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5 Free Fantasy Sports Leagues to Join This Spring

Spring is the season of new beginnings, so why not try your hand at one of these five fantasy sports leagues?

Fantasy sports leagues allow you to compete against friends, family, or strangers for a chance to win awesome prizes or plain old bragging rights. Ready to join in on the fun? Listed below are five free-to-play fantasy sports leagues available to join this spring. Just be sure you choose a clever team name before getting started. After all, it’s the small victories that count the most. Sports logo featuring animated athlete with raised hands.

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Yahoo Fantasy Baseball (MLB)

Alongside ESPN Fantasy Sports and DraftKings, Yahoo Fantasy Sports is one of the most popular fantasy league platforms in the U.S. It has leagues for hockey, basketball, and football. But its fantasy baseball platform is one of the most advanced, providing the best experience for MLB fans.

You can join a free league or test your hand with a public or private prize league by signing up at Yahoo Fantasy Baseball.

Before you select your players, we recommend participating in a mock draft to get a strategic feel for the game. Also, be sure to head to our How To Watch MLB Games guide to ensure your TV plan complements your baseball-viewing needs.

The Games tab within the Yahoo Fantasy Sports app displays Fantasy Baseball and Daily Fantasy game options.
The Yahoo Fantasy Sports app allows you to manage your fantasy teams across all available leagues, including the Daily Fantasy sports game.

MLS Fantasy Soccer

Unlike MLB—whose official fantasy league program is operated by Yahoo—MLS runs its own fantasy competition through and the MLS app.

All you need to do is log into MLS Fantasy using a free MLS account. There, you’ll be able to create your team by selecting 15 players—including four bench players.

The trick is that your team value can’t exceed a $100 million fantasy salary cap, and you can use only up to three players per MLS club. In other words, you can’t stack your fantasy team with 15 players from your favorite club.

If you need to study up on all things MLS, check out our How To Watch Major League Soccer page.

The Manage Team tab in the MLS app displays selected fantasy players and the remaining fantasy salary.
You can join MLS Fantasy Soccer any time throughout the regular season and compete for weekly prizes.

Pro tip: Check out’s How To Watch Live Sports guide for an in-depth look at which TV providers and streaming services offer the best experience for watching your favorite leagues.

NASCAR Fantasy Live

The NASCAR Cup Series roars to life every February with the Daytona 500, but you can join NASCAR Fantasy Live any time throughout the 36-race season.

Setting up your fantasy NASCAR team is relatively similar to other fantasy leagues. In this case, you’ll select five drivers to represent your team—with an additional garage pick available as a substitute. The five drivers will earn points for your team based on their performance in each race, but you can also win bonus points through weekly head-to-head matchups.

For the best experience, you’ll want to download the NASCAR mobile app to follow your fantasy picks in real time. The app’s advanced driver and track data will also help you make more accurate fantasy selections so you can drop the hammer in upcoming races.

A list of five NASCAR Fantasy Live starters and one garage driver.
NASCAR Fantasy Live starters can be used only up to 10 times during the regular season.

F1 Fantasy

If NASCAR isn’t your preferred motorsport competition, Formula One also has a fantasy game you can participate in each race week.

Like NASCAR’s fantasy game, F1 Fantasy allows you to choose five drivers. But instead of also selecting a garage driver, you’ll choose a constructor that scores points for its two drivers.

Overall, the game makes race days more exciting, and you even have a shot at winning free tickets to a 2023 Grand Prix. Just make sure your drivers have not only a need for speed but also a desire to avoid disqualification—not that we’re speaking from experience or anything.

The F1 Fantasy Team page displays five drivers, one constructor, chip usage, and the remaining team budget.
You can apply the Turbo Driver, Mega Driver, and Wildcard chips to boost your F1 Fantasy team’s points.

Cycling Fantasy

Cycling Fantasy might be one of the more obscure fantasy platforms out there, but it’s also one of the most entertaining.

Available only as an app for IOS and Google Play devices, Cycling Fantasy has fantasy competitions specifically geared towards men’s and women’s UCI World Tour races. That means you can compete against road cycling fans worldwide in races such as the Tour de France, Giro d’Italia, and Vuelta a España.

All UCI World Tour fantasy competitions are free to join. Still, you’ll need to subscribe to the app’s .Pro Subscription tier to participate in all UCI ProSeries fantasy races.

The Amstel Gold Race page on Cycling Fantasy with Fantasy League and Race Data tabs.
Every race page on Cycling Fantasy allows you to view stats and highlights from the previous year’s race.

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