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YouTube Primetime Channels Review 2024: Cost, Channels, and More

YouTube now sells subscriptions to on-demand streaming services and add-ons without a base subscription. It’s convenient, but that’s about it.

Best for consolidating streaming services

YouTube Primetime Channels

Price: $1.99–$15.99/mo.*

Primetime Channels: 45+

Streams: 3

Plan Price Channels Streams Details
YouTube Primetime Channels $1.99/mo.–$15.99/mo. 45+ 3 View plan
NFL Sunday Ticket $449.00/yr. -- 2 View plan
YouTube TV + NFL Sunday Ticket $72.99/mo. + $349.00/yr. 100+ 3 (2 for Sunday Ticket) View plan

Data as of post date and subject to change.

* See table for NFL Sunday Ticket pricing.

When bundled with YouTube TV ($72.99/mo.).

Is YouTube TV Primetime Channels good?

YouTube Primetime Channels lets you subscribe to 45+ on-demand streaming TV services and add-ons within YouTube. (That’s regular YouTube, not YouTube TV, the live TV streaming service.) Convenience is the headline selling point, but we think there’s more value in subscribing to the services directly.


  • Access several streaming services from YouTube
  • No base service subscription fee
  • NFL Sunday Ticket
  • Cancel anytime


  • YouTube app restriction
  • No annual subscription options (except with NFL Sunday Ticket)
  • Location access required for some sports content

Primetime Channels demand prime internet speeds

More streaming TV might require a faster internet connection. Enter your zip code below to find internet service providers where you live.

Please enter a valid zip code.

YouTube Primetime Channels

YouTube has 45+ Primetime Channels, including major streaming services (Paramount+ with SHOWTIME®, STARZ), niche streaming services (Shudder, Hi-YAH!), and popular sports add-ons like NFL Sunday Ticket and NBA League Pass.

Each Primetime Channel costs the same as subscribing directly or (in most cases) through a live TV streaming service or traditional TV provider. Unfortunately, month-to-month subs are the only option through YouTube Primetime Channels—you can’t get discounted annual plans or bundles.

Check out the menu, then we’ll talk more.

YouTube Primetime Channels pricing

Plan Price Free trial Content
ACORNtv $6.99/mo. 7 days Movies and shows from the UK
ALLBLK $5.99/mo. 7 days Black cinema and television
AMC+ $8.99/mo. 7 days On-demand content from AMC, Sundance Now, Shudder, and IFC Films Unlimited
ATRESplayer Internacional $5.99/mo. 7 days Original movies and shows en Español
Canal RCN $4.99/mo. 7 days Includes Nuestra Tele, RCN Novelas, and NTN24 networks
Comedy Dynamics $4.99/mo. 7 days Stand-up comedy
CONtv $5.99/mo. 7 days Geeky movies, shows, and convention panels
Curiosity Stream $4.99/mo. 7 days Educational documentaries
Dekkoo $9.99/mo. 7 days Gay TV series and movies
Docurama Films $4.99/mo. 7 days Documentaries
Dove Channel $4.99/mo. 7 days Christian and family programming
Fandor $3.99/mo. 7 days Independent/arthouse/genre movies and shows
Gaia $11.99/mo. 7 days Consciousness-expanding films, shows, and classes
The Great Courses $7.99/mo. 7 days Classes in history, science, math, literature, and more
Hallmark Movies Now $5.99/mo. 7 days Movies and shows from Hallmark Channel, Hallmark Movies & Mysteries, and Hallmark Hall of Fame
Here TV $7.99/mo. 7 days LGBTQ+ movies and shows
Hi-YAH! $3.99/mo. 7 days Martial arts movies and shows
Hopster Learning $4.99/mo. 7 days Fun educational programming for kids
IFC Films Unlimited $5.99/mo. 7 days Premium independent movies
Law & Crime Network $1.99/mo. 7 days Live trials, legal analysis, legal stories
MGM+ $5.99/mo. 7 days Premium movies and shows
MHz Choice $7.99/mo. 7 days International movies and shows
MagellanTV $5.99/mo. 7 days Documentaries on history, science, space, nature, and true crime
Magnolia Selects $4.99/mo. 7 days Movies and shows from Magnolia Pictures
Max $15.99/mo. Premium movies and shows
MovieSphere $4.99/mo. 7 days Classic movies
MyOutdoorTV $9.99/mo. 7 days Premium hunting, fishing, and shooting shows
NBA League Pass $14.99/mo. 7 days Live regular-season NBA games plus real-time scores, stats, and highlights
NFL Sunday Ticket $349.00–$449.00/yr. Every out-of-market Sunday afternoon game
OutsideWatch $1.99/mo. 7 days Adventure sports movies and shows
Paramount+ with SHOWTIME® $11.99/mo. 7 days Premium series, movies, boxing, and MMA
PokerGO $14.99/mo. 7 days Poker tournament coverage and poker TV shows
Qello Concerts $7.99/mo. 7 days Live concerts, concert films, and documentaries
Screambox $6.99/mo. 7 days Horror movies and shows
ScreenPix TV $2.99/mo. 7 days Classic movies
Shudder $6.99/mo. 7 days Premium horror movies and shows
STARZ® $9.99/mo. 7 days Premium movies and shows
Stingray DJAZZ $6.99/mo. 7 days Jazz music-themed movies and shows
Stingray Classica $6.99/mo. 7 days Classical music-themed movies and shows
Sundance Now $6.99/mo. 7 days Premium movies and shows
Tastemade $2.99/mo. 7 days Food, design, home, and travel shows and documentaries
Topic $5.99/mo. 7 days Crime, mystery, and thriller movies and shows
UP Faith & Family $5.99/mo. 7 days Christian family entertainment
ViX Premium $6.99/mo. 7 days Original TV series, exclusive movies, premium live soccer, news, and more en Español
VSiN $3.99/mo. 7 days Sports betting network
WNBA League Pass $7.99/mo. or $24.99/yr. (saves 25%) All live, out-of-market games

Data as of post date and subject to change.
When bundled with YouTube TV ($72.99/mo.).

That’s a solid lineup covering a broad range of tastes and demographics. In fact, YouTube Primetime Channels has every on-demand add-on available through YouTube TV—with a few notable omissions (see box).

YouTube Primetime Channels vs. YouTube TV add-ons

Most YouTube TV add-ons are also available as standalone YouTube Primetime Channels. However, FOX Nation is on YouTube TV but not YouTube Primetime Channels.

How do I get YouTube Primetime Channels?

If you already know which YouTube Primetime Channel you want, visit on your browser—or open the YouTube app on your device—and search for the channel. You can then sign up for a 7-day free trial or subscribe.

If you want to browse YouTube Primetime Channels on a computer:

  1. Open your web browser and go to
  2. Click on “Movies & TV” in the left-hand menu.
  3. Browse the “Primetime Channels” carousel menu.
  4. Find a Primetime Channel to see subscription options.
  5. Choose “Try it free” to start a 7-day free trial, or click “Subscribe.”
  6. Enter your payment information if necessary.

Pro tip: Almost every YouTube Primetime Channel has a 7-day free trial. The exceptions are NFL Sunday Ticket and WNBA League Pass (but not NBA League Pass—go figure).

Keep in mind that you can’t sign up for free trials through your smartphone YouTube app—it won’t give you the option.

To browse YouTube Primetime Channels on an Android device, iOS device, or compatible smart TV:

  1. Open the YouTube app.
  2. Click “Explore.”
  3. Click “Movies & TV.”
  4. Browse the “Primetime Channels” carousel menu.
  5. Select a Primetime Channel to see subscription options.
  6. Click “Next” or “Subscribe.”
  7. Enter your payment information if necessary.

YouTube Primetime Channels vs. Amazon Prime Channels

YouTube Primetime Channels and Amazon Prime Channels let you subscribe to and watch some on-demand streaming TV services through the YouTube or Amazon Prime Video apps. But with Primetime Channels, you don’t need a base subscription (like Amazon Prime or Prime Video).

Is YouTube Primetime Channels worth it?

YouTube Primetime Channels offer the convenience of consolidating several streaming TV services and add-on channels in a single app, conserving storage memory on your devices. That said, we still think streaming services’ proprietary apps offer the best viewing experience—not to mention access to discounted ad-supported and annual plans.

YouTube Primetime Channels FAQ

Is YouTube Primetime Channels free?

No—while YouTube is free, you have to pay for each Primetime Channel ($1.99–$15.99 monthly); prices are higher for sports add-ons like NFL Sunday Ticket.

How much is YouTube Primetime Channels?

Most YouTube Primetime Channels cost $1.99–$15.99 per month, but some sports add-ons, like NFL Sunday Ticket, have higher pricing.

Can I get NFL Sunday Ticket with YouTube Primetime Channels?

Yes, NFL Sunday Ticket is available as a YouTube Primetime Channel for $449.00 a year.

Does YouTube Primetime Channels have HBO Max?

Yes, YouTube Primetime Channels now offers the ad-free version of Max (formerly HBO Max) for $15.99 monthly.

What’s the difference between YouTube Primetime Channels and Amazon Prime Channels?

With YouTube Primetime Channels and Amazon Prime Channels, you can subscribe to and watch on-demand streaming TV services and add-ons through the YouTube and Prime Video apps. The big difference is that you don’t need a Prime or Prime Video membership to access YouTube Primetime Channels.

Do YouTube Primetime Channels have ads?

Most YouTube Primetime Channels don’t have ads. That said, YouTube lets content providers decide whether to have ads, so some Primetime Channels might have them.

Can I get cheaper, ad-supported plans with YouTube Primetime Channels?

YouTube Primetime Channels has only one ad-free plan for each channel (except NFL Sunday Ticket and WNBA League Pass). For discounted ad-supported or annual options, you’ll need to subscribe to the channel directly instead of through YouTube.

Does YouTube TV have YouTube Primetime Channels?

On YouTube TV ($72.99 a month), YouTube Primetime Channels are called add-ons. YouTube TV add-ons cost the same as Primetime Channels, the selection is slightly larger, and you use the YouTube TV app instead of regular YouTube.

Does YouTube Premium include YouTube Primetime Channels?

YouTube Premium doesn’t include YouTube Primetime Channels. Also, YouTube Premium features, like ad-free viewing, don’t apply to Primetime Channels.


The TV experts at have thousands of hours of experience researching and testing streaming TV services. For this YouTube Primetime Channels guide, we researched pricing, channels, features, and more for YouTube, YouTube TV, and the various Primetime Channels. We then analyzed the data to make accurate, helpful recommendations for our readers.

For more on our process, see our How We Rank page.

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