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How to Watch Yellowjackets

SHOWTIME hit Yellowjackets is back for another season of teen angst and adult paranoia—here are all the ways you can get in on the chills and thrills.

Watch Yellowjackets

Yellowjackets, SHOWTIME’s biggest new hit in years, returns for its hotly anticipated second season on Sunday, March 26 (or Friday, March 24 for SHOWTIME streaming subscribers). The time-shifting drama thriller about a girls’ high school soccer team stranded in the wilderness in the ’90s and their current-day troubles is going even harder in Season 2, and we can’t wait.

Whether you’re getting ready for the new season or want to catch up on the first, we’ve gone “citizen detective” on investigating all the ways you can watch Yellowjackets right now.

What else is on SHOWTIME?

Besides Yellowjackets, SHOWTIME has plenty of other original TV shows (like Billions, George & Tammy, and Shameless) and movies to watch. Check out our TV Shows to Watch on SHOWTIME and Movies to Watch on SHOWTIME recommendations.

SHOWTIME on cable and satellite TV

SHOWTIME has been a staple premium channel on cable and satellite TV services since the ’70s, and it’s still available as an add-on with almost every provider in the country. Here are some providers we recommend:

  • Xfinity (SHOWTIME add-on: $12/month)
  • Spectrum (SHOWTIME add-on: $10/month)
  • Cox (SHOWTIME add-on: $12/month)
  • Optimum (SHOWTIME add-on: $11.95/month)
  • DISH (SHOWTIME add-on: $10/month)
  • DIRECTV (SHOWTIME add-on: $11/month)

SHOWTIME on streaming TV

If you’ve cut the cord and run a strictly internet-streaming TV household, SHOWTIME is available as a $10.99-a-month standalone service for most streaming devices or added through a third-party service like Amazon Prime Video. Or, if you use a live TV streaming provider, SHOWTIME (as SHOWTIME Anytime) can be added to your subscription just like with cable or satellite. A few of our favorite live TV streaming services that offer SHOWTIME:

SHOWTIME/Paramount Plus bundle

If you want the most content bang for your buck, the Paramount+/SHOWTIME bundle offers access to thousands more TV shows and movies for just a little more money than either service alone. You can save up to 30% by subscribing to the Paramount+/SHOWTIME bundle monthly (or annually). The two will be combined into a single service later in 2023, presumably at around the same price.

  • Paramount+ Essential (with ads) + SHOWTIME: $11.99/month or $119.99/year.
  • Paramount+ Premium (ad-free) + SHOWTIME: $14.99/month or $149.99/year.

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