to stream on Hulu).

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Bob’s Burgers Thanksgiving episodes list

1. “An Indecent Thanksgiving Proposal”

Season 3, Episode 5

The very first Bob’s Burgers Thanksgiving episode finds the Belchers pretending to be their landlord Mr. Fischoeder’s family for the holiday in exchange for free rent. Meanwhile, a bummed Bob trips on absinthe in the kitchen and bonds with “Lance” the turkey.

Bob, a cartoon man with a mustache and apron, toasts in front of a turkey and his eyepatch-wearing landlord.

2. “Turkey in a Can”

Season 4, Episode 5

Bob prepares a three-day salt-rub turkey for Thanksgiving dinner, but somehow the bird ends up in . . . the toilet? Then Bob’s Burgers becomes a crime procedural, with Bob and Louise investigating the case separately and finding wildly different results. You’ll never guess the culprit.

Bob, a cartoon man with a mustache, is shocked to see an uncooked turkey in the bathroom.

Order your Burgers on Hulu

Seasons 1–13 of Bob’s Burgers are available to stream on Hulu, which you can read about in our broiled-to-perfection Hulu Review.

3. “Dawn of the Peck”

Season 5, Episode 4

“It’s gonna be like the running of the bulls, but cute and safe!” That’s Linda’s observation of the Wonder Wharf’s Turk-tacular Turkey Town Festival & Turkey Trot 5K, which is quickly proven half-wrong. Angry turkeys, chickens, and geese organize and (hilariously) attack the Trotters.

The Belchers and their friends stand in a huddle in the middle of a store, surrounded by live turkeys.

4. “Gayle Makin’ Bob Sled”

Season 6, Episode 4

A massive snowstorm thwarts Bob’s errand to pick up Linda’s sister Gayle for Thanksgiving, forcing the two (and Gayle’s cat, Mr. Business) to find their way back to the restaurant on foot and sled. Making matters worse, cooking the Thanksgiving turkey is now up Linda—nooo!

Bob, a cartoon man with a mustache, has a rope tied around his waist as his pulls around his sister-in-law in a big inflatable sled through a snowstorm.

5. “The Quirk-ducers”

Season 7, Episode 6

Tina adapts her erotic fiction into a stage musical, The Quirky Turkey, for the school’s annual Thanksgiving play. It sounds like a terrible idea because Louise made it happen, believing it’ll be bad enough to get canceled and have school dismissed. Spoiler: no half-day for Louise.

Tina, a cartoon girl with glasses, is wearing a turkey suit looking sadly at a group of her peers (also wearing turkey suits) while they dance and sing.

6. “Thanks-Hoarding”

Season 8, Episode 5

The Belchers agree to help Teddy clean up his apartment so he can host Thanksgiving dinner for his family. But once the family arrives at Teddy’s junk-piled pad, they realize that he’s a hoarder and doesn’t want to get rid of anything. Like any Teddy-centric episode, things get weird.

Bob, a cartoon man with a mustache, is explaining how to cook a turkey to his friend Teddy, a cartoon man with stubble and a hat.

7. “I Bob Your Pardon”

Season 9, Episode 7

The kids discover that a local turkey pardoned by the mayor will meet its demise regardless, kicking off a political scandal and a blackmail scheme just in time for Thanksgiving. “I Bob Your Pardon” is most notable for the return of Double Butt the Goat, which is self-explanatory.

The Belchers stare blankly at an empty turkey cage. Behind them, the trees are turning fall colors.

8. “Now We’re Not Cooking with Gas”

Season 10, Episode 8

After five years on a waiting list, Bob finally gets a rare, exotic turkey for Thanksgiving—but then a gas leak on Ocean Avenue forces him to cook it over a campfire in the alley. Bob slowly loses it and begins yelling about Independence Day (?) as the kids scramble for anything to keep the fire burning.

Bob, a cartoon man with a mustache, is upset about his turkey, which he's cooking on an outdoor spit in the middle of a street. His wife Linda, a cartoon woman with glasses, also looks sad.

9. “Diarrhea of a Poopy Kid”

Season 11, Episode 7

Gene contracts stomach flu on the ultimate eating day of the year, leaving him stuck in the bathroom for Thanksgiving. Meanwhile, Bob, Louise, and Tina try to cheer him up with wild stories based on Predator, Air Force One, and Armageddon. But mostly, it’s diarrhea jokes.

Tina, a cartoon girl with glasses, is reading a letter to her brother Gene, who has fancier hair and a tie, in the back of an important vehicle with a police escort. Their sister Louise, a cartoon girl with a pink bunny hat, is also there.

10. “Stuck in the Kitchen with You”

Season 12, Episode 8

The Belchers volunteer to help out with Thanksgiving at The Elegant Doily, a local retirement home. But, when the pressure of cooking for an entire community gets to Bob, Louise steps in and makes things worse. Meanwhile, Gene, Tina, and Zeke throw an impromptu T-day parade.

Bob, a cartoon man with a mustache and a bandana around his head, is teaching his daughter Louise (a cartoon girl with a pink bunny hat) how to chop vegetables.

11. “Putts-giving”

Season 13, Episode 8

The Belchers decide to spend Thanksgiving playing mini golf, but things don’t go well for Linda as Bob constantly does better than her. Oh, and the kids are causing plenty of chaos, too. It wouldn’t be Putts-giving without some heavy property damage.

Linda, a cartoon woman wearing glasses, plays putt-putt golf with her family.

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