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MLB.TV Review 2024: Cost, Plans, and More

After spending over 100 hours researching and testing MLB.TV, we can safely say this streaming service is perfect for baseball aficionados looking for out-of-market MLB access.

Best MLB streaming app
7-day free trial
Home and away team feeds
Access to every MLB game replay
Higher price
No live in-market or nationally televised games
7-day free trial
Home and away team feeds
Access to every MLB game replay
Higher price
No live in-market or nationally televised games

MLB.TV is the most flexible streaming service for Major League Baseball fans. With 30 teams playing 162 regular season games a year, you can quickly lose track of team rankings and player form. Fortunately, MLB.TV lets you watch every live out-of-market game that’s not airing on national television.

Even when local and national blackouts occur, MLB.TV offers all games on demand soon after they end in real-time. Ultimately, it’s the cord cutter’s way of catching more MLB games.

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Is MLB.TV worth it?

MLB.TV is worth it if you want access to the most MLB games and don’t already have a cable or satellite TV subscription. But if you’re currently enrolled with a provider like DIRECTV, Xfinity, or DISH, we recommend checking out MLB EXTRA INNINGS® instead. We’ll explain more about that in our MLB.TV vs. MLB EXTRA INNINGS section.

MLB.TV is the most beneficial for cord-cutters who support a non-local team. Because it’s an out-of-market service, you’ll run into blackout restrictions when trying to watch your regional team live. So double-check to ensure your area is eligible for watching your favorite team on MLB.TV.

Pro tip: Enter your zip code on MLB’s Blackout Restrictions page to see which clubs are subject to blackouts in your area.

In addition to local blackouts, you must also contend with national blackouts. These happen when games air exclusively on national television. But in the big scheme of things, that only accounts for a fraction of the MLB’s 2,430 regular season games. And you can still watch those matchups 90 minutes after they end.

When compared to similar out-of-market offerings from other pro leagues, MLB.TV delivers a lot of content for a mediocre full-season price. Starting at $149.99 a year on Opening Day, MLB.TV gives you around 80 live out-of-market games per week during the regular season. That’s $50.00 more than NBA League Pass (around 40 games per week for $99.99 a year) but around $200.00 less than what NFL Sunday Ticket costs via YouTube TV (around 200 total games for $349.00 a year).

The MLB TV home screen has multiple image carousels with live games and featured videos.
The MLB.TV home screen, as seen on a Google Chrome web browser.

MLB.TV also has a great amount of additional programming. Even during the offseason, you can keep your head in the game with MLB.TV’s immense library of documentaries, classic games, and studio shows (some of which come from MLB Network).

Accessing MLB.TV with a VPN

MLB.TV is accessible using a VPN (virtual private network), but MLB.TV’s Help Center recommends using the service through a local connection. That way, you don’t see incorrect blackout messages.

It’s no secret that some MLB.TV subscribers use VPNs to work around MLB’s blackout restrictions. Even if you’re not trying to do that with your VPN, you may see an incorrect blackout message because your host network is in a restricted territory. If you run into this, we suggest disconnecting from the VPN and using a local network connection instead.

MLB.TV deals and promotions

MLB.TV offers a seven-day free trial during the preseason and regular season. The streaming service also provides various discounts throughout the year—usually around Father’s Day and MLB All-Star Week.

MLB.TV carries one free game on most days during the regular season. Though blackouts still apply, you must create a free account and check MLB’s live game schedule to see which daily games are free.

MLB.TV plans and prices

Service Monthly price Yearly price Live games Video Details
MLB.TV All Teams $29.99/mo. $139.99/season ~80/wk. 720p, 1080p View plans
MLB.TV Single Team $119.99/season ~6/wk. 720p, 1080p View plans

Data effective as of post date. Offers and availability may vary by location and are subject to change.

MLB.TV offers two primary subscription plans: MLB.TV All Teams ($139.99 a year) and MLB.TV Single Team ($119.99 a year). Specifications and bonus features remain the same across both plans, as do local blackout restrictions. The only difference is that the single-team plan gives you live and on-demand game access to one MLB team you choose.

We recommend getting MLB.TV All Teams because of its minimal price difference from MLB Single Team. After all, like a pitcher watching base runners, keeping one eye on your team and the other on the competition is essential.

Combine MLB.TV with a live TV streaming service

MLB.TV works great on its own for watching out-of-market MLB games. But without a TV plan as well, you won’t be able to watch live nationally televised matchups.

Any game that airs exclusively on FOX, FS1, ESPN, TBS, or MLB Network won’t be available to watch on MLB.TV until 90 minutes after the game is complete. That includes all of the MLB Postseason and the World Series. You’re killing us, Smalls!

To avoid missing out, we recommend looking at Sling TV, Hulu + Live TV, and YouTube TV. Each of these live TV streaming services offers most MLB national channels. And if you pick any one of them, you won’t have to deal with the contracts or equipment fees that come with cable and satellite TV plans.

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Sling TV

Hulu + Live TV

YouTube TV

Customize your channel lineup with Sling TV’s multiple plans and add-on options. Be sure to up your game with the Sports Extra add-on, which includes MLB Network and MLB Network Strike Zone.Get the best of sports and entertainment with Hulu + Live TV’s 95+ channels alongside Disney+ and ESPN+. With the traditional ESPN channels and ESPN+ in your viewing roster, you’ll get access to many live sports—including college baseball.There’s a reason why YouTube TV is our best overall live TV streaming service. Featuring 100+ channels and unlimited DVR space, YouTube TV carries the top sports channels with a manageable monthly fee.
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Service Full-season price Live games Video Details
MLB.TV All Teams $149.99/yr. ~80/wk. 720p, 1080p View plans
MLB EXTRA INNINGS $149.99/yr. ~80/wk. 1080p, 4K*

Data effective as of post date. Offers and availability may vary by location and are subject to change.
*Limited 4K games available through select TV providers.

The major difference between MLB.TV and MLB EXTRA INNINGS is how you access each service. As we’ve mentioned, MLB.TV is a streaming service that requires an internet connection and a compatible streaming device. MLB EXTRA INNINGS is more on the old-school side. It’s a cable and satellite TV add-on, so you’ll need to be subscribed to a service like DIRECTV, Xfinity, or Cox to get it.

Apart from how you access each service, there aren’t many more differences between MLB.TV and MLB EXTRA INNINGS. Both grant you live out-of-market access to all MLB regular season games that aren’t exclusively airing on national television.

If you already have a cable or satellite subscription, we recommend MLB EXTRA INNINGS. The price can vary between TV providers, but you’ll get all your games in one place without leaving your TV service’s interface. Plus, most MLB EXTRA INNINGS subscriptions include MLB.TV. That’s perfect if you must catch some games on the go.

For a more in-depth look at the two services, visit our MLB EXTRA INNINGS vs. MLB.TV comparison page.

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MLB.TV specs and features

MLB.TV is chock-full of additional features. For starters, there are tons of on-demand programs and documentaries like This Week in Baseball, Prime 9, and select World Series films. It also has classic games for when you want to relive some of baseball’s most memorable moments.

The MLB.TV Shows tab contains a media player in the middle with featured videos in a vertical list on the right side.
MLB.TV features several half-hour and hour-long programs, including MLB Network studio shows.

Where MLB.TV shines the most is in its live and on-demand game viewing experience. Before pressing play, you get to choose whether you want to watch the home or away broadcast. That’s important if you want the commentators “on your side.”

The MLB.TV media player has DVR-like controls, allowing you to pause and rewind live games. Alongside the game feed, you’ll be able to see the box score, play summaries, and player stats. You can also view up to four games simultaneously and hide game scores to avoid spoilers. Though, not all of these features are available across every compatible device.

Baseball player Pete Alonso walks up to bat during the MLB.TV Free Game of the Day, with MLB.TV stats bordering the video.
As seen on a computer browser, MLB.TV features live, in-depth stats alongside the game you’re watching.

Every MLB.TV purchase also includes At Bat (formerly MLB Audio). Usually $3.99 a month or $29.99 a year, the audio-centric subscription allows you to listen to every MLB game live regardless of blackouts. You can choose between home and away radio feeds, while some games even include Spanish-language audio broadcasts. Plus, At Bat comes with MLB Big Inning and allows you to watch over 7,000 Minor League Baseball games.

Ultimately, there’s no shortage of content to enjoy with MLB.TV. Even after the World Series is over, a year-round MLB.TV subscription will get you complete game archives of the previous season, select Spring Training games, and live Spanish-language broadcasts of the Liga Dominicana.

Video and audio quality

MLB.TV streams in 720p standard definition and 1080p high definition through Windows and Mac web browsers. For the highest quality streaming, though, we recommend viewing MLB.TV in the app on one of the connected devices listed above.

With an internet connection of at least 5 Mbps, you’ll be able to stream HD MLB.TV content in 60 frames per second. That’s twice as fast as the standard frame rate, perfect for action-heavy content like baseball.

Accessing MLB.TV through the MLB app

The MLB app is available on several popular streaming platforms, as well as iOS and Android mobile devices. It’s free to download and the perfect way to stay up to date on team news and game scores.

In the app, you can access and manage your MLB subscriptions—including MLB.TV and At Bat. If you have an existing TV provider that includes MLB Network, you can view the channel live within the app after signing in with your provider’s credentials.

Device MLB.TV
Amazon Fire Cube, Stick, TV
Android phones, tablets
Android TV
Apple TV (4th gen)
Apple TV 4K
Chromecast, Chromecast with Google TV
Facebook Portal
Echo Show
iPhone, iPad
LG TVs (select models)
Nintendo Switch
PC, Mac web browsers
PlayStation 4, 5
Roku Ultra, Express, Premiere, Stick, TV
Samsung TVs (select models)
TiVo Stream
Vizio TVs (select models)
Xbox One
Xfinity X1

Data effective as of post date.


Can you watch the MLB Postseason on MLB.TV?

No, you won’t be able to watch any live games during the MLB Playoffs and World Series with MLB.TV. But all postseason games are archived for on-demand viewing. Archived games become available to watch on MLB.TV around 90 minutes after the live broadcast ends.

Does MLB.TV show a free game of the day?

Yes, MLB.TV shows a free game of the day. The MLB.TV Free Game of the Day airs most days during the MLB regular season. You can view the game on or through the MLB app. But you must first create a free account, and blackout rules still apply.

Can you use a VPN with MLB.TV?

Yes, you can access MLB.TV through a VPN (virtual private network) connection. With a VPN, you can connect to a host IP address in another region and bypass MLB.TV’s local blackouts.

Can you get MLB.TV for free with T-Mobile?

Yes, qualifying T-Mobile customers are eligible for a free MLB.TV All Teams subscription at the start of the MLB season. The offer is part of T-Mobile Tuesdays via the T Life app, where T-Mobile users can receive different deals and enter various giveaways throughout the year.

What is MLB Big Inning?

MLB Big Inning is a daily program available through MLB.TV, At Bat, and Apple TV+. It provides live look-ins and highlights from across the league, so you don’t miss baseball’s biggest moments.

Why you should trust us

Our bat-and-ball experts spent over 100 hours of hands-on testing and research for MLB.TV and MLB EXTRA INNINGS. We rated MLB.TV in relation to MLB EXTRA INNINGS based on content, features, and functionality. We also compared its prices and game quantity to the NBA and the NFL’s comparable out-of-market sports packages that are offered through cable, satellite, and live TV streaming providers.

Check out our How We Rank page to learn more about our methods.

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