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WNBA League Pass Review 2024

WNBA League Pass is slowly improving with each passing season, and we think it’s ideal for cord-cutting b-ball fans.

Best WNBA streaming app
WNBA League Pass
130+ out-of-market WNBA games
Inexpensive pricing
Every WNBA game replay
Local and national blackouts
Poor device compatibility
130+ out-of-market WNBA games
Inexpensive pricing
Every WNBA game replay
Local and national blackouts
Poor device compatibility

WNBA League Pass is an essential streaming service for women’s basketball fans. At $34.99 per year, you get complete out-of-market access to more than 130 live matchups that don’t air on local or national TV.

Regional blackouts and device limitations hamper WNBA League Pass’s true potential. But its low annual price and immense library of game replays make up for its faults.

Read on to learn if a WNBA League Pass subscription makes sense for you this season. Sports logo featuring animated athlete with raised hands.

Level up your internet for WNBA streaming

WNBA League Pass works best with a fast and reliable internet connection. Enter your zip code below to see the best internet providers in your area.

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Is WNBA League Pass worth it?

Whether WNBA League Pass is worth it depends on your preferences and viewing habits as a fan of women’s professional basketball.

Those who support a WNBA team far from home can benefit the most from WNBA League Pass’s live out-of-market coverage. But the same can be said for diehard fans who want access to the most games—including every game on demand.

WNBA League Pass’s biggest disadvantage is its blackouts. To avoid blacked-out games, you need a separate TV subscription with channels like ESPN, CBS Sports Network, ION, and NBA TV. Fortunately, WNBA League Pass doesn’t cost too much for being essentially a companion service.

Why does WNBA League Pass have blackouts?

WNBA League Pass has local and national blackouts because of existing broadcasting agreements between the league and TV networks. If the WNBA blacks out a game on WNBA League Pass, it’s to protect the exclusivity of that game on behalf of a local or national TV network.

For example, if you use WNBA League Pass in Minnesota, you don’t have live access to Minnesota Lynx games. Instead, you can watch locally broadcast Lynx games on Bally Sports North. And nationally televised WNBA games usually air on CBS Sports and ESPN channels, as highlighted in our How To Watch WNBA Games guide.

WNBA League Pass deals and promotions

Eligible undergraduate and graduate students can get WNBA League Pass for $19.99 annually. Beacuse WNBA League Pass auto-renews, you’ll need to reverify your student status each year to maintain the discount.

Occasionally, the service offers a seven-day free trial for new subscribers.

WNBA League Pass plans and pricing

Service Price Live games Video Details
WNBA League Pass $34.99/yr. 130+ 1080p View plans
WNBA Single Game Pass $2.99/game 1 1080p View plans

Data effective as of post date. Compatible device and internet connection required. Offers and availability may vary by location and are subject to change.

The main subscription plan for WNBA League Pass costs $34.99 annually and renews at the same rate unless canceled. No monthly plan exists for WNBA League Pass, but users can purchase a Single Game Pass for $2.99 to access one live or on-demand matchup. Live local and national blackouts apply to both subscription options.

Pro tip: Without a WNBA League Pass subscription, you can still access select highlights and behind-the-scenes episodes for free in the WNBA app. Free women’s basketball content is also available on the WNBA’s YouTube channel.

WNBA League Pass programming

WNBA League Pass features less content than other league-specific streaming services. Besides live out-of-market games, you get every on-demand replay since 2015 and select 2023 Athletes Unlimited Basketball matchups. But there isn’t much else to stream beyond games, recaps, and press conferences.

Below is a list of programs available to watch on WNBA League Pass.

  • Classic Cuts
  • Move With Purpose
  • Off Top With Ari Chambers
  • Phenom Files
  • Star Gazers
  • Vibin’ With Chloe Jackson
  • We Are the W
  • WNBA Weekly

WNBA League Pass specs and features

On a technical level, WNBA League Pass is a straightforward streaming service with a simple interface. It offers live DVR playback controls and closed-captioning on select content. You can also favorite games and videos for quick access and browse your viewing history to pick up where you left off.

Some WNBA League Pass features vary between devices. For instance, you can view statistical overlays and watch multiple games simultaneously only through Mac and PC web browsers. Similarly, only mobile viewers can cast video to other streaming devices.

WNBA League Pass’s statistical overlay covers the right half of the video player.
WNBA League Pass subscribers using a web browser can view live stats and highlights, as seen on Google Chrome.

Video and audio quality

Most content on WNBA League Pass is available to stream in 1080p HD, with standard 2.0 stereo audio. However, the video quality may vary depending on the original broadcast resolution. For the best viewing experience, you need a minimum internet speed of 3 Mbps.

If you’re watching games on a mobile device, you can turn on Use Mobile Data within the WNBA app when your Wi-Fi connection is weaker than your wireless provider’s signal. You can also visit our Best Internet for Streaming guide for ways to improve your home internet service.

Compatible devices

WNBA League Pass isn’t available across many devices, but important ones like Amazon Fire TV, Apple TV, and Roku offer compatibility. You can also stream games on and the WNBA mobile app.

Device WNBA app
Amazon Fire Cube, Stick, TV
Android phones, tablets
Android TV
Apple TV (4th gen.)
Apple TV 4K
Chromecast, Chromecast with Google TV
Facebook Portal
Echo Show
iPhone, iPad
LG TVs (select models)
Nintendo Switch
PC, Mac web browsers
PlayStation 4, 5
Roku Ultra, Express, Premiere, Stick, TV
Samsung TVs (select models)
TiVo Stream
Vizio TVs (select models)
Xbox One, Xbox Series S, Xbox Series X
Xfinity X1

Data effective as of post date.

Still on the fence about WNBA League Pass?

WNBA League Pass is the only way to watch out-of-market WNBA games this season. If you’re a long-distance fan or want access to the most matches, you should sign up before the next tip-off.

Blackout restrictions apply to live games, and WNBA League Pass isn’t available on as many devices as NBA League Pass and MLB.TV. But you still get over 130 live matchups each season and all games since 2015 on demand. Plus, at $34.99 a year, WNBA League Pass is still one of the cheapest sports streaming services around.

WNBA League Pass FAQ

How much is WNBA League Pass?

WNBA League Pass costs $34.99 per year. You can also purchase one live or on-demand game for $2.99 with a WNBA Single Game Pass. Blackout restrictions apply for all live games.

Can I watch every game on WNBA League Pass?

Yes, you can watch every WNBA game since 2015 on WNBA League Pass. But live games from the current season aired on local or national channels don’t appear on WNBA League Pass until after the final buzzer.

What channels are on WNBA League Pass?

WNBA League Pass doesn’t include live channels, only live out-of-market games. But all WNBA matchups that air on networks like ABC, CBS, ESPN, and ION are available to watch on demand via the streaming service.

How soon are replays available on WNBA League Pass?

Full-length WNBA matchups—including initially blacked-out games—are available on demand via WNBA League Pass shortly after the final buzzer. Typically, a replay becomes available to stream within three hours after the broadcast ends. But you may need to search one of the team pages to find it easily.

Can I watch the WNBA All-Star Game on League Pass?

No, you can’t watch the WNBA All-Star Game live on WNBA League Pass. Like other nationally televised events, WNBA League Pass will carry the All-Star Game for on-demand viewing after it ends.

Why you should trust us

Our sports experts gained hands-on experience with WNBA League Pass over the last several seasons. We’ve logged hundreds of hours streaming games across multiple devices and testing the service’s reliability and features. We also compared its game count, pricing, and device compatibility with similar streaming services to see how it stacks up.

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