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How To Get NFL Sunday Ticket Without YouTube TV (and Alternatives)

Our sports experts compiled four ways to score NFL Sunday Ticket coverage without a YouTube TV subscription.

Since NFL Sunday Ticket moved from DIRECTV to YouTube TV, the out-of-market package is more accessible for cord-cutters. But YouTube TV is not the only way to get NFL Sunday Ticket this season. There are several ways to score out-of-market NFL coverage without signing up for a comprehensive TV plan.

This guide outlines four ways to get NFL Sunday Ticket or alternatives that don’t involve YouTube TV. Each method has various caveats, but we point those out so you can choose the best option for your viewing setup. Sports logo featuring animated athlete with raised hands.

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#1: Get a standalone NFL Sunday Ticket subscription

The only way to purchase an NFL Sunday Ticket subscription outside of YouTube TV is through Primetime Channels.

YouTube has a Primetime Channels hub where you can purchase TV episodes, movies, and standalone streaming subscriptions—and NFL Sunday Ticket is one of many streaming subscriptions available through this hub. So, you can sign up for the out-of-market package without worrying about other monthly fees.

The price is the biggest downside to getting NFL Sunday Ticket through YouTube Primetime Channels. You pay a whopping $100 more upfront through YouTube Primetime Channels than through YouTube TV. But you still save money in the long run by avoiding YouTube TV’s $63 monthly subscription fee.

By not subscribing to YouTube TV, you’ll save about $250, which means you can get yourself that new Joe Mixon Texans jersey.

NFL Sunday Ticket Student Plan: Eligible students can score NFL Sunday Ticket for as low as $109 per season when signing up through YouTube Primetime Channels. Visit our NFL Sunday Ticket student discount page to learn more.

#2: Watch NFL games at a bar or restaurant

Even with NFL Sunday Ticket in the hands of YouTube, commercial venues like bars and restaurants can still show out-of-market games. That’s all thanks to a new deal that allows DIRECTV FOR BUSINESS customers to sign up for NFL Sunday Ticket and receive games via satellite.

You can locate the nearest venue with NFL Sunday Ticket by using DIRECTV’s Sports Bar Finder app. Then, enjoy your favorite NFL team far from home for the price of an appetizer. (A soft pretzel sounds good right about now.)

The caveat with this method is that you have to leave your house. But if you bring some friends along, you can split the bill for the food and drink. But of course, the company is what’s important…

#3: Stream out-of-market games on demand

Whether you like watching football at home or on the go, NFL+ is an inexpensive way to watch your favorite team and its competition.

The streaming service doesn’t have live out-of-market games like NFL Sunday Ticket, but you can stream live primetime and in-market games on your smartphone. So, you’ll get access to SNF and MNF, and, let’s say you live in Wisconsin, you’ll get the Sunday afternoon Packers game on your NFL+ app.

NFL+’s premium plan allows you to watch every NFL game on demand after the game is over, regardless of blackouts—and this app allows you to watch replays (only) on your smart TV. This subscription even includes NFL Network and NFL RedZone.

At $14.99 a month, NFL+ Premium is the most affordable way to watch the NFL. You need to be patient for those out-of-market games, so we recommend Ted Mosby’s Sensory Deprivator 5000 if you’re out and about on Sunday afternoons.

During the off-season, NFL+ still serves up timely content and NFL news.

#4: Use NFL Game Pass International with a VPN

Our final way to get an NFL Sunday Ticket alternative is to use a virtual private network (VPN) to access NFL Game Pass International on DAZN.

It’s the most difficult alternative, but if you can get it to work, you get complete access to every live NFL game, including in-market, out-of-market, and primetime matchups.

NFL Game Pass is the international version of NFL+, so you need a VPN to connect to a server outside the U.S. We recommend connecting to a Brazil VPN server because NFL Game Pass Pro costs less there (about $5 each month).

However, the issue with using a VPN to watch live games is high latency. Finding the right VPN provider and server can make or break your viewing experience (about $10–$18 each month).

Need a VPN service? Check out our Best VPN Services guide for a closer look at our favorite providers.

NFL Sunday Ticket without YouTube TV FAQ

How can I get a standalone NFL Sunday Ticket subscription?

You can get a standalone NFL Sunday Ticket subscription through YouTube Primetime Channels. The out-of-market package is available through YouTube’s à la carte Movies & TV hub—allowing you to sign up without a monthly YouTube TV subscription.

Can I buy an individual NFL game?

No, you can’t buy an individual NFL game to watch at home. Unlike the NBA and WNBA, the NFL doesn’t offer an NFL single-game subscription through NFL Sunday Ticket or NFL+.

Are there alternatives to NFL Sunday Ticket?

Yes, there are a few alternatives to watching out-of-market NFL games that don’t involve NFL Sunday Ticket. You can catch live matchups at a bar or restaurant, stream them on demand after the final whistle through NFL+, or use a VPN to watch them live through NFL Game Pass International.

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