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Will Taylor Swift Be At Super Bowl LVIII?

I hit the ground running each night, I hit the Sunday matinée… (All's fair in love and football.)

Taylor Swift is many things these days: An international music superstar, a 14-time Grammy winner, and a noted fan of the Kansas City Chiefs. But this weekend, she’ll be going through something we can all relate to—racing to catch her flight in time.

Swift has come to all three Chiefs playoff games in support of Travis Kelce and is widely expected to be at Super Bowl LVIII, where the Chiefs will face off against the San Francisco 49ers, this Sunday. But on Saturday, Swift will also be wrapping up a four-night residency at the Tokyo Dome in Japan as part of The Eras Tour.

Will Taylor Swift make it to Las Vegas in time from Tokyo? Is a Swiftie out there tracking flight numbers and cross-referencing them with seasonal weather charts for the Pacific Ocean? investigated, and here’s what we found out about Taylor Swift and the Super Bowl. Sports logo featuring animated athlete with raised hands.

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Saturday, February 10, 6:00 p.m. JST: Taylor Swift performs at Tokyo Dome

Swift is kicking off the second leg of The Eras Tour with a four-show residency at the Tokyo Dome, which is in the heart of downtown Tokyo and holds up to 55,000 concertgoers. As of this writing, Swift doesn’t have an opening act for Saturday’s show, which will follow the below schedule:

  • Doors open: 4:00 p.m. JST
  • Show starts: 6:00 p.m. JST

The Eras Tour typically runs for around three hours and 15 minutes and features around a 45-song setlist. Assuming the show goes to plan, we estimate that she’ll wrap up her final Tokyo Dome show around 10:00 p.m.

Saturday, February 10, around 11:00 p.m. to 11:30 p.m. JST: Taylor Swift heads to Haneda International Airport

Once she’s done with her post-show to-dos (stretches? Scrolling TikTok?), Swift will likely head to Haneda International Airport, which is a quick 30-minute drive from the Tokyo Dome.

Infographic showing Taylor Swift route from Tokyo Dome to airport. Map base courtesy Snazzy Maps.

Top 3 things that could delay Taylor Swift’s flight in Tokyo

  1. Last-second convenience store run: Tokyo’s konbini (convenience store) chains are famous for their low prices and quality snacks. What’s better for a long-haul flight than a pile of Japanese fried chicken and onigiri?
  2. Lines for outbound flights
  3. Too many Philly cheesesteaks: Back in May, Swift and the Eras Tour reportedly got over $1,200 worth of Philly cheesesteaks for a post-show meal in Philadelphia. They could do the same in Tokyo—courtesy of Kosuke Chujo, who owns the Italian and Philadelphia-themed restaurant Philly in Tokyo. This Philadelphia Inquirer story detailed how Chujo takes scouting trips to Philadelphia to taste test competing Phillys to perfect his own cheesesteak recipe.

Sunday, Feb. 11 (12:00 a.m. JST): Taylor Swift departs Tokyo
Saturday, Feb. 10 (7:30 p.m. PDT): Taylor Swift lands in Las Vegas

A Tokyo and Las Vegas flight typically takes 12–14 hours. But even if Taylor has to stop for a layover, she’ll still have ample time to make it to Allegiant Stadium.

Infographic showing Taylor Swift flight route from Tokyo to Las Vegas. Map base courtesy Snazzy Maps.

Thanks to the 17-hour flight difference between Tokyo and Las Vegas, Swift’s flight could potentially depart on Sunday morning and still land in Nevada on Saturday night. Swift has more than enough time to sleep off the jet lag before Super Bowl LVIII kicks off on Sunday night.

Top 3 Taylor Swift-related Super Bowl questions will be thinking about on Super Bowl Sunday

  • Who’ll be in Taylor Swift’s guest box? These are our wishes, in no particular order: Jason Kelce, a Boygenius member, Cara Delevigne, or a Haim sister, solely to actualize some small talk between them and Andy Reid.
  • It’s pretty wild that Colin Cowherd said something sensible about Taylor and Travis Kelce, right?
  • Will Swifties start adopting other NFL teams next season? The Detroit Lions: 2023 NFC North champions and Swift’s b-side appreciators!

Taylor Swift at Super Bowl LVIII FAQ

When will Taylor Swift leave Tokyo?

Taylor Swift’s last show in Tokyo for the Eras Tour will be on Saturday, February 10. To make it to the 2024 Super Bowl, Swift will have to leave Tokyo by Sunday morning.

Who is opening for Taylor Swift in Japan?

At the moment, Taylor Swift does not have an opening act listed for her 2024 Era Tour shows at the Tokyo Dome.

Will Taylor Swift be in Las Vegas for the 2024 Super Bowl?

We don’t know if Taylor Swift will be at Super Bowl LVIII. However, Swift has appeared at every Kansas City Chiefs playoff game this season and would technically be able to make it to Las Vegas after her show in Tokyo.

Will Taylor Swift be able to attend the Super Bowl?

Taylor Swift should be able to attend the Super Bowl. Swift’s show in Tokyo will end at around 10:00 p.m. JST. If she leaves Japan soon afterward, she’ll likely arrive in Las Vegas around Saturday evening, thanks to the 17-hour time difference between Tokyo and Las Vegas.

Has Taylor Swift performed at the Super Bowl?

Taylor Swift has not performed at the Super Bowl.

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