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MLB EXTRA INNINGS Review 2024: Cost, Providers, and More

Our sports experts put MLB EXTRA INNINGS to the test, and we think the add-on is a home run for diehard baseball fans who already have a cable or satellite TV subscription.

80 MLB games per week

Price: $149.99/yr.

Free trial: N/A

Features: Live out-of-market MLB games, MLB.TV included

Cable or satellite TV required: Yes

Data effective as of post date. Offers and availability may vary by location and are subject to change.
Blackout rules and other conditions apply.

MLB EXTRA INNINGS® is the best way for cable and satellite TV subscribers to watch live out-of-market MLB games during the regular season. The add-on sports package allows you to watch around 80 games a week, making it a must-have for any baseball fan wanting to watch non-local teams on a regular basis.

You can also watch multiple games simultaneously and access the league’s streaming alternative MLB.TV, which is included with every MLB EXTRA INNINGS subscription. Sports logo featuring animated athlete with raised hands.
  • All out-of-market MLB games
  • MLB.TV included
  • Home and away broadcast feeds
    • Cable or satellite subscription requirement
    • Expensive pricing

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MLB EXTRA INNINGS is the must-have add-on for any hardcore baseball fan who’s already an existing cable or satellite TV subscriber. While it’s on the expensive side, you’ll have access to around 80 out-of-market games each week during the MLB regular season. That’s well over 2,000 MLB games per year for an annual base price of $149.99, which means you’ll pay less than $0.07 per game.

Because it’s an out-of-market service, the teams you’ll have live access to are dependent on the market you reside in. So if you’re a Minnesota Twins fan that lives in Minnesota, you won’t be able to watch any Twins games live with MLB EXTRA INNINGS.

Most cable and satellite providers offer regional sports networks (RSNs), which allow you to watch the in-market games you’ll be missing from MLB EXTRA INNINGS. That means you can have access to every game of the season if you pair MLB EXTRA INNINGS with a TV plan that includes your RSN and MLB’s national channels.

If you don’t already have a participating cable or satellite subscription, MLB EXTRA INNINGS might not be all that necessary. Instead, you can sign up for MLB.TV on its own and still get out-of-market MLB games without the contracts and equipment fees that often come with cable and satellite TV plans.


Before signing up for MLB EXTRA INNINGS, enter your zip code on MLB’s Blackout Restrictions page to see which clubs are subject to blackouts in your territory. While the page pertains to MLB.TV, similar restrictions apply to MLB EXTRA INNINGS.

MLB EXTRA INNINGS deals and promotions

There are currently no deals or promotions for MLB EXTRA INNINGS. However, some cable and satellite providers offer free previews of the add-on service throughout the MLB season.

MLB EXTRA INNINGS plans and pricing

Because it’s available only from cable and satellite TV providers, you won’t find MLB EXTRA INNINGS on any live TV streaming service like YouTube TV or Hulu + Live TV. If you have a live TV streaming service, you’ll want a standalone subscription to MLB.TV instead.

MLB EXTRA INNINGS is available through the following TV providers:

Provider Price Channel count Details
Cox $61.00–$152.00/mo. 75–250+
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DIRECTV $69.99–$159.99/mo. 75–150+
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DISH $84.99–$114.99/mo. 190–290+
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Optimum $35.00–$125.00/mo. 50–420+
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Spectrum $69.99–$74.99/mo. 155–160+
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Verizon Fios $85.00–$129.00/mo. 60–425+
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Xfinity $20.00–$80.00/mo. 10–185+
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Data effective as of post date. Offers and availability may vary by location and are subject to change.

You’ll get a little more bang for your buck if you subscribe through DIRECTV, which includes MLB EXTRA INNINGS Mix (watch up to eight games simultaneously) and MLB Network Strike Zone (quick highlights and updates) extras. Most provider packages include MLB.TV.

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Service Opening Day price Live games Video Details
MLB EXTRA INNINGS $149.99/yr. ~80/wk. 1080p, 4K* View providers
MLB.TV All Teams $149.99/yr. ~80/wk. 720p, 1080p View plans

Data effective as of post date. Offers and availability may vary by location and are subject to change.
*Limited 4K games available through select TV providers.

MLB EXTRA INNINGS and MLB.TV aren’t really “competition” to each other—both are owned and operated by Major League Baseball. Plus, MLB.TV comes with most MLB EXTRA INNINGS packages. Like a beer and hot dog combo, each serves a different but complementary craving . . . who else is hungry all of a sudden?

MLB EXTRA INNINGS is specifically a cable and satellite TV subscription that carries live out-of-market MLB games. It’s a strong add-on for traditional TV subscribers because it can accompany a TV plan that already includes national and regional sports channels. That way, it’s possible to get every MLB game in one service no matter what region you live in.

MLB.TV is a streaming service that carries live out-of-market games, and it also houses on-demand content like documentaries and classic games. It requires no cable or satellite TV subscription and allows you to watch in-market games 90 minutes after they end. Unlike MLB EXTRA INNINGS, MLB.TV is active during the off-season for $24.99 a month—giving you live Liga Dominicana games, Spring Training matches, and full-game archives of the previous MLB season.

MLB.TV comes in two tiers: the Single Team plan and the inclusive All Teams plan. The single-team plan is unique because it covers live out-of-market games featuring one team of your choosing.

Combine MLB EXTRA INNINGS with a streaming service

MLB EXTRA INNINGS gives you a whole lotta baseball, but you can expand your TV experience even more by adding a standalone streaming service or two to your viewing roster.

ESPN+ and Apple TV+ are two of our favorite streaming services for watching baseball. Each offers unique content that doesn’t overlap too much with what cable and satellite providers have to offer.

Service Details
Apple TV+

Supplement your TV plan with top-notch entertainment, including exclusive Friday Night Baseball broadcasts.

($10.99/mo. or $109.99/yr.)
Up your bat-and-ball game with live cricket and college baseball, plus many other live sports, documentaries, and exclusive analysis programs.

Data effective as of post date.

MLB EXTRA INNINGS specs and features depend on your TV provider

Specifications and features for MLB EXTRA INNINGS vary between each cable and satellite provider. Most providers include a subscription to MLB.TV with their MLB EXTRA INNINGS packages.

DIRECTV goes above and beyond this by also including MLB Network Strike Zone and MLB Game Mix Channel. These two channels allow you to catch the biggest moments across the league when multiple games are happening at once—a particularly useful feature if you participate in a fantasy baseball league.

MLB EXTRA INNINGS video quality

MLB EXTRA INNINGS broadcasts in 1080p HD resolution across cable and satellite. Select games on DIRECTV and DISH are also available in 4K.

MLB.TV on the MLB app

To take full advantage of MLB.TV, you’ll need a receiver box configured for internet service. Otherwise, you can also view all MLB.TV content on or through the MLB app on a supported device.

Having expanded access via MLB.TV within the league’s official app is a great way to level up your fandom. By logging in with both your TV provider’s credentials and your MLB.TV account, you’ll get access to live games, studio shows, radio feeds, and league stats all in one place. Setting that up on your mobile device with MLB EXTRA INNINGS on your TV is also a great way to multitask on game days.

The MLB mobile app’s news tab displaying top stories.
The MLB mobile app allows you to watch MLB.TV and MLB Network content, with league news and stats also available in-app.

Is MLB EXTRA INNINGS right for you?

MLB EXTRA INNINGS is for baseball fans with cable or satellite TV who want every out-of-market game during the regular season. Its base price of $149.99 a year is not cheap, but it’s easy to add to your TV plan, and you’ll also have access to MLB.TV for streaming on the go.

Maybe you live far away from your favorite team, or you just want to stay up on all the action across the league. That’s what MLB EXTRA INNINGS is all about. It’s a great companion service for any TV plan that already includes MLB’s national channels and your regional sports network (RSN). With those all together, you’ll literally have access to every MLB game all season long.

For casual baseball fans, though, MLB EXTRA INNINGS is a major commitment that’s probably not worth the price of admission. Instead, you’re better off with a standard TV plan that carries those national channels and your RSN.



MLB EXTRA INNINGS is available through cable and satellite TV providers like Xfinity, DIRECTV, Cox, and DISH. It’s an out-of-market add-on designed for ball fans who want to watch all the Major League Baseball action, broadcasting around 80 games a week during a regular season.


No, MLB EXTRA INNINGS and MLB.TV are different services that carry out-of-market MLB games. MLB EXTRA INNINGS is an add-on package available only through cable and satellite TV providers, whereas MLB.TV is a standalone streaming service. Check out our MLB EXTRA INNINGS vs. MLB.TV comparison guide for more details.

Does MLB EXTRA INNINGS have blackouts?

Yes, local blackouts apply to MLB EXTRA INNINGS. These happen when regional sports networks (RSNs) or other area broadcasters have exclusive dibs on a game. As a result, the game cannot be viewed on any national network or out-of-market service within the designated territory of the RSN or area broadcaster.

How much does MLB EXTRA INNINGS cost?

The annual cost for the MLB EXTRA INNINGS add-on is $149.99 for the 2024 MLB season. Though, that price varies between cable and satellite providers.

Why you should trust us

Our experts spent over two weeks of hands-on testing and research to determine the overall value of MLB EXTRA INNINGS. We tested its features and capabilities within a rural market and weighed our findings against the service’s price for a complete cost vs. content analysis.

To learn more about our methods, check out our How We Rank page.

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