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How to Watch Netflix Tudum, A Global Fan Event

Netflix’s annual behind-the-scenes livestream is happening on Saturday, June 17.

The fifth annual Netflix Tudum event will take place on Saturday, June 17, at 4:30 p.m. ET. Streaming live from Brazil, the event promises exclusive first looks at upcoming Netflix original releases, including new seasons of Bridgerton, The Witcher, Stranger Things, and more.

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What does Tudum mean?

Tudum (pronounced two-DOOM) represents the noise that accompanies the Netflix logo in trailers and original titles on the platform. It is not an acronym or an actual word.

Netflix uses Tudum for two fan-centric products: one is its blog, which drew criticism in 2022 for laying off a large chunk of its staff a year after the site’s creation. The other is this live fan event, which Netflix uses to drive hype for the upcoming year’s releases.

This hype-driving often includes trailers, release date announcements, and exclusive first looks at upcoming titles. It’s usually hosted by several of Netflix’s favorite actors (or at least pre-recorded segments from them).

In the past, the event’s also been a good indicator of which original titles Netflix prioritizes. Generally, shows featured at Tudum are more likely to be renewed, and shows left out are less likely (although this isn’t always true).

How to watch Tudum

You can watch Tudum on Netflix’s social media accounts, including YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter. The livestream will start at 4:30 p.m. ET on Saturday, June 17.

You can also watch Tudum directly on the Netflix website and app, but we recommend you pick anything else. Netflix’s recent Love is Blind reunion failed spectacularly, so the company might not have a super-stable livestreaming setup just yet. Maybe have a backup viewing method, just in case?

Whichever viewing method you choose, Tudum will not be behind a paywall; the event is free to watch for all fans.

Shows and movies at Tudum

Tudum’s website lists over 30 shows and movies on its event lineup page. This includes:


  • All the Light We Cannot See
  • Avatar: The Last Airbender (live-action series)
  • Back to 15
  • Berlin
  • Bridgerton
  • Cobra Kai
  • Elite
  • Emily in Paris
  • Heartstopper
  • Love Is Blind
  • Love Is Blind: Brazil
  • Lupin
  • Never Have I Ever
  • One Piece (live-action series)
  • Outer Banks
  • Queen Charlotte: A Bridgerton Story
  • Sintonia
  • Squid Game
  • Squid Game: The Challenge
  • Stranger Things
  • The Chosen One
  • The Queen’s Gambit (mobile chess game)
  • The Witcher
  • Three-Body Problem
  • Too Hot To Handle 2
  • Wednesday
  • You


  • Extraction 2
  • Heart of Stone
  • Lift
  • Rebel Moon
  • The Archies
  • They Cloned Tyrone
  • Through My Window: Across the Sea
Two sisters wearing pink and purple Regency style gowns.
Ciri, a blonde girl with braided hair.
The Witcher
Wednesday Addams, a goth teen, dancing

Netflix usually doesn’t cover every original title at Tudum—that would probably be a very long presentation—and it looks like some popular titles have already been snubbed. This is often bad news for a series’ chances at renewal, but it’s worth noting that Netflix made some announcements a few days ahead of the event to keep fans from worrying.

From the promotional material, it doesn’t appear that XO, Kitty, the To All The Boys spinoff that premiered in May, will be included at Tudum. Worry not, Kitty fans—season two is on the way. It’s unclear why Netflix wouldn’t want to save this announcement for Tudum.

Likewise, Netflix finally gave Chicken Run 2: Dawn of the Nugget a release date (December 15), but it likely won’t be mentioned at Tudum.

Unfortunately, the streaming giant has remained silent about Shadow and Bone, a popular YA fantasy series that debuted its second season in March 2022. Its exclusion from Tudum does not seem like a good sign for its potential third season or possible Six of Crows spinoff. The Grishaverse books remain wildly popular, and their author, Leigh Bardugo, signed an eight-figure book deal in March to write twelve more titles.

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